Tiahrt Suggests Obama’s Mother Wanted an Abortion

Todd Tiahrt outdid himself on the floor of Congress yesterday.  He implied that Obama and Clarence Thomas’ mothers may have taken advantage of “free” government funded abortions.  Tiahrt’s comments were met with boos on the House floor.

Too bad we can’t throw shoes like they do in Iraq.

Use this link to demand an apology from Tiahrt.

Just in case you don’t believe that we have elected an idiot who would say things like this, check it out on Youtube:


Iggy Donnelly


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24 responses to “Tiahrt Suggests Obama’s Mother Wanted an Abortion

  1. The one thing I can say for Tiahrt, my representative in congress, is that whenever I wrote him, he always wrote back. In the introduction to my letters to him I would explain that I had never voted for him, disagreed with practically every word that he graced us with, and that I was as sure as I could be that I would never vote for him regardless of how many opportunities I was given.

    Of course in his return letters (that I am paying for) he reiterates the astounding nonsense that prompted my letter in the first place. After about 3 repititions of those exchanges, I decided that I was the stupid one for writing him.

    Vote for Moran. I am re-registering as a Republithug to have another chance to vote against Todd.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I was going to talk about his responses to letters and the like. But you covered it.

    • Yes, he responds to letters and emails. But he always uses form-type letters in his response which never actually answer any question you pose. One time I told him to please not send his form letter response as I feel strongly that is a waste of my money. Of course he sent the form letter response, proving to me he didn’t even read the letter I sent!

      He is worthless, a political hack of the Republican Party who has no original ideas and does nothing good for Kansas or Kansans. Time for him to go!

  2. Oh, I wanted to comment that I really liked the “flattering” photo I found of Mr. Tiahrt. He looks like he could be drunk. Hmm… maybe that explains things.

  3. Bad Biker

    Amazing, this “man” is a human POS. He should not only apologize, he should resign – now.

  4. . . . and people wonder why Kansas is used as the butt of so many jokes?

  5. lilacluvr

    Isn’t it telling that Tiarht only cited two scenarios of where it was black children who were in the womb?

    Furthermore, does anyone here believe that Tiarht actually thinks Obama is one of our great minds that we would have been deprived of?

    If you believe that, then I have an oceanview mansion in downtown Wichita you can have for real cheap!

    • Republican commenters beg the question: Are people who say racist things, racist? They answer “no”, but I am thinking differently.

      And calling Clarence Thomas a great mind, was interesting, too. As near as I can tell, the great mind of Thomas asks only one question on cases before the supreme court: How did Antonin Scalia vote? And after asking that question, he votes accordingly.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Lila you hit the nail I was going to point to as the most offensive on the head. Picking two black men’s mother as a object point of reference is racism. It implies that only Blacks are poor. And that if it was free that only minorities would be getting an abortion.

  7. The legislation in question was about federal funding being used in Washington, D.C. to support abortions. Sixty percent (the majority) of D.C.’s population according to the 2000 census were African Americans. I don’t know if this fact affected Tiahrt’s selection of Obama and Thomas. Also in the 2000 census, >20% of D.C.’s population were considered in poverty.

    I understand there is a significant movement in D.C. to let D.C. have a say over what happens in their District rather than lettling rubes like Tiahrt dictate what their laws are.

    • lilacluvr

      Tiarht also cited a study done after Bush put in the total ban that abortions dropped by 30% (I think that was the number).

      I wonder, does Tiarht really believe that 30% of the pregnancies were carried to full term just because the abortion would not be paid for by tax dollars?

      As has been pointed out before in several discussions regarding abortion, if a pregnant woman is determined to have an abortion – she does not need a tax-paid abortion doctor to it. There are other ways and these ways have been used for centuries.

      But, of course, Tiarht belongs to that sainted self-professing Christian Conservative group that believes if they don’t see it or hear it, then it is not happening

      Yeah, that theory works so well at the ‘C’ Street House of Adulterers – doesn’t it?

  8. Tiahrt is an embarrassment to all of mankind, and not representative of Kansans who are capable of thinking!

    I know Lilac and I have already changed our party affiliation to Republican so we’re ready to vote AGAINST Tiahrt in the primary — we must do everything possible to see that this man doesn’t move from the House to the Senate, and instead is out of public office!

    • lilacluvr

      I tell everyone who will listen to me to register as Republican to get rid of Tiarht.

      It’s been interesting to hear the many comments I get from people but the concensus is – Tiarht has made alot of people upset.

      Maybe that is why Moran is polling a few points ahead of Tiarht – according to the last poll I saw.

      Has anyone heard of a more recent poll between Moran and Tiarht?

      I read where Jim Ryun has endorsed Tiarht – no surprise there.

  9. There was an article in this morning’s newspaper about the two candidates and this race — gave a bit of overview of each man. The part I liked best was where the article pointed out that Tiahrt is a SOCIAL conservative. I hope lots and lots of people paid attention to that, ’cause I’m hearing from more and more Republicans who are really tired of the social agenda!


  10. At least he wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind which is more than I can say for the rest of Congress who kiss public ass to keep their seats. And I bet we’re gonna see a lot of that this year by Republicans And Democrats.

  11. Trip to the Outhouse

    What does that mean– “kiss public ass to keep their seats”? One would hope that that if you mean by public, those people in their district whom they represent, that is what they should be doing. If you mean something else, like the NRA, pharmaceutical companies, and other lobbyists from whom they get a lot of money, then that’s a different story all together.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I can attest to Tiahrt can say within minutes exactly what ever everyone wants to hear.
      It took me nearly an hour before it occurred to me that he had been speaking out of both sides of his face!
      He was both for stopping illegal immigration and for illegal immigration. He switch would hardly taking a breath. That is kissing public ass and makes it hard to believe him in anything he said.

      • Tiahrt uses many words to say nothing, or as tstb points out to make sure he covers all the bases and takes both sides of every issue. He is a poster child for kissing ass on Republican Party marching points!

  12. Tiahrt is betting the social conservative mantel will take him to victory. I am counting on a change, even in Kansas, that will surprise that Bozo.

    Hank P. of the BTSNBN is a neighbor, friend, and supporter of Toddly; that should be enough enough for anyone to vote Toddly out.

    Speaking of people and places that should not be named, the new Harry Potter movie was not great, but good – worth the fortune they ask of you these days.

  13. Helps to afford movies when you get old. My wife’s ticket said “Adult”, mine said “Sen Citzn” – humiliating? Yes. But I saved two bucks… Definitely worth it.

  14. Bad Biker

    A little humiliation for just two bucks, Iggy?

    Hell, I would have insisted on a minimum of $3.00 for the insult.

    Of course, I am “only” 57.

    Reminds of the time when I stopped to pick up beer on a Tuesday at a store that discounts cases 10% on that day of the week.

    When the clerk rang it up, she forgot the discount. I of course said, “what about the discount?”

    And she replied, “Oh! The Senior Citizens discount?”

    Yeah, thanks a bunch – no, the TUESDAY discount.

  15. Thunderchild

    THIS needs posted on the WeBlog but it is not my story.