How far is too far?

armycapturedprivatebergdahlFox News analyst Ralph Peters, on July 19th, said the Taliban should murder private first class Bowe Bergdahl. He claims he was told by a “high ranking military person” (whom he conveniently doesn’t name) that the soldier was a deserter. Inquiries by major news sources found no one in the military in either the Pentagon or Afghanistan to back that up. In fact they all say he was not a deserter. All this took place on that well known man of integrity’s show, Bill O’Reilly. Bill added the captured soldier must be crazy, but didn’t defend the soldier.

My question is: When does the first amendment line get crossed? You can bet that particular piece will be shown to Bergdahl by the Taliban, and used to further disassociate him from the reality that the military is doing everything in its power to rescue him. Some are even blasting Bowe for saying what he has about this country and the war in Afghanistan, but it’s the same thing McCain did when he was a captive in Hanoi. My personal opinion is Peters is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and should, at the very least, be fired by Fox, and, at the most, be tried for treason, although that will never happen. I also feel O’Reilly should be fired as well for not jumping Peters immediately. That whole thing, as well as peters ridiculous attempt at explaining himself, crosses the first amendment line. The Republicans are jumping Obama for saying the police acted stupidly, but where’s the outcry from them about Peters? There’s a sad path of hypocrisy running through the Republican camp, and it needs to be addressed. The story:



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    • jammer5

      Thanks, bearman. Good to know.

    • I too am encouraged those congressional veterans are speaking out and demanding an apology!

      Is this being reported anyplace? Are the Fox News groupies hearing any questions about one of their spokespersons credibility?

      How do those who are most vocal about war / military dominance / national security rationalize making statements that aren’t supportive of an American serviceman?

  1. wicked

    I saw a page on Facebook about this guy and wondered who he was. Can we say wicked lives in her own little world?

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Since my youngest is in Iraq right now at times I fear more him ending up in this situation. more then him being killed by a IED or a sniper. The feels of helplessness this soldier’s family must be feeling is beyond measure. Most times these groups are all thrown in to the same name, Terrorists though the reality is that some groups are nothing more than thugs and groups of criminals. Wanting more a financial gain then a Political or religious statement. It is disturbing that as of yet the group holding the soldier has not made a demand.

    Peters is a disgrace to any military service he may have had and to this country.

  3. lilacluvr

    Just when I think Fox News and Bill O’Reilly can’t sink any lower, down they go even further into the slimiest of the slime.

    Just exactly WHEN will these Republican dittoheads wake up from their self-induced comas?

  4. lilacluvr

    On second thought – this soldier’s family or some military advocacy group should go after Fox News’ achilles heel – Rupert Murdoch’s wallet…

    Maybe if Rupert gets his panties twisted in a bunch and have to shell out millions in damages – then – maybe then – all this nonsense will stop?

    As my first posting said – I keep thinking I’ve seen the lowest from those guys – but they keep sinking even lower.

  5. Ann

    The very thought of the Taliban killing another serviceman is abhorent. One of our Australian soldier’s body arrived home yesterday afternoon. It arrived at Avalon which is about 40 km from here. I feel sad for his ‘boy’s’ family because that’s what he is to me and probably his mother too, just her 24 year old boy. The thought of something happening to this other man is sickening. Another . .I can’ t even type the word because he all know how he might die and it’s so horrific I can’t stand to think about it. All I can say is, thank God my boy doesn’t have to go there. I don’t think I could take it. To tosmartobegop I will keep your boy in my prayers. I don’t know how you get through each day.

  6. Sorry to hear that Ann.

    Words can’t express the sorrows of war and death.

    We’re all with you on your thoughts about tstb! His son and his family are never far away in our thoughts and prayers.