Phelps Family Spreading Hate

The Phelps / Roper family was in New York to spread hate.  Among other places in The Big Apple, they protested outside Walter Cronkite’s funeral yesterday. They even had a fancy sign made up that said “Cronkite in Hell.”  Just like the Republican Party platform of exclusion and intolerance the Phelps-Ropers, founding family behind the Westboro Baptist Church, are against abortion, gays, they are white supremacists and they spread the word of a vengeful God.

In today’s op-ed piece titled, “Family of Hate,” John Avlon writes:

“The youngest daughter there, 16-year old Grace-Elizabeth, sports a navy blue “Priests Rape Boys” T-shirt and shuffled around on an Israeli flag. Despite that, she seems uncomfortable while her mother screams beside her. I ask Grace if she wanted to be there. “Oh yes, this is fun,” she gushes. “It’s the best thing we could be doing with our time.”

I asked her sister Megan—who just graduated from Washburn University this spring—what she thought of President Obama. Her eyes lit up. “Oh, he’s the Antichrist,” she says.

I ask for a little more explanation. “Well, he’s against Christ,” she says. Then mom swoops in, talking Deuteronomy and Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians before veering inevitably to abortion. “Reproductive freedom is a fluffy term for killing babies,” Shirley says. “Obama would support the murder of his grandchildren.”

Speaking of grandchildren, Megan and Grace are the grandkids of Fred Phelps—a Kansas attorney who started their church. They spoke of him prideful tones as a pioneering civil-rights lawyer who just happened to spawn a family of lawyers who are now dedicated to trying to deny civil rights to gays and lesbians. Apparently, a family that hates together stays together. When you’re brought up to hate the world and the world hates you back, it’s a self-reinforcing circuit that only the family can understand.”

How many self-professed Republicans see their party platform in the hate spread by the Phelps family?  The Phelps family protests embody almost everything loathsome about the modern Republican Party.  Is this another area today’s Republicans easily ignore?



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  1. I know most of the regular posters here read Mudflats, and are aware that Alaska has been trying to pass Ordinance 64, which would add the term “sexual orientation” to the current non-discrimination policy for housing, employment, public facilities and education. In this effort, many meetings, many protests, much disagreement has come to pass. They’ve chosen teams who wear red and blue to show which team they’re on.

    Recently The Mudflats posted a letter from a retired pastor with a doctor of ministry (D. Min) degree. He is a long time Anchorage area resident who wanted to share his thoughts.

    — snip —

    “I watched the people in red shirts busily condemning sinners. They sure seemed to know who was righteous (think red shirts) and who was condemned by God (um, blue shirts). Signs quoted Leviticus. I watched more and more people in red shirts get off busses and make their way to the lawn. The people wearing red were serious: doing God’s work is a great responsibility. They talked about Jesus a lot. They frowned a lot. They showed great indignation that those other people (the ones in the blue shirts) were even there.

    I watched the people in blue (and in purple and in rainbow and all in kinds of colors) busily . . . having a party. Some music. Some dancing. A lot of smiles. A whole lot of accepting, and welcoming one another.

    And it took a while, but eventually I realized that I had heard this story before.”

    continue reading:

  2. Oooh, my favorite topic the Phelps family. Christmas must be a real bummer at their house. Thanks dad another friggin t-shirt.
    What is it they actually stand for now? Last time I looked you can’t get a tax deduction from being a hate monger.

  3. David B

    At the first Wichita Gay Pride “walk” many years ago, I saw that Phelp’s was having a “March for Decency” at the same time and place.

    Being for decency, I showed up walking right next to Phelps with a sign. My gay friends across the street thought, “WTF is he doing over there with THEM??”

    But when they read my sign, saying “How do you spell small minded bigot? “PHELPS”, they forgave me.

    The Phelps women, however, said the foulest things to me…

  4. Linda,

    This was a good thread. Thanks for writing it. The ID hat-tips to Linda. Hmmm… I am not sure about my nic’s initials.

  5. lilacluvr

    There are none so blind than those who refuse to see. No matter what is said or done to the Phleps Klan, they will continue on their self-professed crusade.

    But, pray tell, what did Walter Cronkite ever do to them?

  6. Through you representing details. It helped me in my mission

  7. 6176746f6c6c65

    What is interesting about all this is that Fred, before he was disbarred, handled quite a few civil rights cases. Of course, none of his clients were gay, to the best of my knowledge.