The Rorschach outed by Wikipedia

rorschach-test[1]Wikipedia has posted images of the Rorschach test with common answers on-line.  These actions are serious copyright violations (the image provided here is not a real Rorschach image).

I have read an opinion that the sooner psychology gives up research on the Rorschach, the sooner it will realize that it can be a serious discipline.

I used to give a lot of Rorschach tests.  They tend to be a seductive mistress, and I am not really sure why — maybe a reason to seek therapy?

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  1. wicked

    Is Wiki hoping to follow in the footsteps of Google, with a giant class action suit? Oh, wait, hundreds of thousands of people didn’t author the Rorschach test, and it may be that only one person posted the images.

    They all look like butterflies to me. 😉

    • Butterflies are innocent and happy…

      The centers of all I’ve seen (never been subjected to the test YET) look like anatomical parts of the female reproductive organs. I can see the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries…

      I’d say wicked isn’t sick, and I probably am.

      • jammer5

        I see Carmen Miranda’s hat.

      • wicked

        Must look like the tattoo on my youngest’s arm then. The first time I saw it, I knew it was a uterus. We don’t let her forget it.

        Admonishment before getting tattoo: Be sure it’s in someplace inconspicuous.

        Location of tattoo: Upper arm, but not high enough to be hidden under T-shirt sleeve.

  2. jammer5

    Not sure what the problem is. The Rorschach plates were created nearly 90 years ago, and have lost their copyright protection in the United States. Germany may be the problem. As for publishing the pictures, is that really a problem? People going in for the test, that have seen the pictures, will be limited. I don’t see it getting that widespread among amateurs to be a problem.

    I dated a psychologist for awhile, and we got into some spirited discussions. One of them was about drugs like Prozac. I maintained they were precursors to designer psychological drugs. That the more we learn about the human brain, DNA, and the human psych, the more prevalent designer drugs would become. She said I was nuts.

  3. Geez, I thought that was the map of the world. Crap, I would have failed that Rorschach test, especially as I thought Rorschach was a German sausage. 🙂

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  5. Ok, my shot at the blot: The middle figure is one of those Russian dancers – who squat down and kick their legs up in the dance. The two figures on either side of the dancer are two dogs doing summersaults (sp?).

    My percepts always have a lot of movement determinant scores in them. There is a reason for that – that we won’t go into…

  6. Jammer the protections the Rorschach have is different from the standard of copyright. There is an ethical obligation for anyone who can give these tests to protect the testing material. Putting it on Wikipedia, or selling the materials on E-
    bay (which has happened) is unethical and punishable by license revocation, etc.

  7. wicked

    I think this is a general question, but if it wouldn’t be right to answer, I understand.

    Is it the generalities of the answers that give a clue to the personality? Such as if someone sees sexual things or, like you said, action things?

    I suppose it would be cheating if I knew the answer to that, so don’t answer. 🙂

    I’ve always found the mind to be the most fascinating thing. I try to be logical about things, but I have a taste for the fanciful. Left/right, I don’t care. Just let me be able to think when I need to!

    We’ve talked about prayer healing, but I’ve always felt the brain/mind is the center of the body and can both heal and sicken. My mother was a prime example. I swear, she liked being sick. I don’t remember a time in my life when she wasn’t in the hospital or taking meds, lots of them. In the last few years of her life, she carted 2 gallon ziplock bags with her each time she went into the hospital. I’m not saying she wasn’t sick, I’m saying she made herself sick. Me? There’s not much I hate more than being sick, so I try to think myself into being well. Sometimes it works, but not always. 😦 Now if I could think myself rich and beautiful… LOL

    The mind is a very powerful thing. 😉

  8. The scoring system I used to use is called the Exner system – named after Jon Exner, its developer. Exner used only empirically defenseable data in developing his system – research that had already been done and he did a lot of research himself. Interestingly, he used Israeli soldiers as his research subjects. Since nearly everyone in Israel completes mandatory military service – they are more like the general population of that country than our service people would be of ours.

    There is a ratio of scores that reveal what type of problem solving one prefers – do you ask a friend, or think about it during a walk – both styles generate reasonable results, but it is important to have a preference. If you don’t have a preference you tend to respond to problems in a disorganized way. As I posted one other time, the Rorschachs done on the Nazis during the war crime tribunals after the war – showed that nearly every one of those men had an undifferentiated problem solving style – making their claims of “just following orders” likely correct – they would have had difficult relying on internal resources for solving problems and would have difficulty relying on external resources, too.

    As another example that I don’t think is giving too much away, people who see reflections on the cards, also tend to gaze in the mirror much longer each day than those not disposed to seeing reflections. This behavior/trait is associated with a particular kind of psychopathology. I’ll let you guess what that might be.

  9. PrairiePond

    Iggy, this is an interesting thread. Thanks for posting it.

  10. exercise4u2

    Many professionals feel that the Rorschach is outdated, inaccurate, and meaningless. For example:

    “Nobody agrees how to score Rorschach responses objectively. There is nothing to show what any particular response means to the person who gives it. And, there is nothing to show what it means if a number of people give the same response. The ink blots are scientifically useless.” (Bartol, 1983).

    “The only thing the inkblots do reveal is the secret world of the examiner who interprets them. These doctors are probably saying more about themselves than about the subjects.” (Anastasi, 1982).

    But how many people see suggestive sexual imagery in a simple campfire and for those who do, what is the implication?

    See, e.g.,
    “Card Tricks Revealed: How Not To Burn Money”