Monday, 07/20/09, Public Square

positive-attitude-jpg.jpegIt does make a difference!  We can decide what kind of day this one will be.  Let’s decide together that the glass is definitely half full!  🙂

New week and with our positive attitudes we’re gonna make it a good one!



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  1. Morning Prairie P&P’s, I think I may have spilled some of my half full glass already. 😦 . Never mind there is always next week!

  2. Good morning Loon! Just go to the faucet. Indoor plumbing fixes lots of problems! 😉

    My sis is flying home to North Carolina this morning. It’s been a great week. I have much to catch up on since I’ve ignored most of my responsibilities to visit and shop and be with my sis. Ya know, I’ve been sayin’ in my best Scarlett voice, “tomorrow, I’ll think about it tomorrow…” Seems tomorrow might have arrived.

  3. Morning Fnord, Wayne has all but been exposed. Mission accomplished 🙂 . Anywho, I have a little story for you which should make you smile. You know how I just love the Snuggie blanket! Well on the weekend I get a phone call from a friend of mine. Her granddaughter is flying over from England and she is all in a flutter and excited about the grand arrival. Mid way through the chinwag she goes all sheepish on me…THEN…drops this clanger….”Hmm, I have bought a Snuggie blanket for my granddaughter….Loon are you there? Loon pick up?” Blahahhahahhahahhhahaha she had to tell me because she was scared if I found out while her granddaughter was here I would tease her so much she wouldn’t wear it. Too right! Poor little kid, I bet she will wear it just to make her gran happy. If my granny every bought me one, sheez, no telling what I’d do. Lucky I didn’t mention “Chicken in a Can” to her!

  4. Zippy

    I attempted to post this elsewhere, but the ‘moderation filter’ killed it:

    We’ve got to get healthcare right, and that’s a tall order given the powerful lobbies pushing for the expen$ive, dysfunctional status-quo (since of course it makes them money). But doing it in a cost-effective, intelligent way (see Medicare) is of paramount importance.

    But if you examine the GOP objections, you will invariably find two concepts within: “me” and “my wallet.” That is the beginning and the end of their reasoning in this area. This was enough to convince the mushy middle in 1993, when Clinton’s plan looked too much to some like the UK’s dreaded “socialized medicine,” and those who didn’t bother to do any research simply concluded that their health plan at the time was good enough. What changed, of course, is not just the guy in the White House, but a realization among many physicians and patients alike that the health care system is on the verge of collapse.

    In 2000, the World Health Organization found that “the U.S. health system spends a higher portion of its gross domestic product than any other country but ranks 37 out of 191 countries according to its performance.”

    Moreover, in the much-maligned Canadian system (which doesn’t really resemble the Obama plan), things really are pretty good. The issue of wait times is real, though GOP hyperbole would have us believe that people are dying while waiting for essential services, which is absurd (no one doubts one can argue by anecdote, but for every horror story in Canada, one can produce an equally chilling one in the States).

    And what’s really sad is that the spiraling costs are to the point where they are affecting the quality of health care available to all (well, except maybe the wealthiest), even those with good insurance. But, like the ’super-patriot’ who’s never even learned about other countries, those who are generally satisfied with their health or health care (at this time) don’t care to look further. Go Team!

    The ‘public option’ is one way to bring those costs down, by covering the un- and under-insured who would otherwise get hopelessly in debt while remaining in ill health (since they typically will only get urgent care, and will not be able to get health-maintenance care) and introducing competition to a system spiraling out of control, that routinely passes those costs onto anyone, and cuts back on services more and more as costs balloon.

    Of course, I understand the typical objection: to GOP thinking, any increase in taxes–even if they can afford it–is the greatest evil government can produce, matched only by any attempt to regulate firearms. Add to that: the fear that someone, somewhere might be getting a benefit they don’t deserve.

    And these people want to be taken seriously as policy-makers.

  5. Zippy

    P.S. I know at least here it will be checked. . . . 🙂

  6. Zippy

    P.P.S I see a thread already existed, too–my bad.

  7. Zippy, this is a thread you decide what to post! You’re fine. It’s great info and we appreciate having your contribution!

    • Bad Biker

      You won’t be banned for your transgressions, Zippy, but you do have to serve time out. One minute for each year of your age.

      And NO TV!

  8. lilacluvr

    I find it ironic that alot of these Republicans are elderly and on Medicare (government healthcare) but yet they rant and rave against that terrible ‘government-run healthcare’.

    Do dittoheads somehow check their brains out of service before vowing allegiance to the almighty Jabba the Rush?

    If they really don’t like government run healthcare – then why are they participating in Medicare? There is no law stating that you HAVE to participate – is there?

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Well this should be just fun! OKO has said I should paint the picture explaining what was wrong with Teihrt comment about Obama and Thomas. After reading the crap on that thread. I said it seem that there are some in need for a picture book to explain what is wrong with the comments.

    This might take some time, oh but so fun in the painting!

    • tosmarttobegop

      I will put the writing here since some many do not go to tbtsnbn. I can not blame you as it only takes a few minutes reading there and I start questioning my sanity for me being there!

  10. lilacluvr

    OKO is quite a piece of work, isn’t she?

    You might want to mention that Tiarht was talking about single mothers living below the poverty level.

    When Obama’s mother was carrying him, she was married and there was no mention of their financial status.

    Second to mention is this – Tiarht tried to make a claim that we would have lost a ‘great mind’ in his scenario. Now, does anyone here actually believe that Tiarht considers Obama a ‘great mind’?

    Unfortunately, OKO will never admit she is wrong – she will just go on, rant and rave until she feels superior to everyone else. She really needs to be pitied – but I would rather kick her in her self-righteous, santimonius butt!

    • Lilac, I’ve often admired your way with words, but I gotta tell you this time you deserve a standing ovation!


  11. tosmarttobegop

    Since OKO asked me to paint the picture of what was wrong with Congressman Tiahrt comment.
    It goes without saying that being poor and a woman who is expecting is not only based on race.
    And having abortion covered under a medical plan will not cause a poor black woman or any woman to decide to have an abortion because “Gee I want this baby but damn this is free!”. Incentive implied a reward for doing it.

    Tiahrt could have used a very generic situation to describe the situation where a woman facing the financial hardship of raising a child. Might having the aborting of that child covered by a program choose to have the pregnancy end. It would be a true and valid point to make in this discussion of funding medical care.

    And perhaps the list of those who had a single parent as their mother is extensive and would included many of the best and brightest. But then again there really was no need to single any one person out for an example. Tiahrt would have no idea whether either Obama’s or Thomas’s mother ever considered aborting them. He singled out two black men as his example, do not try that me-me straw-man of Obama’s mother is white so it was not race based.

    I say to that and I am not saying you are anyone else is a racist. I am saying that if you were walking down the left side of the street on a dark night and saw Obama coming the other direction also on the left side.
    You not knowing it is Barrack Obama, all you are seeing is how he appears as a Black man.
    By the time you were both in the same area of the street which side of the street would you be on?
    No one upon seeing Obama would go, “Hey his mother is white!” . Off hand does anyone know what color Clarence Thomas’s mother is? About now I can imagine fingers flying in a mad rush to find a picture of Thomas’s mother on the net! “Oh she is Black so that proves Tiahrt’s comment was not race based!”.

    Am I saying that Tiahrt is a racist? No, not really that intent, but he is playing to a segment of the base who came in with the Dixie-crats. Within this big tent is a segment that are racist and with the growth of the Republican party in the ole South that segment has grown even here in Kansas. Also he was playing to the folks at home. In a State where Pro-life is almost a perceptive of being a Kansas Republican. Yes, even though the issue he said it in does not effect Kansans. He was not playing to the people of the District of Colombia which are who would be effected by the issue. He was playing to the Pro-life at home by saying he was against the bill that gives money to D.C. because that money would go into a larger pot where some money would go to health care programs that do pay for abortions.

    He was implying that the only deciding factor for a poor woman as to whether to keep a baby is that an abortion would cost them. That poor women do not have feelings for their children, this is the other side of a old coin. For years elitists and morally lacking people have said that women on welfare have children to just make more money. I would fault a woman on welfare with ten children for not taking action after the first two and still having unprotected sex. But having known several families like that I would not accuse them of either wanting more to increase the monthly allotment or because they do not love their children.

    It was either Pmom or Linda who pointed out a reasoning for a woman to decided she can not afford one more child. As such they have an abortion but then that goes against the one sizes fits all view of those who neither will pay for the child or be effected by the birth of that child. It is so much easier to keep focusing on abortion is only used as a form of birth control or to escape responsibility.

    I give a woman more credit than that and realize that such a decision is far more detailed than
    “Oh silly me I forgot!”.

    I will accuse Todd Tiahrt of being a real Politician who morality is for sell. His core is a void except for which every way the Political wind is blowing. In one statement he played to two segments of the base and of course will in the end deny he even said it in the first place.

    It did kind of surprised me that he would have made such a racist and openly belittling statement.
    Since I witnessed him go seamlessly from being anti-illegal immigration to being supportive of illegal immigration without taking a breath. All depending on what the person asked and the flavor of the question.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    FYI Thomas’s mother and father were married and while expecting another child his father left. She re-married after the house burnt and both Clarence and his brother went to live with their grandfather.

    LOL I could not find a picture of his mother BTW.

    • lilacluvr

      So his mother remarried and then the two boys went to live with their grandfather? I wonder why? Did the new husband not want the two boys? Also, what made the father of the two boys leave in the first place?

      Rather than speculating about Clarence Thomas’ mother’s ‘what if’ decision, Tiarht and his fellow Republicans could be talking about how government policies could keep families together – as obviously Clarence’s mother had a new husband but chose to not take her kids with her for the next chapter in her life?

      But, no, Tiahrt and his ilk are too busy playing the race card and keeping their holier-than-thou crowd in their well-polished halos singing the ‘I’m better than you’ chorus.

      And really, does Tiarht and other Republicans really think that a woman would get an abortion simply because it is free?

      Obviously, Tiarht and his like-minded neanderthals think women are stupid.

      Now, that may be true in some Republican women’s case – such as OKO?

      • You have to hold women with some regard in order to trust them to make their own decisions. Republican men don’t seem to see women as much more than their servants, underlings, certainly not as an equal or someone capable of free thinking.

      • wicked

        I think someone should ask Tifhart once again about his son.

  13. I read at Mudflats that many are planning “Screen Door Parties” for this next Saturday, which is Palin’s last day. The parties get their name from the sentiment of not lettin’ the screen door hit you… There seem to be a number of Alaskans who really aren’t upset that, “soon-to-be-ex-two-thirds-of-one-term governor Sarah Palin has had enough.”

  14. lilacluvr

    fnord – there you go again believing that ‘evil’ liberal media. You know they pick on little ole’ Sarah, don’t you?

  15. lilacluvr

    Seriously, what makes me the most angry about the whole Palin nomination is the fact that McCain had the opportunity to choose a well qualified, smart woman – and I would have been all for that.

    But McCain and the other Republicans chose the dog and pony show of Palin and her folksy way of saying ‘you betcha’ as someone they thought was actually qualified to run the country?

    It was a slap in the face of every woman to think the GOP thought so little of women. Women were a major factor in the 2006 election and anyone in public office should not take that fact lightly.

  16. lilacluvr

    Sarah Palin and her supporters need to be reminded that the video cameras don’t lie.

    All the media has to do is point the camera on Sarah and she is a train wreck looking for the point of impact!

    The people that made out the best last year were Tina Fey and SNL. No scripts had to be written – they only needed to follow actual transcripts.

  17. Bad Biker


    Sorry that I am such a downer lately, but my heart is heavy for a young family that is close to me.

    There is no other way to say this other than just to state the facts.

    Tomorrow morning Jason Sutton will be taken off life support. There is nothing else that can be done. He will die, with his wife at his side, a few hours later. He is conscious and lucid and knows what is to come.

    Jason could not be brought home to Kansas due to the expense ($10K) to fly him home and the probability that he would die en route.

    Cheryl is with him and with God’s blessing, he will pass in peace.

    • That is tough. My heart goes out to everyone who knows and loves Jason, to everyone who knows and loves someone who is hurting. That’s hard stuff, and I never have any words that sound adequate…

  18. lilacluvr

    Biker…..again, words fail at a time like this. I’ll be thinking about this brave young man, his wife and his family at this time. And, you too Biker.

    You’ve been a good and loyal friend throughout a difficult situation.

  19. Pedant

    And now for something completely different. Ahem. The Onion has been sold to China. Seriously.

    I still have friends in Asia. One’s a photographer movie-maker dude, one is a writer now recovering her sanity back home in Manchester, England. Both agree that this is some of the finest — and funniest– writing The Onion has ever produced. I gotta second that.


    Potato-Faced Youngster Lauded For Memorizing Primitive 26-Character Alphabet


    Following approved article contains: Confounding celebration of dim-witted child’s miniscule achievement; Evidence of great failure that is the American education system, especially when… …MORE »”

  20. Pedant


    Believe me, this is EXACTLY how it would be if The Onion were truly published by the PROC:

    “American Consumer Masses Agree: It Fish Time!


    Following approved article contains: Report on big hot trend sweeping the palates of American consumers; Evidence of deliciousness and ease of consumption regarding all foodstuffs from Yu Wan Mei corporation; List of times of day in which appetizing Fish Time is observed. MORE»”

  21. lilacluvr

    Have you heard the latest news about Miss Carrie Prejean? She has landed a book deal with Regnery Publishing. Of course, the publisher is a well-known conservative publisher – so I’m sure they will give her the red carpet treatment to pave her way to fame and riches.

    And who say’s pageant walking and waving is not a skill for a future career?

  22. Bad Biker

    There are many, many things that I do not understand in this life:

    Why is Jason going to die tomorrow at the age of 23, yet my a-father, the son of a bitch, lived to be 93?

    Why is the world so filled with those that would deny facts in favor of ideology?

    Why, after 57 years, I cannot understand women yet they can understand me?

    Why did the Red Wings lose game seven against that never to be name hockey club?

    Why is Ted Nugent a star, yet few have heard of (same era in Detroit) Scot Morgan?

    Why was I so stupid in 1969 but am so wise in 2009?

    Or am I?

  23. tosmarttobegop

    This is for Biker, Jason and his family. Often in life we hit that point were all we really want is answers to the questions.

  24. tosmarttobegop

    Sorry for some reason it did not copy right. the following is what I meant to post.

  25. tosmarttobegop

    This one is for Biker, bud you look at yourself and don’t see no angel. But to those who heart has been so heavy. Your hand was there and your heart too. To them you did what an angel would do.

  26. tosmarttobegop

    OK enough of this, getting tired of having to wipe tears from my eye to see. Later

  27. I like that kind of attitude. Very nice post.

    • Zippy

      Why, indeed, Biker? I think it all comes down to dumb luck.

      That’s only my explanation, but I can’t think of any other reason that isn’t positively obscene (in the sense of being way wrong, not sexual).