Newman. You’re invited to leave town…

TroyNewman2[1]It is interesting that Scott Roeder is saying that Operation Rescue took over $1,000 in donations from him.  Newman is denying finding Scott in their data-base.

I wonder if Troy Newman (pictured) will decide that now might be a good time for him to get out of Wichita.  What purpose does the scum have here now that Tiller is deceased?  Please join me in inviting Mr. Newman to leave Doodah, ASAP.  And, Troy, don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you go…


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9 responses to “Newman. You’re invited to leave town…

  1. Iggy — does this mean we could have screen-door parties, like they did last weekend in Alaska? 🙂

    I’ll just bet there aren’t records of Roeder giving to Operation Rescue! I’ll bet they’ve been busy little beavers covering their tracks. I’ll futher wager they won’t be able to get rid of all the evidence and their attempts at cover-up could be their undoing.

    How long before Roeder tells all? And isn’t it karma that Troy Newman needs to watch his every step, his every word, cover his ass?

  2. Yes, Karma of the most beautiful sort.

    Lord, let my words and deeds be sweet, for tomorrow I may have to eat them…

  3. jammer5

    “Newman said Friday he didn’t believe Roeder gave money to his group.

    “We have a database, but I haven’t been able to find him in the database,” he said. “If he did, we have probably over the past 10 years over 50,000 people who have contributed to us.””

    Isn’t Newman’s outfit tax exempt? Even if not, his statement that 50,000 people gave in those ten years means for either tax or government regs, he should have every donation listed as to who and how much. I’m wondering if he hasn’t opened up his own can of worms here.

  4. lilacluvr

    I thought Scott Roeder said he had receipts for his donations?

    If so, then won’t those be found when police searched his house and belongings?

  5. David B

    Maybe we could start a campaign. He is sure to leave for greener ($$) pastures anyway. Then we can claim to have run him out of town. On a rail!

    Where can I get some tar & feathers??

  6. tosmarttobegop

    I was watching part of the prelim today and noticed the number of court guards. I had a thought, if the killer asked me and I was a court guard. I would try to figure out how to imply that they are there to safeguard him as there was reason to believe that some pro-life groups were wanting to silence him!

    Sing birdie sing!

  7. Rapnsum

    Hey guys- get over yourselves. An organization is NOT responsible for actions by their donors. No one can predict a persons future beliefs and actions if they are not making them public !

    If that were true – then we should hear all of you outing Planned Parenthood ! Planned Parenthood was founded by racists and a recent Planned Parenthood President , Faye Wattleton, admitted on CNN that Planned Parenthood knowingly accepts money from racist people who want to see the black race eliminated all together. Planned Parenthood’s renowned founder, Margaret Sanger spoke to the KLAN and in Sanger’s autobiography she openly admitted that she received an additional dozen invites from the Klan to speak with them. Sanger had on her board Lothrop Stoddard an avowed racist whose books were used as text books by the Klan. Sanger founded Planned Parenthood and she was a card carrying member of the American Eugenics Society. Alan Guttmacher, former Planned Parenthood Prez and (research arm of Planned Parenthood) was a Vice President of the American Eugenics Society. One of Planned Parenthood’s members was the former Arkansas Eugenics Society office under the direction of Mrs. Edward Cornish. It was the American Eugenics Society which influenced the Nazis under Hitler. Sanger loved eugenics and the American Eugenics Society so much, that in her publications the Birth Control Review, she described a meeting with them to merge her publication with theirs. That meeting was set-up by non other than Leon Whitney another Eugenicist who openly praised Hitler. So, let’s be fair and cast a stone in Planned Parenthood’s direction – not for what a donor does – but for WHAT THEIR FOUNDER AND BOARD Does !
    See all the documentation I spoke about in a film on this called: Maafa21. Listen to Sanger and her croanies racist rants here:
    Then let’s invite Planned Parenthood to leave town, huh?

    • btw, Rapnsum, no one here is ill and none of us has anything to “get over.” We discuss and share opinions here — all are welcome as long as they post with respect for other bloggers.

  8. Hi Rapnsum. Of course if you would like to invite Planed Parenthood to leave town that is your prerogative.