Monday, 07/27/09, Public Square

palin4pres 2012-20131_2According to The Mudflats this was one sign at the final event of the Palin Quitters Tour held this past weekend.  🙂

How was your weekend?  Did you get caught up — on rest, relaxation, and all those other parts of our weekends?

What’s on your mind this brand new week?



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  1. You know, if Palin were elected to serve for her year and a half, it might have the positive affect of reducing the time spent campaigning. Those who would vie for office beginning 2013 1/2 wouldn’t be able to spend much time making their case. 🙂

    Good morning Prairie P&Ps! Looks like another scorcher on tap for Kansas.

  2. G-stir

    Was it Part-time Palin’s plan to save money for her state by leaving office early? I think she has shown herself to be more than proficient in” BushSpeak”, and more so in “BushThink”, if such a thing ever existed.

    Scary stuff, huh?

  3. lilacluvr

    I’m all for Palin getting out there and campaigning. The more she talks, the more she trips herself up. The girl just can’t help herself.

    I can imagine the writers at SNL and David Letterman’s show is chomping at the bit for all the new material about to come down the pike.

  4. Hey guys I know this is off the subject but I would like to plug my church for those who are in Wichita. I’ve been attending it since the first of the year.

    I’m afraid the church is dying due the “commercialism” churches in this city that most have turned into shopping malls where you can go get a bobblehead Jesus for your dashboard or an “If you love Jesus just throw money” t- shirt.

    I find it sad that ppl don’t support the smaller neighborhood churches in this town but rather they try to buy their way into heaven by go on a cruise and drop a bag or rice on some starving child in Africa rather than support their own brother.

    That may be a little bit harsh but you get the idea, and who can say they haven’t seen these mega-churches being built all over this town in the name of God that I find it purely blasphemous.

    I attend a small church, these are good and sincere ppl with old fashion morals and values and the economy is taking it’s toll on their house of worship and we/they could really use faimlys with children. You should see these ppls eyes light up when someone brings their children. They have virtually no sunday school for children because we have no families who attend regularly.

    I just find it sad.

    Especially in an economy when fellowship means everything, I mean that’s why I started going. Because humanity in this day and age isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

    So excuse my bluntness but….. this is the address.

    It’s the Westside Unided Methodist Church @ 1313 W Lydia. About two blocks north of Pawnee just off Seneca you can’t miss it.

    They/we are having a block party there Aug 4 to try to recruit new families and members.

    for information please call 264-6605.

    You are welcome to attend anytime and just experience the genuine fellowship of this church, I mean they took me in so what does that tell you? So if you anyone does show up please tell them you heard it here first.

    I told the elders that if they wished I would start and maintain a blog for them where we could post our bulletins and perhaps a prayer list and I hope when I get it all sorted out I would ask you guys to add it the blogroll please.

    Thank you very much, I’m sorry I don’t get in here much but I’m blind you know.

    Not much of an excuse but hey…..

    But seriously these ppl need support. I’m not saying to abandon the church you are going to but to at least give us a chance.

    These ppl break my heart. It’s like going to church with my grandparents. They are so sincere about what they are doing and their faith and I wish I could wave a wand and make things better for them.

    I don’t know what else to do.

    IF anything please come to the block party on Aug 4 and meet these ppl. You will not be disappointed or disrespected.

    They will win your hearts.


    If I can get you anymore information just holler at me at my gmail.

    Peace out.

  5. Bad Biker

    Ya’ want to know about my weekend? We let me tell you all about it……………..

    I already posted a comment about the funeral on Saturday. Just as an aside, I quit Christianity about 12 years ago due to the attitudes of the Christian right and some serious introspection. I was, however, very impressed by the deep faith and loving attitude of Chaplin Gross and others. I made me wonder – I don’t know where it will go from here, but my attitude has changed.

    After the funeral, my son-in-law and I drove WWWAAYY up northeast of Wichita to pick up a used dishwasher for my kids, as theirs was dying. It was just a few years old, but the homeowners were remodeling. I installed the new washer on Sunday.

    Officially, you measure the difficulty of a project by the number of times you stop working and make another trip to Ace.

    This project rated a four.

    Trip one – couldn’t find the electrical and duct tape that had been on the shelf just one day before.

    Trip two – the existing annealed copper supply line was kinked so I cut out the bad section and bought a union to join the two pieces. (See trip four.)

    Trip three – my box of wire nuts was one short of the large size I needed for 12/2 wiring.

    Trip four – after buttoning everything up and making a test wash outside of the cabinet, all was good as we moved the unit under the counter. That is, until the copper tubing failed to flex and every joint began to leak.

    Back to Ace to p/u a braided steel flex line.

    (Note to those dumb enough – like me – that attempt to work with old plumbing: Tear it out and start over, you’ll save money on Tylenol. The annealed copper tubing in older homes has thicker walls than the new variety and becomes more rigid over time – hence no more flexibility.)

    Well, we did have a nice barbecue after the install project and the new washer works great, replacing the old dish “rinser” that the kids had before!

    • I never gave up on Christianity, but did give up organized religion.

      • religion is just a touchy subject. i gave up on religion in general, i mean its like were force fed this stuff when were kids. depending on how you were raise you’re “expected” to go to church and what not.

        perhaps we find it later on in our years i don’t know. all i know is there was this little church abou6t two blocks from me, i was lookin’ for a place close to shoot hoops.

        i was walkin’ around the building admiring the architecture because of my background in construction and there in the back of the parking lot was a lone basketball goal.

        it was like someone was trying to tell me something and i have been going down there ever since almost everyday just to shoot hoops and think.

        then one day i just walked in the front door. the padre says ” i didn’t know that door was unlocked” cuz most of the congregation are elderly and use the side entrances because they are closer to the parking.

        i said well…. i reckon if i was gonna walk into a house of god i should use the front door.

        they all just laughed.

        and i knew i belonged there. they are all elders. i bet we dont have 25 ppl show up on any given sunday and no younger members im the youngest guy there.

        these ppl are old school christians, they have the values of my own father and i can respect that.

        my own l brother attends some uppity church out by white tail. he is an elder out there. when i filed for disability last year they didnt even buy me a sack of groceries ya know, but they’d all get together and go on some excursion dropping crates of cheerios on some third world country.

        not like they dropped them any milk you know.


        maybe im just trying to make up for my own sins you know. but it breaks my heart to watch this church i just started going to die before my eyes. these ppl have been going here their entire lifetimes.

        so i had to give a shout out you know.

        i walked around the neighborhood and invited some ppl myself, but most of them are attending some larger church. they said.

        funny. when i walk to church in the morning and back. i see them all still at home.


        you know. the romans had good reason to feed some “christians” to the lions.

        at least these ppl are down home and have heart. and all they are trying to do is save what they believe in.

        so for what it’s worth i will try to do my part. not so much for the sake of “religion” but for the sake and fellowship of the church.

        so if anyone’s in the area stop in and say hi.


      • If I were going to attend a church I would want to find someone just like you there, Charles! Love, kindness, compassion, working on yourself instead of judging others are qualities of a truly good man.

  6. G-stir

    I have discovered my First Law of Home Maintenance:

    The number of trips to Ace Hardware is inversly proportional to the amount of “blood equity” one invests in the task at hand.

    You can never have too many Band-aids!

    • Bad Biker

      No kidding, G! It seems like I can’t do a damned thing without getting those little annoying nicks that are always in places that are guaranteed to get bumped or scraped and torn open once again.

      I think there is a subsection to the First Law: Cuts and scrapes will always be in the most annoying places on hands and forearms.

      That, and band aids will always come off at the least opportune time.


      • G-stir

        BB-_ I really enjoy cleaning up and getting all the blood and grease off myself so I don’t look like a diaster victim when I go to Ace.
        Fat chance!

  7. lilacluvr

    Hey, I was just on Opinion Line and some well-known Republican just stated that Obama’s health care plan is going to mandate that everyone on Medicare get counseling every 5 years and they will be counseled about end of life care and this guy is saying Obama is now pushing for suicide to reduce the Medicare costs.

    My question is – where do I go to read this Obama health care plan online. This guy says it is on page 425.

    I Googled and found where some woman wrote in a letter to her editor about this same thing and she stated it was pages 425 – 430.

    Is this really true or is it a Rush Limbaugh talking point?

    • Lilac, I have heard people talk of “Obama’s plan” too, but I hear Obama say the process is working and the ideas are coming together, and there will be a plan but there isn’t yet…

      I honestly don’t know, but if you find it, please share. I also would like to read it, if it exists.

      • lilacluvr

        I just got off the site where I read the bill myself. I did not read the entire bill – just those pages that were cited.

        I found it by Googling ‘US House of Representatives health care bill’ and the link came up. (Sorry I do not remember the actual site’s address)

        Anyway – the section in question was talking about doctor consultations being done every 5 years (unless there is a drastic change in medical condition, in which it can be sooner) and the consultation was for the purpose of letting people know what their options are for Advanced Directives – like Living Wills, DNR, Full Code or what Life-sustaining measures they want. And it covered Hospice and Palliative care. These consultations are to be used to give people access to available information about any of these options.

        No where did I see this consultation is mandated every 5 years and no where did I see where it advocated suicide!

        So, I assume this is Rush’s talking point of the day?

        Coming from a background in nursing home management, I think this is a good idea because so many of our elderly in nursing homes are not properly counseled about their options. So, alot of them are labeled as Full Code because the nursing home keeps getting to bill Medicare if they do get sick and end up going to the Hospital. Medicare pays quite well for nursing home inpatient days – so where is the incentive to keep these elderly well with the current system?

        And with so many elderly people not having any families involved – who is to help them if the person really does not wish to be a Full Code and simply wants to pass on if something happens to them?

        To me, this is giving people a choice in their entire health care – even the end-of-life care.

      • Thanks, Lilac!

        Like you, I agree that options and alternatives need to be discussed, and it’s better to have the discussion before any option or alternative is ever needed!

        Hubby and I, with 6176’s help, completed all this paperwork, shared it with our children and family members who might have to make decisions on our behalf. We have one more bit of paperwork to complete — a trust we’ve got started but not completed, and shouldn’t put it off any longer.

        Here’s a horror story that I hope acts as a reminder for even those who have made all the necessary decisions and arrangements —

        A good friend was dying of cancer and he had all the “do not” paperwork completed. He was at home where he wanted to be. At the end, his wife called hospice as she had been directed and there was someone not on duty or something (I’ve forgotten the details) and she was instructed to call 911 which she did. When they responded she had a tiny fraction of time to produce that paperwork or they would have to try to revive him. They have no choice unless that paperwork is shown QUICKLY. So if you have it, also have it handy.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Yesterday was a tiring day, two of my son’s friend and I went to OKC to empty out an apartment that was left went Mike went to Washington state. The friends are half my age and if it had happened a few years ago I would have objected to being treated that way.

    Every time I would start to move toward the other end of some heavy piece of furniture. One or the other would step in saying I do it. It was plain that they thought the old man should not be doing heavy lifting.
    I guess perhaps the old man is getting old enough that I did not mind! The couch and a combo washer and dryer going down a set of steps from the second floor. I found no objecting in them doing it, no real thought that I was use-less or thought of as so.

    I gave a hand when needed and the rest of the time packed and carried out trash and boxes to the truck.
    Still was tired enough that I fell into bed and slept through the night. LOL I hope my son was not planning of a deposit coming back. If so he should have taken care of this before he left.
    Fatherly advise I gave him before he left for another job.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Charlie that was one of the points I made about the Mega-churches when my friend tried to explain Immanuel to me. Shopping centers, book stores, swimming pools, the list when on. A place where Christians do not have to interact with non-Christians

    I accused them of being, there is no need to confront life’s temptations or those who do not believe as you do. But then there is the temptations and conflicts of the world within those walls. My friend had to make a couscous decision to stay away from the Church politics though often everyone gets drug into it.
    Such churches try to make it easy to be a Christian but in the end causes many to lose their faith and abandon churches in general.

    Your church sounds good and it is true I have found the Methodists as being good scriptural based.
    Understanding and welcoming of everyone.

  10. lilacluvr

    fnord – I know about having that paperwork in some place that is quick to get to in emergencies.

    I think it is one of those situations that unless you’ve been there or know of someone it has happened to, you don’t think about it.

    But, you’re right, health care professionals have to do a Full Code unless there is proper documentation presented to them.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    LOL boy I know that is right! things never work out right unless I somehow end up bleeding and have no idea why I am bleeding. It never hurts I just glance over and see blood on my arm. The number of trips also counts. Yesterday there was three trips to a store to buy something that was needed and we did not have.
    In the end it still was a matter of moving a stacking unit through four doorways it did not fit and down a set of stairs. The washer/dryer made it well enough, the light fixture in a hallway and the floor not so good….
    Sure hope he was not counting on a deposit being returned!

  12. David B

    “Officially, you measure the difficulty of a project by the number of times you stop working and make another trip to Ace.”

    THIS is ACE, and a fun observation. I find an average weekend project rates a 3.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    Grandma has a DNR as such but still it was mom who got the call from the nursing home at 3 AM.
    That was the hardest thing mom had ever done was to say let her go. Mom would cry for a bit then walk around through the house lost and speechless. It is never easy or should it be in reality the recent lost of my mother-in-law still hit us all the same as if it would have been just suddenly. I have no idea how long it took my wife to type out those words, “ My mother is now with her Lord and savior”. I tried to read those words to my own mother who was setting beside me on the couch. I could not get the words to come out for some time.

    The downside of a DNR is that sometimes not all the children agree. My youngest brother-in-law still feels like his siblings killed his mother.

    • That is why we should all make the decision for ourselves. A legal document that is easily and inexpensively executed makes it easier for the loved ones we must leave behind.

      • lilacluvr

        I’ve been told that depending on the state laws, even with a DNR, any child that does not agree with the decision can try to overturn it if the situation arises.

        My husband has been out of nursing home management for several years now so I am not certain as to what the current laws are regarding this issue.

        When I was in the hospital for my cancer, on all 4 times in the hospital, I was the one telling them and presenting them my signed DNR order. Some hospital personnel were better about asking for it than others.

        Plus, I made my husband and both my kids promise me that they would honor my wishes. And in the end, isn’t that all we can really do?

  14. tosmarttobegop

    I made a decision to try and stop commenting on Palin, but somehow on this I could not stop.
    Palin sighting the military as fighting for the media to report and her saying they have a duty to be honest and quite making things up. Ahh Sarah shouldn’t you too?

    • Palin stirs people up. She is supported strongly and opposed strongly. Few are middle of the road on their opinion of her, so she gets attention — some positive, some not so much. I can’t imagine her on the speaking trail since I think she can’t speak worth a damn, but she is strongly supported by some and evidently they can understand her word salad.

      I’m still hoping she runs and gets the nod from her party for the nomination in 2012. I think that would sew up President Obama’s reelection.

      • lilacluvr

        Maybe she won’t get the nomination but she is sure gonna give ’em hell trying – and that’s gonna be fun watching!!!

  15. prairiepond

    “but it breaks my heart to watch this church i just started going to die before my eyes”

    Ya know…

    It breaks my heart that gay people cant get married in a civil ceremony.

    It breaks my heart that children of gay parents dont get the same protections that children of straight parents get when their parents get married.

    And it breaks my heart that methodists refuse to ordain gay clergy and in fact, boot out the ones who are honest about who they are.

    I wonder how many of those “sweet” old folks voted against gay marriage?

    Screw the churches. ALL of them. I hope they all die a slow and painful death.

  16. Bad Biker

    “It breaks my heart that gay people cant get married in a civil ceremony.”

    I agree, Grrl, I agree completely. Although I am one smart SOB (my description, not held by many people) I cannot fathom the hostility towards gay folks.

    I don’t think that Methodists are anywhere near the worst offenders, but most Christians find a way to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

    One day, maybe soon, the youth and more enlightened of this country will overturn the anti-gay element and all people will be treated equally.

  17. David B

    Awww, P.P., tell us how you REALLY feel about churches! ;->

  18. tosmarttobegop

    Now biker I think everyone here would agree. we have always found you to be
    a smart SOB!

  19. tosmarttobegop

    PP you know my opinion, I have always been in favor of you being just as miserable married as the rest of us. remember you did say you would bring the whiskey and that is what it will take for me to dance.
    FYI when the wedding day does happen, wear steel toed boot when we dance.

  20. annie moose

    hehehe what’s wrong with this picture

    Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2009 – Vote Passed (265-166, 3 Not Voting)

    On Wednesday, the House voted to reinstitute and update the Pay-As-You-Go requirement of budget neutrality on new tax and mandatory spending legislation.

    Rep. Todd Tiahrt voted NO……send e-mail or see bio