Sunday, 07/19/09, Public Square

enlightenmentHope your Sunday is as peaceful and enlightened as this picture illustrates!

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  1. David B

    The weather is way too nice if it is keepin’ the bloggers outdoors today!

    I tried my hand at tree trimming today. I bought a rock-climbing harness and some cheap 300# test line to safety myself with. With a brother and his chainsaw, I opened up some sky by trimming branches on one of my black walnut trees.

    My system works and I feel safe up there. So this may be an ongoing summer/fall project. I’ll do a little at a time, my being a bit out of shape and feeling shaky up there after awhile.

  2. Bad Biker


    Jason Sutton will be coming home in the next few days, to be with his friends and family. Jason has passed the point of no return and will die in the next week or so. They are giving him transfusions daily, but the bleeding has not stopped. Only a miracle could save him now.

    I have asked that you pray for Jason’s recovery.

    Now I am asking that you pray for his family, his wife and children and that Jason may be granted a peaceful and painless exit from this mortal coil.

    Please consider donating on the site dedicated to him. He has three young children and a wife that is doing her best to keep the family together. Jason has little life insurance, maybe not even enough to cover funeral expenses.

    Thank you so much for your support.


  3. tosmarttobegop

    Here is something I did not know, there is a species of Coral snake in the Sonora desert that when feeling threatened. On top of being one of the most poisonous snakes in the U.S. when threatened they lift their tail and let out a series of farts! They can be heard three meters away and will continue till feeling safe.

    • Hmm, so maybe my dog is really a Coral Snake. That would explain why no one comes to visit đŸ™‚ . Now can the fart be smelled from 3 meters away? If so, I vote Coral Snake for GOP’s next Presidential candidate …. hmm hang on aren’t they alrea….ah never mind!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Biker I always hate when the situation gets to that point, when death is a blessing rather then something that is a loss. when it gets to the point where pain and suffering is a daily thing for both the person and their family. Of course they have my prays and comfort in their days.

  5. lilacluvr

    Biker….words cannot express my feelings about this young man and his family.

    I wish him a peaceful journey and every minute with his wife, kids, family and friends will be cherished.

    I know life is not fair but sometimes it just downright stinks!

    Thanks again for the link to donate. I believe this is why we are on this Earth – to help others in time of their need. And through that simple gesture of giving to others, we can strengthen ourselves to be better friends and neighbors.

    How are you holding up Biker?? It sounds like you are close to this family and sometimes being the one watching on the sidelines is a difficult position to be in. Hang in there and let us know how we can help – okay?

    • Bad Biker

      This afternoon, I held Cheryl close, let her tears fall on my shoulder and I promised her that we would be there for her and her family.

      And we will be.

      My ex is staying with her children tonight while Cheryl and her cousins travel to Nebraska one last time. My daughter is taking care of Jason and Cheryl’s oldest while we try to make some financial arrangements for her.

      Cheryl is hoping to fly home with Jason tomorrow and that we can get him into Hospice for his final days. I may be going to Lincoln tomorrow to drive her car back to Kansas.

      We are hoping and praying that Jason can hang on long enough to say good bye to his family and children here in Wichita. Unfortunately, he may not make it through the night. We can only hope that he can make it back home before he goes.

      Jason knows that his time is short – he is conscious and aware of his condition. Seemingly, he has prepared himself and is at peace.

      It is my duty as a friend and neighbor, a fellow traveler on this Earth, to stand with this family in their time of need.

      Somehow, someway, we will raise the money, take care of the details and care for this family in their hour of crisis.

      That is why we are here – to care for one another.