Friday, 07/17/09, Public Square

ConsAfraidOfHealthCareReformIt’s Friday.  I wanted to put one of the important discussions into the proper perspective, and I think affordable health care that is available to every citizen of the United States of America is an important discussion.  Further, I think the above cartoon puts that discussion into the proper perspective!

Weekend is so close we can see it on the horizon!  Will you do something enjoyable?  Will you get recharged, relaxed and refreshed?



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  1. People like it as long as it costs the other guy money. Polling data shows that if you are going to raise MY taxes, most say only under $500 and a strong majority are against a VAT Tax (national sales tax) that Canada uses to support the system.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Listening to the argument of the Republicans against a National health care program reminds me of the show cause hearing I faced in Rush springs. The end of my career came when the city council held a show cause hearing about me to decided if they would fire me or not. As the issues were read I realized that none were my actions. They were sighting actions of other officers within the department.

    Likewise with the issues sighted with National health care, the Republican sight several of the situations already occurring with the present system in place. Rationed health care based on age, race and social economic situation. Long waiting times for health care and prolong waits for procedures to be done.

    This show some research on the subject but not on the subject of National health care.

    • wicked

      Key words are “already occurring with the present system in place.”

      When it hits the upper middle class, people will start screaming and demanding better health care.

    • frigginloon

      Morning Jammers and the Prairie P&P’s how are we this fine day? Hey Jammers, Ann has been giving you a hard time of late 🙂 .

    • I didn’t spend much time with it, but will go back and look closer! So, I did see that ‘sex’ is a bad word to Republicans (no surprise there!), but whore isn’t a bad word…

      And I also saw this sentence: “This is the level of discourse offered by a major political party?”

      Guess the part of the sentence I don’t any longer believe is that the Republicans are a major political party. They were once, but they don’t want to be any more and have set out to destroy what’s left of their party.

  3. I don’t know how many government employees there are — my best guess is a bunch. Add everyone using both Medicaid and Medicare and you’ve reached a high number of people. Now, stop and think of the numbers of ‘baby boomers’ who will be added to the Medicare rolls over the next few years.

    Won’t we have a large number (maybe even a majority) of Americans using public health care?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord it would depend on what public health care would cover over what the private insurance covers.
    A equal or better coverage by public health care has been the unspoken threat to the private insurance.
    If you have the choice of two things that are equal in value but one will cost you less which will you choose?

    That in a sense is where the formation of public health care maybe watered down or with intent faulted by the Politicians. They know that public health care is wanted by the majority of the American people.
    But big insurance buy many of them. so in order to obey two masters they create public health care but make it so lousy that most people will keep their private health insurance.

    • tstb, I was meaning without any changes, without any improvements or reforms — we will see many people’s health care paid out of government coffers! Think about it. Add up the government employees at every level, add the old farts whose numbers will be increasing BIG TIME with addition of us ‘boomers.’

      So, if the government is going to be paying for that many people’s health care anyway, don’t we already have a public health care system??

      • wicked

        …add the old farts whose numbers will be increasing BIG TIME…

        Hey, I resemble that remark! 😦

  5. lilacluvr

    I agree with bearman about people wanting something but not wanting ‘their’ taxes raised to pay for it.

    We lived in Rose Hill for 8 years and when my youngest graduated from high school, we sold the house and moved into Wichita – for the simple reason of property taxes skyrocketing.

    The Flint Hills Golf Course and their housing development (I think that’s their name) was being planned to be built off Andover Road. The developers went to Andover to get their sewers put in for free and were angry when Andover turned them down. So these developers came to Rose Hill and our town council gladly said ‘yes’ and raised our taxes to foot the bill for their sewers. Of course, the town council all received their free golf packages for their ‘cooperation’.

    I’m all for helping businesses come into town to help the economy but exactly how is a development of million dollar homes going to help Rose Hill thrive? Besides, the development was closer to Andover than Rose Hill. In fact, I believe their address is Andover.

    And if people can afford million dollar homes, then why can’t they pay for their own sewers?

    This is politics at its worst – people of obvious wealth using the ‘other’ taxpayers’ money to pay for what they want.

    I wonder how many of those people living in those million dollar homes are the same ones denouncing Obama for wanting to provide health care for all Americans?

  6. lilacluvr

    Over on the Opinion Line yesterday, some proud Republican was saying that the health care plan bill has a paragraph that is basically outlawing private insurance. This man is always demonizing Obama and he went off on some tangent that sounded alot like Jabba the Rush’s talking points.

    But I’m curious, has anyone heard anything about that? I’ve heard Obama say if we are happy with our current health care coverage then we can keep it but he wants to give all Americans an option.

    I would like to see health care coverage be taken away from the employer-provided setting. My husband’s company’s health insurance lowered their lifetime maximum benefit from $2 million to $500,000 and they made it retroactive to your date of hire! But with my history of cancer – do you think I’ll ever get health care insurance anywhere else?

    And that $500,000 lifetime maximum won’t do me much good if my cancer comes back and there is another battle of surgery and/or chemo treatments.

    But the only option we have is for my husband to terminate his current employment and hopefully find another company with health insurance so we can get on their plan. But who is to say they won’t do the same thing as lowering their lifetime maximum – so the cycle of terminating employment just to find health insurance starts all over again?

    There has to be a better way, people.

    • wicked


      My visiting the OL happens only rarely, but yesterday I stopped by to see what was up. I saw the same rant. I also noticed nobody asked for a link. I’m sure if one had been provided, it would have been one from a right-wing opinion piece or blog. Like you, I want to see that piece of legislation.

      • lilacluvr

        I’ve noticed the OL has been overtaken by a select group of Republicans who never give links to their pearls of wisdom. And if anyone dares to ask them for a link, they will usually use their bathroom juvenile tactic of ridicule to demonize that person.

        In my opinion, the OL has been reduced to the sorority house of the I- never-grew-up Republicans who probably all wear those horrid golf clothes!

      • wicked

        They sound very similar to some others I know…somewhere else. 😉 Wouldn’t surprise me if a few were using 2 nics.

        Potty-mouth tactics are all they have.

        Striped shirts and plaid pants? Oh, and a polkadot hat to complete the outfit.

  7. Lilac,

    Republicans are trying everything and lies are among their tactics. They throw around the word Socialism and attempt to associate it with Communism. Then they define both inaccurately! They have been successful with those who aren’t able to think for themselves.

    What we end up with are not facts, just the scare tactics the Republicans have always used in their attempt to keep people from knowing the truth. As the cartoon illustrates, the truth would set people free from imagining the Republicans are correct about anything, and people really would like what is the truth about health care reform.

  8. lilacluvr

    I know Republicans are known for their lies (as is evident by the Bush/Cheney Administration and their 8 years of soaking the middle class and war for profit).

    I also know that Republicans may be a dumb group but they rely on the stupid people like Jabba the Rush’s dittoheads for their real power. These people can be counted on to vote and in large numbers.

    Why, even their God gets involved and tells them who to vote for – you betcha!

  9. Bad Biker

    “Bad news, bad news, come to me where I sleep,
    Turn, turn, turn again.
    Sayin’ one of your friends, is in trouble deep,
    Turn, turn to the rain and the wind.”

    Percy’s Song – B. Dylan 1963

    Well, I finished my “dog ate the house” project for Cheryl yesterday afternoon. It looks good, you would never know that I used about 40 oz of putty to repair the damage. After cleaning up my mess, I headed over to show it to Cheryl, but she had left – she had received an emergency call from Nebraska.

    Jason is still with us today, but it doesn’t look good. His body has had just about all it can take and he is not likely to be able to endure more surgeries. Now, it is all up to him and whatever Great Spirit you may or may not believe in.

    I know that I am pushing my luck by asking, but once more would you consider giving this young family a helping hand.

    If you can’t donate – pray. If you don’t pray – send positive thoughts northward.



    • lilacluvr

      Positive thoughts and prayers are both going northward from this blogger.

      Keep us informed – please. And thanks for the link to help out – I must have missed it the first time you gave it??

  10. lilacluvr

    Here’s an interesting article I found on Huffington Post. Seems there is another GOP politician who is from the infamous ‘C’ Street House who is in hot marital waters.

    A former GOP Republican from Mississippi by the name of Chip Pickering is the object of this article.

    Seems his wife is suing his mistress! The wife is even saying that when Sen. Trent Lott resigned that Gov Haley Barbour offered the seat to Rep. Pickering but the man declined because, apparently, the mistress did not want him to be a Senator because it would mean he would have to stay married.

    Awww….what is it about this ‘C’ Street House of Christian worship (it is registered as a religious group) that has given birth to so many adulterers?

    You might want to head on over to the Huffington Post and see for yourselves.

    BTW – There is also an article on there about Kris Kobach of Kansas fame who is still trying to spread the good news of Obama’s non-birth certificate.

    When will these poor pitiful creatures ever get it? That lie has been debunked several times and yet they keep persisting in spreading that manure around.

  11. wicked


    The following from the news today might make you smile a little.

    Any legislation that emerges is expected to require insurance companies to issue policies to anyone who seeks coverage, without turning them down or charging higher premiums on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions.

    To spread insurance more widely, both the House bill and companion proposals in the Senate would rely on hundreds of billions of dollars in federal subsidies to assist lower income families. The House bill also calls for the government to sell insurance in competition with private industry, a provision that Republicans in particular oppose strongly.

    • lilacluvr


      Thanks for the link.

      How’s things going in your neck of the woods? Weekend is here and cooler weather has been nice – but we never did get that rain they said was going to hit so hard.

      • wicked

        Been busy here, so I haven’t enjoyed the weather. Had a blow out on I-135 Monday, then a snake in the house yesterday. My next-to-youngest turns 25 tomorrow, which isn’t possible since I’m only 27. 😉

  12. tosmarttobegop

    C-street has me thinking, I saw some videos of their founder where he admired Hitler.
    Said that God demands that you hate your parents, brothers and sisters and friends.
    Read today a letter he wrote of an accident that about killed his wife and he concluded that you should not question or grieve loss as all is gifts from God and he can take them away. have no attachment to anyone or thing as it is all not important.

    What is frightening is there are far more groups like this where the founders take lessons from the Bible that are not there to begin with. Dictate their own concept of right and wrong. Or totally dismiss any concepts of right and wrong as that is for others.

  13. lilacluvr

    And what is really terrifying and dangerous is how close this ‘C’ Street preacher is to the power in Washington, DC.

    Religion and politics should never mix.

    I also have to wonder about the finances of this so-called religious group. I wonder what a thorough audit would bring to light???

  14. Bad Biker

    Walter Cronkite has died – many credit him him turning public opinion against the Viet Nam War.

    R.I.P. Walter, you were a great journalist and a greater man.

  15. Safe, affordable healthcare for all Americans? What, are you communists? LOL

    Seriously, I’m hoping Obama dumps the bipartisanship for doing the right thing on this. So far it looks like he will, but I want him to show some intestinal fortitude and stand by that decision. We need him to have some balls on this issue as much as on any issue.

  16. wicked

    Oh, I think Obama has seen the light as far as bipartisanship goes. I give him credit for trying. But you can’t play with people who don’t show up for the game.

    Was watching Real Time with Bill Maher tonight and this was discussed. I had to agree with what was said. A month ago, it all looked like a wash out, but something happened to make O push harder. Maybe it was all the personal stories people were asked to send about their healthcare or lack of it. The man isn’t stupid. It’s nice to have someone in the WH again who actually has a heart.

    Now if we could just push some of those dragging feet Dems to join the party (the Democratic party, since they’re acting like Pukes [sorry, that just slipped out]… Too much insurance company money in their pockets? Or are they afraid of success?

  17. lilacluvr

    President Obama seems to be genuine in his desire to do what is right for the average American. Maybe it is a testament to the upbringing his mother and her parents had on him?

    Obama plays a pretty good game of politics and I trust him to know what he is doing.

    But just once, I would like to see him put his foot up each one of those pompous old white GOP geezers’ butt.

    Now that would be a YouTube video that would live forever. Maybe we could even pay off the national debt by charging a small fee for downloading it?

  18. wicked

    Brilliant idea!! I’d pay to see that. 🙂