Wednesday, 07/15/09, Public Square

pin-drop-12Yesterday was quiet around the blog!  You could almost hear that proverbial pin dropping.  There will be those days when everyone is busy.

What will today bring?  Is there anything you’d like to discuss?



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  1. What a difference a day makes!

    My little sis is coming from Charlotte, NC today! She will be here through the weekend and there will be lots of gabbing goin’ on. 🙂

    It’s a little cooler in Kansas this morning! I better get on with my Trash Grandma gig now. Ginger said “bark,” and that meant she thought the squirrels were out of the trees in the park and we’d better get going!

    • Where in Charlotte? It was a blast furnace here today.

      • Her address says Huntersville. Does that mean anything to you? I’ve never been there! Must go visit soon. She moved there from Indy two years ago, and I haven’t made it to visit her yet. She comes here (our Mother is here!), but that shouldn’t be an excuse, huh?

      • My address says Huntersville too. Tell her I said hey!

      • OK! So when I do visit do I get to meet you, buy you a drink, communicate without keyboards?

      • When you get out this way to return your sisters visit please don’t do it without letting me know! The saint that puts up with me and I will come out and get a bite and a drink with you and say hello!

  2. Did you miss me Fnord? Argh, back in the land of the living. The Loon doesn’t handle vacations very well especially in a place without Internet access and one TV channel! It was so damn cold I would have worn a Snuggie blanket…hmm no not really!

    • I did miss you, and not thinking (usual me) I imagined you basking in the sun… It’s hot where I am, so it’s hard to realize down south (waaaayyy down) is cold. 😉

      Gotta tell you the funniest story about how my day began. I was sitting in the family room reading the morning paper and hubby was off in the office in the back part of the house. I hadn’t paid attention to the clock but here came a hurried hubby gathering things and mumbling. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 10 – 15 minutes later than he usually leaves and my ears perked up when I heard him mumbling, “Friggin Loon, makes everything so interesting I’m gonna be late to work!” 🙂

      He never posts a thing but is one of your most ardent and loyal lurkers.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I went to the job fair at Century II, very disappointed I could say. Booths with trade schools, colleges and of course military. A few self-business booths, would you buy Avon from a middle-aged guy? One where you sell scents and reading the other blog before going I think SOMEONE should be selling some sense!
    Asking what opening there are at most booths got you a business card with a website you can go to and find out what openings they have.

    So basically a drive to Wichita and back only to find what I could of on line from home!

  4. lilacluvr

    I have never known of anyone that got a job through one of those job fairs. Maybe things were different when the economy was better?

    The best job I have ever had is my current one. I was working for a different company for one year. Alot of people were leaving this company to form their own company. I joined them a few months later and it is the best decision I ever made in my life!

    Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time?

  5. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am extremely impressed with Sotomayor. This is the fifth SCOTUS appointee I’ve watched, and by far, she seems more grounded in law, with a massive understanding of it to boot, she outweighs all of em put together. She makes Clarence look like the buffoon he is.

    • I’m with you. Not watching the hearings, just the highlights, but she seems calm and reasoned.

      Amazing how her detractors want someone to rule based strictly on the law, unless they disagree with established case law.

    • I’m impressed, and proud, and grateful… I so want women to have an equal place, and equal respect…

  6. lilacluvr

    I think Sotomayor can run circles around these Republican white males who are trying so desperately to trip her up on the racial undertones that is so obvious in their questions.

    Some commentator said that these Republicans know they are not going to stop Sotomayor from becoming the next Supreme Court Justice – so they are pitching their nets for all the voters out in America who have ever felt discriminated against because of some minority being given preferential treatment due to Affirmative Action.

    But didn’t Affirmative Action help the white females also in getting their foot in the door or to be able to have their own businesses?

  7. David B

    Sen Jeff Sessions was rejected by a confirmation hearing for a judicial post , in part, because of his blatant racism. He once screamed at a lawyer that the man “was a disgrace to his race” because the lawyer defended blacks in court….

  8. David B

    Hey.. toosmart… the important thing is to get out to explore all possibilities……

  9. prairiepond

    I’ll stop dominating the thread after this message 🙂

    I’m sorry I bailed on the small town life discussion. I’m just so busy I dont know whether to wind my ass or scratch my watch.

    But to answer a couple of quick questions…

    Uh Loonie? Yeah. I had high speed internet at my door here before I did in Austin, Texas, one of the most wired cities in the nation. We have a great local telephone company that got grant money in 1996 to run fiber optic cable all over the countryside. I pay no more than the folks in town and it’s available all over hell and back here. Good service too.

    I also used to think the key to rural economic growth was the internet. And I see our new secretary of ag in ks says the same thing.

    But truely, you can have the best hardware and technology in the world, but it doesnt mean the hillbillies here will know how to use it to do anything other than check the weather and watch some porn….

    And to give you some perspective, Fnord will tell you my house is ten miles from the nearest paved road, twenty miles from the nearest “town” (pop. 1500) and three miles from my nearest neighbor.

    And I have great broadband access. So this isnt a hardware or technology problem. It’s a people problem. As in “stew-pud” people.

    They’d rather just go to the mailbox and get their government subsidy checks!

  10. prairiepond

    And lilaclvr, yes, this new city council is much worse than the old one. The old council had three people who hung on to a slim majority and mandated cable broadcast of meetings, insisted the open records laws and open meeting laws were followed, and generally kept the community on the road between the ditches. But it required all three of them.

    And sadly, none of those three sought re-election this year, so the bad guys got their folks in and now control the vehicle. And we’re headed for the ditch right now.

    It’s what happens when there is a concerted effort to run good people out of town and other good people dont run for office. The city has spent over $50,000 already on bogus investigations of the three good guys. They’ve beaten every charge, and the city attorney who brought the charges pleaded guilty at a disciplinary hearing of the Kansas Bar for violating the bar’s code of ethics. We’ll know his punishment sometime this fall. And the entire town is hoping he’ll lose his license.

    And did I mention he’s the same guy who was behind my public hanging and the loss of my job?

    Karma. She’s a biotch, dontchya know?

  11. prairiepond

    Sorry, one more thing…:)

    The paper was available for pickup in the office yesterday, and people will get it in their mailboxes today.

    I’ve already had three calls of support from my readers. We’ll see what happens today. I’ll let you know if I have to deck the drunk ol’ bassturd who poses as mayor!