Cheney’s Secret Al Qaeda Plans

P1-AQ645_Cheney_G_20090712184300According to an article in The Wall Street Journal the mysterious program Cheney kept hidden from Congress involved an executive order to capture or kill Al Qaeda leaders.  It appears that the CIA recognized that parts of the plan, which involved targeted assassinations, were not feasible.

So far, the controversy surrounding the ultra-secret plan is focused on the decision to not inform Congress, but as details unfold it seems more serious investigations will be warranted.

The Journal cites an unnamed source who described the plan’s ambition: “It was straight out of the movies. It was like: Let’s kill them all.”



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5 responses to “Cheney’s Secret Al Qaeda Plans

  1. This Dick needs whacked.
    (pun intended)

    Bailiff….WHACK HIS PEE PEE.

  2. wicked

    Evil people should just spontaneously combust.

  3. David B

    The only program the US had that made a dent in the Viet Cong was the project code-named “Phoenix”, a targeted assassination program of leaders and operatives.

    So, if it’s war… you do what is effective…

    Not informing Congress, though….

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Years ago it was declared that the United States would not and could not use assassination as a diplomatic tool. The bombing of half of Libya was a way around that declaration. The goal was to kill Omar but we could not send in one person with one rifle.
    So we send in a flight of bombers with the hope one would kill the leader.

    I am not sure if this rule is solely about a country leader or if it extents to individuals.
    This is a off the books struggle when going after a small non-governmental group.
    If within the United States there would be no question, otherwise a good number of the criminals would be dead.

    Too many leeway’s have been taken since this is an action not covered by the books.
    In a sense the way the Bush administration defined those fighting against us allows for open and freewheeling actions outside of established law.

  5. I wonder how long before (this Dick) that this kind of thing was standard?
    Way back to President Dick?