Saturday, 07/18/09, Public Square

Thank you!For being the best bunch of bloggers, for your opinions and thoughts!  Just wanted you all to know you’re appreciated.

What is happening this weekend?  In Kansas the weather is pleasant — not too hot or cool, unusual for July.



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6 responses to “Saturday, 07/18/09, Public Square

  1. Bad Biker

    Good morning Poppers! Shut off the AC yesterday, opened the windows and turned on a couple of fans.

    Beautiful. Today should be more of the same.

    I have been summoned to my daughter’s house for a day of yard work. Replanting day lillies and a few others, mulching, etc. I imagine that sometime in the process the grill will get fired up and the aroma of cooking burgers and dogs will fill the air.

    Well, the coffee is about done, so Rufus and I are going to grab a cup and a smoke on the porch.


  2. It’s raining, it’s pouring, this Loon is snoring (well nearly).

  3. jammer5

    I bit of hypocrisy to jump start this morning:

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I once spend half a day arguing with a babbling brook, I pointed out logic and reason and how facts did not support it’s stance. But still the brook did babble and ran on and on, not one inch did it change.
    I told it of the effect it had on the land and how it was ruining the scenery with it babble and course.

    But still it did not change or slow it’s babbling it kept to the course it held and seem to not care less what the effect may be. I ended up yelling and pointing, screaming at the flow but in the end nothing changed except for me. For once there stood a man who thought he had reason and logic but in the end he too just babbled and felt a fool for arguing with a babbling brook!

  5. Bad Biker

    A quick update:

    Jason Sutton is still with us this evening. He is in terrible condition – receiving four pints of blood per day due to internal bleeding – but he is conscious.

    His wife, Cheryl, came home from Nebraska today. She just needs to be with her kids and the stress is just getting to her.

    As I have posted before, Jason is at a tipping point – life or death. He is tired and alternates between despair and optimism.

    All we can do now is hope and pray.