Captions please.

Fat Cat


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  1. prairiepond

    After a hard day at the computer, Kitteh Blogger likes to relax with teh TV and a beer!

  2. prairiepond

    “I’ll start exercising tomorrow. Really. Right after the Today show…”

  3. wicked


  4. lilacluvr

    You talking to me, Jenny Craig?

  5. G-stir

    “You mean I have to open my own beer AND run the remote???!!!”

  6. Bud Light doesn’t seem to be helping!

  7. Who needs a friggin Snuggie blanket….I am one! Now hand me another beer!

  8. G-stir

    “If I could figure out how to combine the Beer and the remote, I could do this anywhere!”

  9. tosmarttobegop

    GOOD, finally that damn dog went outside!

  10. I love it when my owners go to work!

  11. Paws for a rest and a beer.

  12. Aww, dude, animal planet reruns again?

  13. G-stir

    “Yeah, I’m in upper management. So what??”

  14. Trip to the Outhouse

    “Fox News ‘n Bill O’Reilly. You betcha. (burp, fart).

    • lilacluvr

      And a side dish of that beautiful and talented little ol’ gal from up north – Sarah Palin.


  15. Hot damn: scratching my nads, surfin’ the tube, poppin’ a brewski . . . “Hey, human . . . get me another beer.”

  16. wicked

    Just a small memory from my younger days…

    “Beer me, woman!”

  17. Bad Biker

    “If I see that fuckin’ Sarah Palin on this TV ONE MORE time, I am going to yak up a beer-flavored hair ball!”

  18. Bad Biker

    “God damn it, I keep forgetting the station for the porn channel – I love that female on female Rag Doll Cat sex!”

  19. I bet you’re wondering how I got the beer open, turn the TV on and flip through the channels without any opposable thumbs……that’s my little secret.

    • wicked

      Eric, since my oldest daughter has a cat with two opposable thumbs, opening a can of beer wouldn’t be too hard for him. đŸ˜‰

  20. G-stir

    ” I want to be just lke Rush when I grow up and out! Dammn, I guess I’m already there!”

  21. “Holy hot damn, I’m literally the cat’s meow!”