Evangelicals in Mexico? Watch Out Virgin Mother!

I was accosted tonight by one of the most aggressive door-to-door marketeers I have yet experienced.  She was a young, attractive hispanic woman who had a very noticable accent and she was trying to get me to take various “books” she had, which looked more like Oprah Magazines than anything else.  These books would be given to me for a donation that I would make to help her “school”.  I declined several times and her last pitch was that she wanted to pray with me.  I declined that, too.

As this McClatchy article indicates there has been a troubling time for the Catholic Church in Mexico.  More young people are drawn to evangelical worship services which feature more music and, let’s face it, are more fun.

From the above article: Eduardo Dominguez, a 23-year-old college student who acknowledges the attraction of evangelical Protestantism even though he’s reluctant to sever his ties with the Catholic Church.

Eduardo elaborates:  “I would never change my religion because of the tradition of my family and my culture,” he said, “but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized there are a lot of things in Catholicism that I don’t agree with. For instance, it’s very conservative, and instead of focusing on God and worship, a lot of things end up becoming political and about money.”

Hey Eduardo, Dude, the Evangelical church got real big in this country the last 8 years and “a lot of things ended up becoming about politics and money.”  Sorry, Dude, you haven’t found a winner, yet…


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  1. wicked

    Oh, gee, that girl visited me the other day, too. Unfortunately, I engaged her in conversation. She was determined to bring me to Jesus, in spite of me saying (very, very nicely) that I wasn’t interested in religion of any kind, didn’t want books filled with Bible quotes and fairy tales (I didn’t say fairy tales), and all manner of someone’s dogma (I did use the term dogma).

    She was going to pray for me. I thanked her and finally got rid of her without losing my temper.

    I’m going to make me that door/window sticker that has the two Bible people in the circle with the slash through it and hang it. I rid myself of the JW’s, and then this little girl shows up.

    Jesus, save me from your followers.

  2. wicked

    Was Eduardo channeling me when I was 14? I was saying exactly that, almost word for word. Guess I was just ahead of my time.

  3. lilacluvr

    Evangelical churches can be alot of fun – they have fitness centers, dating services, concerts and all kinds of things happening for people. And, if you’re into someone constantly tellling you that you’re okay because you chose the right God, then you’ll be happy in that environment.

    But don’t dare try to think outside the box. Or the Devil will get you, for sure.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    One day some Jehovah witnesses came to the front door, They asked if I believed the human race would end in a fiery death? I said I sure hope so as I found humans to be the worse of all animals and deserve to die a fiery death! They excused themselves and left.

    Recently about the same thing happened except I opened the door to two prudently dressed women while I was wearing only my sleeping shorts. They stood there staring at my bare chest and stumbled while trying to speak. LOL I caught them slowly glancing down from my chest and I said “Ladies my eyes are up here!”.
    They became so flustered they too excused themselves and left.

    My best friend once told them he was a round-roomer, he believed when you die your soul goes into a round room so the Devil could not get it in a corner.

  5. tosmarttobegop


    New ‘de-baptism’ trend sweeping Bible Belt


    By Kent Bush
    Augusta Gazette
    Thu Jul 23, 2009, 08:05 AM CDT


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    Augusta, Kan. –
    I understand when apathy, atheism and agnosticism keep people out of church.

    I don’t agree with them, but I see where others might.

    I have less of an understanding of a new trend sweeping across the Bible Belt – de-baptism. This is an active retreat from any former dealings with a church or personal religious beliefs.

    These people are not merely renouncing their standing in a church or staying home on Sunday mornings. They want everyone to know they are out.

    They get dunked in a mockery of Christian baptism and then are dried off by the hairdryer of reason, which is said to blow away the effects of mysticism and myth from their lives.

    Why are these people so offended by their own former beliefs that they would take this step of faith? After all, to be atheist requires a similar amount of confidence in things unseen as any other religious mindset.

    Part of the reason is their front row seat to view the personal failures of people associated with the church.

    They see Catholic priests violate young parishioners. They see televangelists have affairs and steal money from their ministries. On the ground level, they see their neighbors hosting raucous parties, cheating in business and cheating on their spouses and then going to church every Sunday morning and pretending to be pious.

    Overall churchgoers aren’t good spokespeople for their churches.

    But that’s like a doctor complaining that there are too many sick people in a hospital. Sinners need to go to church. But merely walking in the door doesn’t absolve all sin or prevent a recurrence.

    The main problem religious people have is that people only know what they hate. They are also clear on what religious people think they should not do.

    If you want to smoke out a religious person, talk about abortion. They’ll tell you how horrible it is and how horrible you are for considering it.

    What about homosexual marriage? Yep, they’ll tear down people on that issue, as well.

    The last thing I am doing is saying church people should support abortion or homosexual marriage. But if you don’t speak the truth in love, all the words in the world only push people further away from where you would like them to be.

    In John 13:34-35 Jesus said, “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (New Living Translation)

    How many people know you go to church because of your love for others? More often they know what you hate.

    I think that’s why there are people openly denouncing their former membership in churches and participating in anti-rites.

    If our actions showed more than our mouths told, I don’t think this new movement would exist at all.

    All of us who go to church are partially responsible for the number of people wanting to flee from religion. It is up to us to do a better job representing the faith we espouse.