Saturday, 07/25/09, Public Square

0040-surrealism-4This picture is supposed to depict inner peace.  That’s what I hope everyone finds this weekend — inner peace.  I think I’ll concentrate on a blue abdomen and a pale green chest.  Think that’ll help?



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  1. It’s hard to concentrate on a blue abdomen and a pale green chest when the dark green grass in the yard is growing so quickly you can see it! On the one hand it’s great and unusual that Kansas is so green at this time of year, on the other that green stuff requires frequent mowing… 😦

  2. tosmarttobegop

    A couple of days ago I mowed and it picked up something and threw it half way across the yard and put a hole in the side of the pool.

    LOL now I know why men do not follow the instructions! After several attempts at patching the pool as instructed and it failing. I about poured the glue on and used three red bricks to hold the patch down.

    Pool is filled and i just woke up and already just got off the phone call by my mortgage company! After finally my mind deciding that I was who they asked if I was. The rest is a blurr. Not a morning person when I first wake up!

  3. Looks more like “inner turmoil”

    • Yes, that fetal position does indicate something different than peace, huh!?

      Maybe if you think hard enough about keeping the blue where it belongs, the pale green from getting mixed up with the blue… you won’t have time to get embroiled in anything else and you’ll at least be distracted from what’s going on? That run on sentence sounded a bunch like — she doth protest too much!

    • Or an Alka Seltzer advert!

  4. David B

    New York Times has a story on Dr. Tiller and the whole enchalada at

    Published: July 25, 2009
    WICHITA, Kan. — It did not take long for anti-abortion leaders to realize that George R. Tiller was more formidable than other doctors they had tried to shut down.

    • wicked

      Excellent article, David B. Thanks for sharing. I’m sending a link to friends who feel as I do: Pro-choice, but not Pro-Abortion.

  5. Bad Biker

    “It’s hard to concentrate on a blue abdomen and a pale green chest”

    Don’t know about anyone else, but my chest is covered in black and grey fur, as is part of my abdomen while the rest is sorta fish-belly white.

    But! I have a Hell of a tan on my arms and face.

  6. Bad Biker

    Sigh………………………… went to Jason’s funeral today. It was an emotional affair but very much in keeping with what Jason would have wanted and what his widow did want.

    I was shocked when the minister took the podium and broke down in tears. For a moment, he was unable to continue.

    Later, I was able to understand. Chaplin Gross and his wife had been like parents to Jason since he was a pre-teen. Jason, by all accounts, was a hellion until he met Cheryl. They considered him to be like a son to them and Jason considered them to be like Mom and Dad.

    Chaplin Gross told us of the time when Jason became a man and left behind childish things. (You know the verse.) Jason took a wife and became a husband and father. He left behind childish things.

    Jason was baptized on the day before he died by Chaplin Gross at his (Jason’s) request.

    When Chaplin Harold Gross left Winfield and drove the many hours to Lincoln, NE, he was racing against time to get there before Jason lost consciousness before he was baptized.

    He made it.

    When Chaplin Gross checked in at ICU, they asked his relationship with Jason. Chaplin Gross replied that “Jason was his son.”

    Chaplin Gross is a black man.

    Jason Sutton was white.

    Chaplin Gross left the staff at the hospital to figure it out for themselves.

    I was very moved and uplifted by the service. Yet another black man (don’t know the relationship) sang an Aca Capella (sic) version of Amazing Grace and the Chaplin sang, impromptu, a hymn at the podium.

    It was all very humorous, touching and moving.

    • Thoughts and prayers to Jason’s family.

    • lilacluvr

      Bottom line, does it really matter who is black or white, gay or straight, Baptist or Catholic – aren’t we all supposed to be God’s children? At least that is what the Bible teaches. It is only through man’s interpretation that things get screwed up.

      Sounds like Jason had a peaceful passing into his phase of his journey. He and his family and friends have touched lives and who knows where those seeds will sprout.