Tal Wilkenfeld and the jazz bass.

img_776869_52132460_1 From Wiki: Wilkenfeld began playing guitar at age 14. Two years later, at the age of 16, she dropped out of high school, saying that “it just wasn’t going to work for me”,[1] and emigrated to the United States. Upon arrival, she studied electric guitar, but within the year made the switch to electric bass guitar[2] at the age of 17. After a matter of a few months, she was offered an endorsement with Sadowsky Guitars, devoted herself to forming a band of her own, and began composing her own material. At age 18 she moved to New York City and began making a name for herself in New York’s jazz clubs.

I first heard her when I watched Paladium, and Jeff Beck’s concert  televised on it. She, in my opinion, is one of the hottest bass players out there. After listening to her, I am one happy individual to know she switched from guitar to bass.  I’m including one of her pieces that should blow away anyone with an interest in jazz fusion. Take a little time and enjoy.


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  1. I am becoming more used to youtube now. What a wondeful source for artists like her. She’s jazz-wise beyond her years!
    Jammers, I have to admit that for the longest time, I thought blogs should just be writing. Hell, there’s a whole world on youtube where they don’t even speak, they just reply with another video!

    I have been hesitant to post as much music, as I’ve made a fool of my self promoting one unsung guy.

    For anybody reading that already has an exceptional talent in high school, PLEASE don’t let them do what a girl from our town did. She became the FIRST really bad audition on American Idol. I hope she’s okay with it.

    Instead of doing that, I have connection from an honest to God producer/manager who accepts mp3’s for promotion. A regular guy, no rip offs.

    Name, phone# and links if interested.

    • jammer5

      Ya, first time I heard her, I sat there with my jaw hanging to the floor. There is an amazing assortment of unsung musicians out there. I listened to live 365, an internet radio site, that has many stations dedicated to the unsung. I have a cd library filled with such artists, and support and promote them with no qualms.

      As for American Idol: I’d be one of the joke contestants 🙂

      • I’m with you Jammer. You see some worthy and talented youngster, buy and promote them.

        There are SO MANY that are much better that the GARBAGE that the MSM and pop radio people feed us. We’re NOT STUPID.
        Most of the stuff is pure crap, and obscene at that! HA!

      • And I think we have a nice mix of politics, music, poetry, art….
        Variety is the spice of life, eh?

      • jammer5

        I’ll second that, bro.

  2. Jammer, have you seen the new ‘coil’ electric guitars?

    One guitar that can sound like any electric guitar.
    Why carry your Les Paul and you Stratocaster?
    Flip a switch, both sounds are there!

    • Yes, I heard of them not long ago. My Schecter has a single/humbucker switch, but that’s peanuts to what the coil can do. Ain’t electronics awesome?