Thursday, 07/30/09, Public Square

diversity-is-imp-smallThis is an important subject — diversity!  Accepting it adds to our lives in ways we can measure and in others we can’t.  What are the many areas of diversity we should embrace?

And what thoughts do you have today?



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  1. wicked

    I took several of iggy’s tests last night and was as surprised as everyone else at the results.

    Here’s what I earned for my hard work at 2 a.m.:

    I took the religion test first. My results were smack dab in the middle, Christian topping the list (I know more about that one than the others), followed by a tie of Islam and Judaism, ending with Buddhism. The group truly was in the middle, with a wide space to the top and an equally wide space to the bottom.

    This one made me uncomfortable, not because I feel I’m homophobic, but I found it difficult to answer “bad” to being gay. My result was moderate auto preference to straight.

    Light/Dark Skin
    Auto preference to light skin. Looks like I didn’t jot down the degree, but probably moderate.

    Moderate association to blacks/weapons.

    This one was strange. My results showed I have a slight preference toward JFK vs. Obama. The really funny thing were the results, which were about Bush, not JFK and Obama. The largest percentage (28%) showed strong preference for others comparet to Bush.

    Thanks for sharing those, iggy. I think I’ll go back when my brain isn’t so tired and try them again.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    LOL you are a evil person wicked! It must be engender toward Romance novel writers….

  3. wicked

    Yes, tstb, all that love can bring out the bad stuff. 😉

  4. Bad Biker


    A husband and wife were sitting watching a TV program about psychology and mixed emotions, when he turned to his wife and said:

    “Honey, that’s a bunch of crap; I bet you can’t tell me anything that will make me happy and sad at the same time.”

    She said, “You have the biggest penis of all your friends.”

    Just goes to show ya’, be careful what you ask for!

  5. tosmarttobegop

    A husband was cleaning the grill one day and he noticed his wife bending over pulling weeds out of the garden. She saw him and asked what he was looking at? He said, “Ya know I bet your bottom is wider then this grill!”.

    Later as they were getting ready for bed, he came over and started rubbing on her back which was an indication of his wanting to do more then sleep. She turn and shoved him away saying “No I an’t warming up this grill for that little wiener!”

  6. tosmarttobegop

    An oldie but a goody: The newly wed husband wanting to lay down the rules of this marriage took off his pants and threw them to his new wife. “Here wear these!”, she slipped them on under her wedding dress but they kept slipping down. “I can’t wear these!, she said.
    He replied, “Remember that! I wear the pants in this family!”.

    She look at him with contempt and reach up under her wedding dress and slide off her panties and threw them to him. “Now you put these on!”, he tried and could not get the panties above his knees.
    “I can’t get into them!”
    “That right and you won’t until you lose that attitude!”.

  7. Thanks for the laughs guys!

  8. All,

    We are very close to breaking an all time hit record. Please tell you friends to log on an help us out.


  9. PrairiePond

    Hey, I just got here. Is the party still going? Any cold beer left? Hits? Hits anyone? heheheh

    Yeah. “Roll another one, just like the other one, you’ve been holding on to it, and I sure would like a hit.”

    Was that what you meant, Iggy? heheh. HAHAHAHAH!

  10. PrairiePond

    With apologies to Nora Jones….

    “A little hit of this, a little hit of that, it started with a kiss…”

  11. We are within ten posts of setting a record. And this will be done, hopefully, without the aid of gun-blog dumb-asses.