Tuesday, 07/14/09, Public Square

prairieSummer on the prairie, looks cooler than it feels.  It is very hot in Kansas.

Keeping cool?  What are you thinking about today?



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  1. PrairiePond

    Hi Pops! It’s cool and wet and green here this morning. A rare morning without wind.

    My yard is still green, and it’s the middle of July. Amazing. We’ve had some weird weather this year. But I wont complain about rain. We always need it.

    Big thunder and lighting show last night that terrified my big bad Weim. Summer was plastered against me all night. It’s hard to get good sleep with 60 pounds of Weim trying to snuggle on top of your head!

  2. PrairiePond

    Oh yeah, and I dug a few yukon gold potatoes over the weekend. They are small and not producing well, but they sure do taste good. Especially with fresh eggs and onions in ‘tater salad.

    Where’s Jammers so I can torture him with the ‘tater salad? Yummmmm, YUM!

  3. Mornin’ people: I’m smellerizin’ as I type.

  4. First lady’s dad buried in desecrated cemetery

    First lady Michelle Obama’s father is among those buried at a cemetery near Chicago where workers are accused of digging up and dumping bodies to resell plots, the White House confirmed Tuesday.

    “I can confirm the First Lady’s father is buried at Burr Oak cemetery. We will have no additional comment on the matter,” Camille Johnston, a spokeswoman for the first lady’s office, wrote in an e-mail to NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV in Chicago.

    The Chicago Tribune first reported the news.

    Fraser Robinson III died in 1991 at age 55 from complications from multiple sclerosis, a year before his daughter married Barack Obama. Robinson was a pump operator for the Chicago water department and a Democratic party precinct captain. He married Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Shields, in 1960.

    There was no indication whether Robinson’s grave was among those disturbed at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, the Tribune reported.

    Marian Robinson now lives in the White House with President Barack Obama, her daughter and two grandchildren.


  5. lilacluvr

    I am from Illinois and when I heard this news story, I was wondering if I knew anyone that had family buried in that cemetery. It never entered my mind that Michelle’s father might have been buried there.

    What a shame and a sign of a sick society perhaps that puts emphasis on making that extra buck than to do what is right – even to the low point of desecrating graves?

    I wonder what else the public does not know about?

  6. I know NUTH-INK…nuthink.

  7. I’d heard Emmett Till’s grave had been disturbed as well, but that apparently wasn’t the complete story. Apparently the same person who was reselling graves was also raising money for a memorial to Till. Gee, wonder where that money is?


  8. You know that mean liberal media who have been pickin’ on Palin? You know — the main stream media, who are unbelievably cruel. You also remember how critical statements should leave family members alone, don’t ya?

    Well, here’s how the religious right who are in the media handle such situations, and avoid being mean or cruel or pickin’ on anything outside policy decisions and such. Oh, and it must be really really funny too, since everyone laughed heartily.

    • wicked

      What a waste of a Time Magazine cover.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Just a point of order: Pat Buchanan is not Religious Right, at one time if someone said far Right he came to my mind. He did redeem himself a bit in my opinion when he was one of a very few of the Right came out and put in print that before the invasion. Buchanan said the Bush administration was lying us into invading Iraq. He got his pee-pee whacked for it and lost several outlets for his articles over it.

      His book, “Where the Right went Wrong” is a informational and interesting read.
      But I guess in attunement he leaned more toward the current far Right.

      • wicked

        He wasn’t happy with the outcome of the 2004 election. I remember being surprised at some of the things he said as the votes were being tallied across the country. He just plain didn’t like Duyba..

      • Who am I confusing him with? Isn’t he a minister? One of those ministers on television? You can tell how many details on this type I store in the memory banks.

      • Pat Buchanan inspired the
        “Hate is not a Family Value” bumper stickers after his August, 1992 speech at the Republican Convention where George H.W. Bush was re-nominated as the Republican candidate for president. That year H.W. Bush lost to Clinton with the not insignificant help from Ross Perot – who for reasons unknown to me hated the Bushes with a vengence.

        To my knowledge Buchanan is not a minister. He looks kind of like one of those media ministers, though, and that person is evading my memory right now.

  9. lilacluvr

    Whenever I hear of poor Sarah Palin being picked on by the liberal media, I have to ask myself – just who was it that paraded her children on the national stage in the first place?

    Any parent who runs for office should have the forethought to think that perhaps the campaign trail is not the best place for her young children.

    What has bothered me the most about Sarah Palin during the campaign, and since, is how she carries her youngest special needs child. Have you ever noticed that she usually carries that child with his face looking away from her, like she is carrying some bag of laundry?

    I’m a mother and grandmother and I have carried my share of kids; but I don’t think I ever carried them when they were facing out and not looking at me. Isn’t it important for any child, especially a special needs child, to feel the connection between them and their mother?

    Maybe it is just me seeing this particular little quirk about Sarah Palin?

    • wicked

      No, it isn’t. This baby has been little more than a prop. During the campaign, pregnant Bristol was the one who toted him around. I saw one picture of Sarah, other than the one on the cover of People, where she was holding him, and she was busy on the phone, not even looking in his direction. Just holding him as if someone had just given her a bag of groceries to carry.

      She’s really too busy for her family. I get the feeling those kids have pretty much raiesd themselves. Dad gone to the oil fields, mom busy with dominating the lives of others with no thought where it leads.

      She risked the life of that baby when she flew back from Texas in labor. That said to me that she didn’t care about anyone but herself. A true narcassist.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    It has been a special day for me, one of the sadist things I ever witnessed was the night my dad and his best friend of younger days met up again. It had been About twenty eight years since they had last seen each other. After about ten minutes they ran out of thing to say, after an hour we left and it became the new last time dad ever saw his friend.

    Yesterday one of my best friends whom I average seeing about once every couple of years called.
    Asking if I could help him move some furniture today? I said I could and we spent from 9 AM. to after 2:30 PM. talking.

    In every great friendships there is a relationship of Yen and Yang, the one who is the clamming factor and keeps the other centered. Alan has always been that one for me and today was not a day like my dad had that night. We talked of new days and current things as if it had only been a few days instead of years since the last time we had shared the same room.

    Void to meet up again and more often there are few who ever make it that deep within you. That can touch the most inner sights that remain hidden from others. That have laughed so deeply or seen you cry so uncontrollably in your deepest sorrows. Who is someone that your spouse is so envious of and so jealous of
    Because they do not know you so closely as that friend. They know you so well that they can remark on what you are going to do or say without being there at that moment. even if that moment is years away and only just happened. Women are said to be blessed with such enduring friendship and men do not maintain them. That is not true, we wonder a part and move out of touch. But right now no matter how far or how long ago. Those reading of this are back there, laughing and standing by that friend.

    In the movie “Stand by me” there is the perfect line: “ I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus does anyone?”.

    • I’m glad you have that kind of very special friend!

    • wicked

      One of my favorite movies.

      Little quiz:
      Does anyone here know the title of the Stephen King novella this was made from?

      And in what book of novellas did it appear?

      What others in that book were made into movies?

    • wicked

      Those boys sure have grown up since then. Well, not River, because he didn’t get a chance to. But especially Jerry O’Connell.

      I think this was the first movie I remember seeing Keifer in. The Lost Boys came out the next year. I knew whose son is was just looking at him.

  11. lilacluvr

    fnord – perhaps you’re thinking of Pat Robertson?

    Pat Robertson is that televangelist who is on Channel 12 daily with his hands out for all that tax-free cash but yet preaches against the evils of money.

    Pat Robertson is also the one that told his followers to pray that certain Supreme Court justices fall over dead from a heart attack. Or maybe you remember him as being the Godly man that said the U.S. should assassinate Hugo Chavez?

    Yeah, Pat Robertson is a real piece of work.

    • That’s the one! Thanks, Lilac!

      Ok, so the nut in the YouTube wasn’t the nut I was thinking of, but hey, it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes, they say such nutty things.

  12. wicked

    Lilac, you have such a way with words!

  13. Seems Palin doesn’t have much support. She better get out there on the campaign trail!


    “Less than one in four Americans, 22 percent in particular, say she does have the ability to be an effective president. Only 33 percent of Republicans say she does.

    Sixty five percent of all Americans, and 51 percent of Republicans say she does not. “

    My first preference would be to never hear her name again. That is, unless, she becomes the Republican nominee in 2012 and that is my second best preference.

    What I expect is neither of my preferences, but instead she will be on the campaign trail for many candidates, drawing crowds and stirrin’ up the people — she does have that skill honed to a fine point!

    I feel sorry for her children, especially the two youngest. Seems like a less than stable or ideal way to spend your growing up years.

    • lilacluvr

      But….the Republicans keep telling us evil Liberals how terrified we are of Sarah Palin..

      These must be that 22% who think Sarah is ‘the One’ to bring them out of the wilderness and usher us into the Glory Land of ‘real Americans’?

      You betcha!!!

      • It is a bit terrifying that there are those who think Palin is qualified — can you pick em out some way so as to avoid being very close?

        Makes them sound even more stupid when they spout off that those who aren’t fooled by her winkin’ and beauty queen walk are afraid. Some days I really do wonder if that is just their talking points and they know better. Other days I know they aren’t capable of knowing better — those talking points are all they have.

        It seems like all 22% of them are living right here in Doodah, Kansas.

  14. I’m thinking about how much I miss my home state of West Virginia, and how happy I am that I’ll be heading over there tomorrow for the first time in two and a half years. It’s a far from perfect place, but it’s where I’m from and it’s in my blood and soul. No matter where else I may live, WV will always be my home. Always. Going back will be like cleansing my palette of the bad taste of my current resident state and to get the stink of it out of my nostrils. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking about all day.

    Oh, I’ve also been thinking about how glad I am that I’m a gun lovin’, hard fightin’ liberal. Watching the news just confirms for me that I have the right worldview.

    And now that I’m here I have to say again that your blog is very suitable for me. Y’all set a mood here that’s easy, like old slippers and a comfy chair.

    • lilacluvr

      I don’t believe I welcomed you yet…so here goes…


    • West Virginia, huh? Beautiful state! What state are you in now that you don’t like as well?

      Glad you’re comfortable! You’re beginning to not even feel like company! Before you know it, we’re gonna tell you to get your beer and while yer up… 🙂

      • Lilacluvr: Thank you! This is fast becoming one of my favorite sites.

        Fnord: I’d rather not name the state in which I’m currently living, but let me say that it’s just not everything the residents seem to think it is. But you are right about WV; it is a beautiful state and it gets an overall bum rap from many “outsiders” and while I hate using that term (it only seems to reinforce the territorial mindset that permeates the hills and valleys of the place) I can’t think of how else to express it and make my point so vibrant. All I know is that although I have lived in other places, whenever I go back to WV I feel that all the pistons are firing and all of the wheels are turning as they should. I love those hills!

      • wicked

        Almost Heaven, WV?

        I spent a night in WV in 2000 on the way to DC. Actually 2 nights, one coming and one going. It’s a beautiful state! I love the trees, something I don’t get enough of here.

      • ZIRGAR, You can tell what you want and not tell what you don’t want! Most of us here live in a state of confusion at least part of the time. But we have sooo much company we aren’t in a hurry to leave.

  15. I’m thinking about wanting to run around in that prairie. It looks like it goes for miles.

    • wicked

      Watch out for the burrs, critters, and holes and dips in the ground. 🙂 Cow patties, too. 😉

  16. Of course, If I needed a drink after running around, and I’m sure I would, how would I get it?

    • Let’s see — go to the nearest farm house which wouldn’t be too far. You would find the most neighborly people you’d ever hope to meet.

      We do have lots of open space in Kansas! A cousin of mine came to visit from her home in western Colorado and when they got to western Kansas, she noted that she had never before seen so much road. Straight roads that are miles and miles of — miles and miles.

  17. Pat Robertson is the look-alike I was trying to recall. Can’t store info like that in my brain for some reason. Life could be worse, I guess.

    • wicked

      Oh, the info was probably there, but at our age(s), it takes a while for it to rise to the top through all the muck and stuff that’s stored there.

      I have that problem. I try to think of a name I know, and it won’t come. I go through the alphabet to see if it’ll jog it loose. I did that the other day when I was telling my daughter about Diane Keaton in the movie for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Yeah, sure. I thought for about 2 miles as I drove her to work. (My daughter, not Diane Keaton. Ha!) All I could come up with was Hannah and Her Sisters which I’ve never seen and knew wasn’t right. Daughter was out of the car and heading into the building where she works when I stuck my head out the window and yelled, ANNIE HALL. People stared. LOL It just popped into my mind. Hey, I knew there was an H, just not where, and Hannah and Annie are similar, so I was close the first time. 😉

      I’d driven around the the building and was on the other side when ‘Kevin Kline’ popped into my head. I’d been trying to think of his name, too. I could name several of his movies, but his name just evaded me.

      I’m amazed I can remember my own kids’ names, even though I do sometimes have to go through all of them to get to the right one.

      • The youngest of my four children is named Scott, his brother only 15 months older is named Chad. I think Scott thought his name was ChaScott for quite a few years. 😉

        Then just a few years ago there was a pro football player (don’t remember the team he played for but I think green and yellow were the uniform colors) whose name was Chad Scott! My ChaScott would have loved one of his jerseys.

  18. Y’all rock! Just felt like sharing that. lol