Friday, 07/24/09, Public Square

woodsYou’re at the fork in the road.  Which do you choose?  Why?  How far do you go before you turn around?



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  1. wicked

    See that fork where there’s no path? That’s where I go. More interesting stuff in that direction.

  2. wicked

    I got myself engaged in two heated conversations on FB yesterday regarding health care, something I swore I wouldn’t do. But when someone I consider a friend spouts a line about all those uninsured people CHOOSING not to be insured, I could no longer sit on my hands to keep from responding.

    Since June 15, I have spent just over $400 at minor emergency. Asthama attacks, same as last summer. (I’m peachy in the winter.) On Monday, I’ll go to my former doctor, 20+ miles away, to the tune of a $145 new patient fee. But I know he’ll do what he can for me. If we stay on the same meds, I can get them for free. I checked the AstraZeneca website and I’m definitely qualified to live. 😉

    So back to the encounter on FB. Talk radio is doing a number on listeners that made me seeing red. My friend and I finally agreed that politics should be taken completely out of the picture of health care, and our reps should take vows to leave the R’s and D’s behind when taking office.

    Then later, a head-butting session with a high school friend of my daughter’s who I thought had better sense. I do everything I can to remain calm as I type, while my BP must be soaring. Do they listen to facts? Hell, no. Just Rush and the rest. Hey, they’ve go theirs, who cares about anyone else?

    WWJD? Kick ’em to the curb and tell them to take a bath and gargle. Well, their Jesus, anyway.

    / rant

    • tosmarttobegop

      And what did one Con say was the solution to the uninsured? Why tell them they need to get insurance! Simply huh?

  3. I can say it here — I’m downright scared it won’t get done again. I don’t know how Democrats manage to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, I just know they’re good at it.

    America — the only civilized nation that doesn’t ensure health care is available to all her citizens. We pay more, we get less, and that’s the way too many Americans want it to stay.

    I’ve gone beyond apprehensive and nervous to downright scared I won’t see badly-needed legislation in my lifetime.

    • Sweden have it right. Highest taxes in the world but everything is free including health care. And what do Sweden export? IKEA, Volvos and remixes of ABBA!

  4. And if it doesn’t get done we will be back under Republican majorities soon. Just like when health-care reform failed during the Clinton administration. So not only do Americans not get affordable health care for all, they are further punished and doomed to repeat the dark ages where Republicans like to be.

  5. wicked

    What absolutely boils my britches is that it’s my money and yours going into the pockets of politicians and working against us. If you pay insurance premiums and/or buy prescription drugs, you’re paying to kill yourself. They get their blood money from consumers, then use it to lobby against those same consumers who only ask for better health care and a chance to live a decent life. I’d say that’s as close to murder as one can get without actually doing it outright.

  6. jammer5

    There’s gotta be a special place in hell for those who make a living (insurance companies) off the backs of the sick and dying.

  7. I heard on NPR today that Big Pharma and other interest groups are behind health care reform this time (which is different from last time). The House is afraid to pass health care reform for fear the Senate will back down from passing it.

    It is known by both the House and the Senate, that the reform measures will likely increase, rather than decrease, health care costs. No one wants to make the necessary move at this time of deep recession.

    Of course, health care debt is the major cause of bankruptcy in this country.

    We’re stuck, it seems…

  8. Iggy,

    Would that increase be short lived with savings in the near future, or long term? And what does it cost “us” when a person or family is in financial ruin?

  9. David B

    No no. Comprehensive health care reform will lower the rate of cost increases, if not total costs.

    One study clearly showed that uninsured people with chronic conditions close to qualifying for Medicare, put off treatments. When they do enter Medicare, their condition is so much worse than those who had continuous care, that their bills were several time higher.

    This is but one indicator that a continuum of care will provide huge savings.

  10. David B

    Stolen from Comments in New York Times:

    The answer is so painfully obvious. It has worked successfully in dozens of countries for almost half a century. It is called universal coverage. And having lived with it in Great Britain, I can assure you and your readers it is excellent and if any politician in Great Britain ever suggested trading their health care system for our mess, they would be driven from the nation! I have not experienced the French national health system first hand, but that one is by most studies the best in the world.

    When “health” insurance companies in this country get hold of a dollar, they spend less than 67 cents of it to deliver actual health care. The rest goes toward screening insurance applicants to deny coverage whenever they perceive risk, to battling legitimate claims, to marketing, to executive compensation, to redundant bureaucracies, bribing politicians (excuse me – I mean to campaign contributions – wink, wink.), etc., etc., etc.. Such a tragic waste of resources that could actually to to hospitals and doctors and nurses and research. You know, it could go to actual health care for the American people.

    You see, delivering health care is NOT what “health” insurance companies do. Quite the opposite! They are in business to DENY health care. When an insured gets actual health care, it costs the insurance companies money. THEY DON”T WANT TO SPEND MONEY. It is their sole job to collect as much in premiums as they can and to pay as few claims as legally possible. It is their sole job to DENY health care. Period. End of story. So simple, but so very wrong!

    Imagine having health insurance for you and your family and your friends and your neighbors for life. No “pre-existing condition” worries. No being dropped when you become a expense risk. No changing providers. No losing coverage if you change or lose your job. No receiving incomprehensible explanations for claim denials. Such a better way to live. So much less national waste. And what would it do for the economy if workers could change jobs, go where they want to work, become more productive, if they were not held in place by fear of losing or changing their health insurance plan?!

    This nation will go broke funding “health” insurance companies. And the American people will continue to be subjected to their ruthless torture in the meantime. We can no longer afford these dozens of redundant bureaucracies that suck up so many resources and create so much misery. Universal care is not perfect, but it comes so much closer to perfection than the crazy system we have now. The only reason this insane system is permitted to exist is because the very few beneficiaries of the system contribute enormously to our Congress. It is simply a protection racket.

    The American people need to stop playing the role of suckers. Demand the same insurance plan as members of Congress provide to themselves (with taxpayer subsidies!). Congresspersons are covered from the moment they go on the public payroll, regardless of “pre-existing conditions” or anything else. We simply can no longer afford the system currently in place for the rest of us. It is expensive and immoral.

  11. wicked

    We could just copy France’s plan, but would have to rename it, of course. No French Fries here! Only Freedom Fries! Or Freedom Health! Dangle that one in front of the pukes eyes and they’d kill each other trying to claim it as theirs.

    I am so sick…of this b.s.

  12. Bad Biker

    Over on the “nameless” blog, the Cons are going nuts over Obama and the Gates v. Cambridge police issue.

    Now, I will first say that I am not anti-LE. Never have been. When I see a police officer at QT or elsewhere, I always say “hello” and admonish them to stay safe. In the past, however, I have been a “victim” of police abuse. Whacked with a nightstick at a Viet Nam War protest. Roughed up a few times because I was a long-haired hippie-freak. Abused a few times as an adult for no good reason.

    One bad cop does not make all cops bad.

    I did not agree with Obama’s characterization of the police action in the incident as “acting stupidly” but that is pretty much a 51/49 opinion on my part. I also did not agree with his backpedaling from his comments, but he is a far wiser man than I.

    Everyone has a bad day once in a while. When two people confront one another while both are having bad days is a bad equation. I believe that is what happened with the Gates incident.

    I don’t believe that the Sargent is a racist. I don’t believe that Dr. Skip Gates is a troublemaker.

    In my view, both were wrong and both could have diffused the situation, but unfortunately, neither backed down.

    In my (feeble) mind, Obama did the right thing, when the officer suggested that he, Gates and the President have a beer together and talk about this.

    Obama agreed, I will bet that he will keep his word and the three will sit down to a Bud and hash it out as gentlemen.

    Now, ask yourself, would GWB have been man enough to admit a mistake and invite the parties involved to sit down and discuss the issues.

    Barack Obama is a bigger man than George could ever hope to be.

  13. lilacluvr

    I’ve read somewhere that there is an audio tape of the entire conversation prior to the arrest – so why don’t we listen to the tape and see exactly if Prof. Gates lost his cool (like the policeman has said) or if the policeman did go too far.

    But I find it interesting that the arrest did not happen until Gates was outside of his home – on the porch. Barbara Walters on The View talked about that point being very important. It seems that if a person is inside your own home (as Gates has said he produced I.D. to prove it was his home), then did the policeman purposely entice Gates out to the porch in order to make the arrest?

    And if the policeman did make the arrest ‘by the book’, then is the book needing some revision?

    I am not able to put myself in Prof Gates shoes (and every black man who is watching this entire situation unfold) but I do know that profiling happens and not just blacks.

    My white 20-yr-old son was driving in his black 1980 Camaro, with the alternative music on, smoking and wearing a bandana. A state trooper in Missouri pulled him over for speeding. My son said he was speeding so was he was okay with taking the speeding ticket and go on. For some reason, this State Trooper then has my s0n get out of the car and told his girlfriend that she would have to drive back to Kansas or he would search the car and that would take an hour and ‘who knows what I’ll find’.

    Funny, thing, when the speeding ticket came up to be paid – I dealt with their County Attorney myself and he offered to drop the speeding ticket for $60 and give my son an excessive noise ticket for $120. I said – thanks, but no thanks – we’ll take the speeding ticket for $60.

    Now is this profiling of a young white man who looked like a stereotypical possible druggie driving a sports car or were they just conscientous about their job?

    BTW – This happened in Cape Gireaudo, Missouri (sp?) – Rush Limbaugh’s hometown (I believe)

  14. lilacluvr

    Republicans said they had a health care plan – then they only showed a 4-page outline.

    Republicans now say they won’t show their health care plan until 2010.


    And yet dittoheads everywhere are just going along with all this craziness….

    • lilacluvr

      I just now thought – remember during the campaign when McCain said he had a sure-fire plan to capture Bin Laden?

      Why hasn’t anyone ever brought that up? These Republicans and their plans….