Tuesday, 07/28/09, Public Square

sonia_sotomayor_justice_nominee_01Today is the day of the confirmation vote, the day President Obama’s first nominee to the United States Supreme Court becomes Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Today is also the date of the preliminary hearing of domestic terrorist Scott Roeder who assassinated Dr. Tiller.

What else is on today’s agenda?



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  1. prairiepond

    I wish the hearing had been yesterday so I could poke the American Taliban bear in my column today. I guess there is always next week.

    Instead, I believe I will write about the Gates incident from my own perspective. My ex, Joyce, a charming African American lawyer and her new girlfriend, an economic development professional, came to visit a few years ago. She/we got stopped by a smart ass cop in Ness City for driving while black.

    I’ll write more about it later. I’m still trying to gel the column for today.

    That oughta piss a few folks off…. heheheheheh.

  2. prairiepond

    Oh, and in answer to fnord’s question, there have been many, many, MANY good comments on my column that did the gut, fillet and fry on the mayor and city council. Most of them were from folks over 70 and 80. I think it’s funny, in an ironic way, that my biggest fans are the elderly. Several, like three or four, called the office or came in to say how well I described the sewer at city hall.

    Only one bad comment, and it came from the wife of a city council member who came in an canceled her subscription in protest. hee hee heeeeee.

    And she still picked up a paper out of the window rack on her way out….

    Can you say “hypocrit”? Yeah. I knew you could!

    The chief of police came in and heard her, and said, “bill me for another subcription. That was the best article I’ve ever read.”

    I’m tellin’ ya, you just cant make this stuff up!

  3. prairiepond

    And good luck to Sonia Sotomayor. May she be the winner in Voltaire’s prayer “Lord make my enemies ridiculous”. I hope the repuke comments show them to be the rat bassturds they are. As tone deaf as they are, with the Gates incident fresh in our collective memories, I hope they once again are irony impaired and say something incredibly racist.

  4. prairiepond

    I also think all homophobes and church defenders should be forced to watch Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List” from last night. She took on PropHate in California, and it was great. You would be well served to try and catch it in the re-runs this week. It had a big segment on Kansas dyke Melissa Etheridge, her wife and her kids. Melissa has commented frequently that she left Kansas as quickly as she could….

    Ya think?

    • Melissa Etheridge is one of my favs. I saw her in concert before anyone knew who she was. It was a small venue in my home town and she had barely released her first album. She was absolutely amazing. It’s funny because a lot of her early songs were about Kansas.

  5. 6176,

    If you peek in today —

    HaPpY bIrThDaY tooooo yoooouuu..

    and maaannny more.

    Are you plenty nine today?

  6. lilacluvr

    Speaking of Scott Roeder – I didn’t get to read the entire article about this guy complaining that Operation Rescue is saying they didn’t associate with him and he is saying that they did?

    Did anyone else see that article? (I think it was in Sunday’s paper)

    I heard on today’s news that this is the day for Roeder’s appearance in court and that no one from the Tiller family planned to be present.

    It kinda sounds like everyone has just forgotten about this case – doesn’t it?

  7. lilacluvr

    Just read where the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 in favor of Sonia Sotomayor. Sen Lindsey Graham was the only Republican to vote with the Democrats.

    The full vote is to be next week.

    I wonder, will this rejection of a Latina woman be the Republicans’ Waterloo?

    Most opposing Republicans cited the reference to Sotomayor’s comments about being a Latina woman, etc. as their reason for voting no.

  8. Thank you for the birthday wishes, fnord and lilacluvr. Yep, fnord, you have it right.

    On Roeder: it’s a preliminary hearing, which is for the purpose of showing that there is a prima facie case for the prosecution to take to trial. Many times, these are waived by the defense. It seems to me that Roeder is milking this for all the media attention he can get.

    On the article; OR has angered Roeder by denying any relationship with him; Roeder was pointing out he had donated $$ to OR and had receipts for the same. IIRC, he also implied if he didn’t say it that he was known to some OR folks. The OR folks just wish he would go away, so the Feds won’t bother them w/another investigation.

    Kinda like the conundrum faced by former Gov. Palin; the actions taken to generate media coverage always could backfire, which in her mind they did as the coverage she received was mostly of a kind not to her liking . OR definitely took the $$ and appreciated the support until Roeder allegedly killed Dr. Tiller, which, of course, brought unflattering media attention.

    Off to the doctor.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Many times, these are waived by the defense.

      I had been told that the defense was waiving the perlim and I did not have to testify.
      About 15 minutes before 9 I got a frantic call asking where I was? The defense had change their mind and the perlim was back on. Three small kids, my wife had already went to work and no one close to watch the kid while I went to court. My wife rushed home and waited for her sister to come from Augusta. I went to the Court House and ended up rushing from one floor to another till finally I found the court room where the hearing was going to be.

      I walked in only to find out that once again the defense had decided to waive the perlim! I went off, about called everyone including the judge an idiot! Told them of the difficulty that my wife, sister-in-law and I had to go through. The Judge told me he was sorry and I could use the phone in his chambers to try and catch my sister-in-law before she left. I got into the chambers and about passed out realizing I as much trashed a judge!

  9. There’s a short video up at The Wichita Eagle website of another usher who witnessed the execution of Dr. Tiller testifying to what he saw.


  10. Shatner reads Palin đŸ™‚

  11. That’s some rain, I tell ya! Raining buckets here, but no hail or high winds like they’re warning might be possible.

    Where did the saying raining cats and dogs come from?

  12. David B

    Everything is so green. Cool night air.
    Nice low electric bills.

    • I noticed at the park today there are toadstools growing — lots and lots and big! End of July in Kansas and toadstools growing in the park. Unbelievable!

      • wicked

        We have two HUGE toadstools in our backyard. They’re bigger than salad/dessert plates. I hope the dog leaves them alone.

        I wished I’d see a fairy ring again. Anyone ever seen one?

      • I see them! And always stand in the center to make a wish. đŸ˜‰

  13. wicked

    Well, well, well. So go the horny republicans.

    Did anyone see this?

    Tenn. state senator quits after affair with intern


    Sorry, but I can’t decide whether to laugh my ass off or cry for the lunacy going on these days. I pity these men’s wives and family. I’d do a Lorena Bobbitt on every last one of them. But then, I have this violent side… ::insane laughter::

  14. lilacluvr

    It’s hard to feel any sympathy towards these Republicans who preach one thing and then get caught with the pants down (literally).

    Maybe I can get one tear to come out after I stop laughing at these idiots.