Thursday, 07/16/09, Public Square

thursday_comment_09This week is on the downhill slide!  Almost in the record books…  Did you have a good week so far?  What would you change?  What would you like to get accomplished before the weekend?



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  1. prairiepond

    Hi Fnord! Thanks for putting up these open threads every day. I love the questions and the graphics. I hope you and your sis have a great time. Wish I could deliver a couple of chickens to ya!

    One thing I would NOT change here this week is the weather. I’ve had rain every night and it is in the low 60’s this morning. Highs in the eighties and low nineties for the next week, and little to no wind.

    Lots different than when you were here, no?

    I’m waiting for a visit from the Mayor today. I’m sure he’s feeling like a singed cat.


  2. prairiepond

    …of course after all that rain, you know what I’ll be doing all weekend.

    (Sung to the tune of Rawhide)

    “Mowin’, mowin’, mowin’, keep that blade a turning, Mow-ing!”

    Good thing I actually like to mow. Gives me an excuse to soak up some rays.

    I mean, I am thinner when I’m tan, right?

  3. prairiepond

    It’s been in the news that this will be the tenth anniversary of JFK, Jr.’s death. So sad. So DAMN sad.

    Does anyone but me wonder how different the nation would be if Paul Wellstone and John Kennedy Jr. had avoided small aircraft?

    Very, very, VERY different!

    As Billy Joel would say, “only the good die young”.

    At least SENATOR Al Franken is warming Paul Wellstone’s seat and Norm Coleman is stinkin’ up the joint somewhere else.

    Now about Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham and Tom Coburn….?

  4. Good morning Prairiepond!

    A resounding YES on the thinner when tanned! I think it’s why tanning places are booming even in this economy. I’ve never been to one, but if they had come into Vogue when I was a bit younger I probably would have been a regular customer.

    The cool air hit Wichita this morning and it makes me smile BIG. If I had a tail, I’d be wagging it. The day goes better even if it turns out to be a scorcher (which today isn’t predicted to be) when it starts out feeling like this. Our temp in the city this morning is in the high 60s. I’m on my way out to the back patio with coffee and paper.

    If our Mom still lived in Shell Knob that’s where my sister would have gone for her visit. Lots of pluses from having my Mom live in Wichita!

    • wicked

      My oldest daughter and family are headed home from Branson today. They’ve kept in touch via phone and Facebook and have had a wonderful time! I haven’t been to Silver Dollar City since before the youngest was born (19), but we used to go every year, sometimes twice.

      I’m going to pinch pennies for a trip in the fall. I love that area then, with all the pretty colors and cooler weather!

      Have a great time with your family, fnord!

  5. prairiepond

    I hope it’s going well with you and your Mom. It isn’t easy being a caretaker for someone older.

    Especially at our age 🙂

  6. prairiepond

    Oh, and Summer says “bark” to you. She’s busy finishing the destruction of my bedspread. It’s been a two day project, and she’s almost done….

  7. prairiepond

    I concur with those who give kudos to Sonia Sotomayor and her handling of these crazy, angry, white men. She’s done the best job of any SCOTUS nominee I’ve seen.

    I hope she doesnt let us down once she’s actually on the court. We need to keep Roe v Wade and we need to strike down these anti-gay marriage laws.

    Did you all know she will be the SIXTH catholic on the court? Think about that. Six of the nine will be catholic.

    And the catholic church, via the knights of columbus, was the BIGGEST funder of the hate amendment campaign in Kansas. They also teamed up with the Mormans to keep PropHate in California.

    Dangerous. Very dangerous.

    Perhaps this is why, in 1960, Americans worried about JFK, Sr. answering to Rome instead of the voters?

    It makes me very queasy. Especially with bishops denying communion to folks like John Kerry and Kathleen Sebelius.

    • wicked

      The Cathols (remember them, PP?) need to keep their noses out of people’s lives. Bunch of b.s., if you ask me. The Pope never told me what I could and couldn’t do. Chosen by God? Yeah, sure. More like a bunch of guys in long dresses get together and burn a bunch of slips of paper. God, my (expletive).

  8. prairiepond

    And speaking of ex-governor “leadership”…

    Did anyone else see her on The Daily Show last night?

    Very poor performance. Very poor. Even Stewart was unconfortable and said about her interview, “this just isnt working, is it?”

    And she looked like hell. Maybe a little facework? They shoulda done her neck too. Methinks this job isnt as much fun as she thought it would be.

    And when Stewart asked her why she quit her term early, and what was up with governors being quitters….

    She said “I didnt want to get bored so I had to find something else to do”.

    WTF? Palin on the Prairie?

    WTF? She couldnt say she was excited about tackling the most important issue of this session of congress?

    She was just bored in Kansas?

    Jesus wept…

  9. prairiepond

    oops. I posted stuff on yesterday’s open thread that belonged here. You can go there if you want to know more about “small town life” and our internet access.


    • You post wherever and we’ll find it!

      Good luck today. I hope the calls, visits, letters to the editor are more supportive of ‘outing’ the perps of corruption. I’m proud of you and your sensible call for government of / for / by the people. Some days I do wonder about ‘the people,’ of all cities, counties, states…

  10. lilacluvr

    morning prairie pond and fnord…

    Give ’em hell Prairie and have a smile on your face the entire time to let them know you’re enjoying it….

    I had to laugh when I was reading about your mayor’s hissy fit…..why try to stop him when he is doing such a fine job of digging his own hole?

  11. Mornin’, all. I don’t know about being tan making one look thinner, but I can tell anyone interested how to lose 30+ pounds in 10 weeks; not recommended, though. 😦

  12. lilacluvr

    Great to see you back here 6176….

  13. Hi, lilacluvr; I’ll be dropping by more often as I continue my improvement and time in the office. I find that my stamina is slowly improving, emphasis on slowly. The right hand and arm are still problematic, but improvement (very slow) is occurring. I was able to generate 11 lbs grip yesterday w/it; a great improvement over 0 about 4 weeks ago.

    Only 4 lbs to go and I’ll be the same weight I was when I got married 36 1/2 years ago. Just distributed a bit differently, though….

    • wicked

      You know, 6176, I’m not sure I could lift 11 lb. weights. Oh, I might get them up, but the grip is gone, and I’d drop them on my toes. 😉

  14. lilacluvr

    Keep up the good work…good to hear you are progressing.

    BTW – how’s your beautiful new baby granddaughter doing? What’s her name again? My memory is slipping in my old age (that’s another thing that gets redistributed – huh?)

  15. Her name is Rebecca Judith Strait (“RJ” to this grandfather). She is doing very well at last report. Other grandparents were in St. Paul last week, so I didn’t bother them but once. RJ has amazed her mother by turning over from her tummy onto her back at the age of one month. Kelly said she watched her do it 5 times that day; of course, once her Dad got home, she didn’t repeat it (although she has done it routinely since), and had done the back to tummy roll once, trapping her arm underneath her so she hadn’t repeated this at last report. Her maternal grandmother and great-grandmother were taken by how she holds her head up “on her own”, although Kelly notes that RJ doesn’t have control yet. Like mother, like daughter….

  16. Bad Biker

    Random thoughts from a convoluted mind…….

    We have been planning a three day lakeside camping trip this weekend, for about a month now. Unfortunately, Eli has come down with a bacterial infection (forgot the name) and we have had to cancel.

    The poor little dude is in terrible pain, with a rash and blisters and ulcers in his mouth and on his tongue. He won’t eat, has difficulty drinking and has to be held down to get him to take his meds. He probably picked it up during the churches Summer rec program. It should clear up in a week or so, but until then, he is miserable.

    Good to see you 61, keep working that program – we’re all pulling for you.

    Go, Sonia, go. Show those angry old white boys that a tough Latina woman can handle all they can dish out.

    (PS: Don’t have TOO much fun doing it.)

    My family is freaking out a bit because I have given them instructions for my funeral. I am not planning on going anywhere soon, but I just felt it was time to prepare.

    I gave them a list of songs, disposal of the carcass instructions (Don’t bury me – I’m claustrophobic!) and I even wrote my own obit.

    Here’s part of my obit:

    “Will Clark was an author, liberal, idiot, businessman, lunatic and biker. He loved music, photography, cooking, movies, sports and
    Harleys, but most of all, he loved his family.”


    “His family will celebrate his life by smoking some ribs, making his patented cole slaw and ‘tater salad and generally having one Hell of a party. His body will be donated to science as soon as a scientist can
    be found that is brave enough to handle the assignment.”

    Now, in the opinion of my friends here, is it a bit morbid to prepare and write an obit or is it just planning ahead.

    • Not morbid; good planning.

    • lilacluvr

      If you want something done right, you do it yourself – isn’t that we’ve all been told?

      I don’t think it is morbid, at all. I like your idea of having a party with all your favorite foods and your family remembering the good times.

      In the old days, people used to have wakes in their houses for their deceased loved ones. And, I hear, alot of drinking and eating was done at those parties.

    • wicked

      I agree with 6176. Everybody should have a plan, then live as long as necessary to bug everybody else. 🙂

      My family knows to cremate me. I don’t care what they do with the ashes. I won’t be there. Well, not in person, anyway. 😉 But they are to have a wake, with lots of drinking, music, and laughter. I’ll be sure to “be there” for that.

  17. lilacluvr

    Grandchildren are such fun….

    Mine is now 3 & 1/2 yrs old. It doesn’t seem possible. I miss those ‘baby days’, but each day with her is a blessing and an adventure. I am lucky in that I get to spend time with her each weekday.

    She is fun but, I have to admit, by Friday – this old grandma is more than a little tired.

    • wicked


      When you have 4 under 7 and another on the way, you won’t last to Tuesday. LOL Make that 5, because I have a step-granddaughter, although I don’t see her a lot and she doesn’t need a baby-sitter. 😉

      Yes, I love the little buggers, but at a distance more often wouldn’t be bad.

  18. wicked

    I’m off to finish copyedits for the January book and mail it to my editor who is in D.C. with close to 2000 others at a national writers conference. I wanted so badly to go, but the expense was more than I wanted to lay out. Food and shelter seemed more important at the time. I’m rethinking that with envy now. LOL

    fnord, we need to get together. With the others is cool.

  19. tosmarttobegop

    Sigh, ahhh this is so odd! But then the guy is appealing to some.

  20. tosmarttobegop

    Is Glen Beck still on Fox? I would have a hard time trying to prove these Cons still have some sanity left. I watched Hannity the other night and half way through the program I check to make sure I had not accidently stopped on the Outer limits.

    Yeah Sarah in 2012 and that would concluded the Republican party has only the delusional Ideologs left within.

  21. David B

    I am back from Tucson to discover how badly my tomato forest was beaten up by the hailstorm. Grrrrr!

    Salvageable, but no longer pretty…

  22. I would like to change humans into grizzly bears…

    I called Sarah Palin out on something stupid she tweeted on Twitter last night. She tried to infuse politics into wildlife biology by saying that since a mama grizzly doesn’t ask anything from anyone nor does she seek handouts (my phrasing, not hers, but it’s the jist of her stupid comment) she offers us a life lesson we can all use. I tweeted her that grizzlies are solitary</i?, and act accordingly, but people are social by nature. We need each other. Jesus understood that fact.

    She has yet to respond to my comment. I’ve been calling her out on her stupid aphorisms and tweets all week and I have yet to read a thing in return. She’s an idiot.

    A note on me: I began my college career as a biology student with the hopes of going into wildlife biology in order to study either grizzly bears or Siberian tigers, and I have read extensively on both subjects over the years even though I ended up getting a degree in Philosophy instead. I also grew up in an environment where I not only had to read my Bible I had to digest it and understand it. So when people try to do what Palin did by taking two completely dissimilar creatures with dissimilar natures and say one is a lesson for the other, when neither creature can change its nature on its own, is ludicrous. Her Christian faith makes clear that Jesus understood that to show your Christ-likeness you must help the poor, the weak, the troubled and the oppressed. Sarah Palin denies her own faith in order to be clever with her conservative ideology, which many neocons do also. Most confuse conservatism for Christianity. Just not many confuse wildlife biology for it also.

  23. I’m glad you’re calling her out, but I think chances of her responding to anything hinting of a criticism is nil to none. She seems to ignore whatever she chooses! She often proves that those who know the least, know it the loudest.

    Thanks for sharing ‘about you.’ From biology to philosophy. Actually, I see an interconnectedness.

    • You’re right of course onher ignoring certain relevant things, but at least I have it on record that I did some small part to keep the spotlight on just how stupid she is…for easy reference later. LOL

      All is connected. Well, except for myself and the GOP. lol