Monday, 07/06/09, Public Square

Worn_Out_CartoonLong weekends have a way of wearing me out! They are fun and always bring out-of-the-ordinary activities, great food, and interesting company. But, I will admit they leave me ready to get back to a routine.



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  1. jammer5

    Don’t know if anyone here has been keeping up with, but it has been hilarious. One of the best for anything Alaska. They should be on our blogroll.

  2. jammer5

    Ever hate those drop down advertisements and wanted to get rid of them? I downloaded ad block plus, and it works like a champ (if you use firefox . . . which I’m sure you all do. IE suks.).

    Once installed and firefox is restarted, you’ll see a little box on the corner of most ads. Click on the box, and another box appears. Click ad filter, and that’s it. Awesome little program.

    • wicked

      No, I don’t use firefox. It suks. LOLOLOL

      Seriously, if you use Windows, Microsoft has an offer you can’t refuse. Windows 7 upgrade download for 49.99. Regular price will be 119.99. It’s a pre-order thing.

      I checked with my computer guru, who happens to currently work for Microsoft and has worked for all the biggies: Disney, ABC, CNN, BofA, and many others. He keeps getting better offers for his work! He definitely gives Windows 7 an A+, and not because he works there. He wouldn’t lie to me. His mom would smack him if he did. LOL

      • 49.95 is great.

      • I’m using windows 7 now. Thinking about the upgrade. Still don’t like IE.

      • wicked

        I agree. Free would be great!

        Capital One is going to love me.

      • wicked

        jammer, firefox and I don’t get along, but I do have it installed, just in case I want to use it. It’s all personal taste, and I’m very resistant to change. I am SO happy my netbook came with XP.

        I still use Word 2002! The new one drove me bonkers when I used it a few days during the trial. I still have another free trial, but doubt I’ll ever use it.

        I installed EI8 and promptly dumped it. I’m also a creature of habit.

      • wicked

        Oops! Dyslexic fingers. IE8.

        IE IE IE IE IE IE IE

  3. jammer5

    Oh, ya . . the little box says block.

  4. Prariepops….500 posts and nearly 29,000 views.

    • Our blog was announced to a few we had email addys for on March 21. In April we had 8,472 views, May 9,080 and in June 9,344. Steady growth. It’s a good place with good people to discuss all manner of topics and share our opinions, questions, hopes and fears in a safe adult setting.

  5. bush the lesser was born July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, to Barbara and George H.W. Bush, making him 63 years old today. How shall we celebrate?

  6. One time our great friend the Loon gave us lessons in blog etiquette that included blogroll additions. It isn’t polite to simply add a blog to your blog roll.

    The proper way to handle it is to visit often enough to allow the blog to know something about you, then ask permission to add them to your blogroll. Stopping by for no other purpose than gathering additions to your blogroll is downright rude. You go visiting, you add to the conversations at other blogs, and that’s how you get potential visitors to your own blog. If a relationship develops — the blogs and people are compatible — you address the adding one another to blog rolls. Notice I said compatible, which doesn’t necessarily mean they agree, just that they add to the discussions, add to the diversity of opinions.

    The best additions are those that are mutual. We have made some great friends and found some very interesting blogs — they’re on our blog roll and we are on theirs — it’s a mutual kinda thing.

    • If we get the visitors to stop by and we also have something here that interests them, this might be the place where they pull up a chair and stay awhile.

    • jammer5

      I do visit Mudflats and post all the time there. I wrote and asked if they could add us to theirs, but never heard back; they are very busy there. I doubt many on our blog roll have heard of us. But then again, pointing to blogs we have in common in no way, in my opinion, is bad manners.

      I don’t visit blogs to get others here, I do it because I happen to like the blog. If I don’t like a blog, I don’t go there. If someone reads my posts at other blogs, and visits ours, I’m honored. Isn’t that the way it should be?

      • Yes, you’ve added to many blogs and brought in several new friends. Thank you.

      • I’ve been a regular reader (very occasional poster) at Mudflats since Palin was picked by McCain as his running mate. I love that blog and always find something interesting!

        I still wouldn’t want to add their blog to our blogroll without permission.

      • Mute point, since they’re already there. 😉

      • jammer5

        Feel free to delete it if you want. My point is places like democracy now, NPR, huff post don’t have a clue who we are, but we have them on ours. Maybe we should define the difference between a blog and a news agency? Is there a difference anymore?

        I’m more curious about this than anything else. And should we add to the blogroll as a group, via email? I think that makes sense. Hey, I’m not trying to piss anyone off here. Just trying to understand blog etiquette 🙂

      • wicked

        I have no doubt mudflats would give permission to add to our blogroll and probably reciprocate.

        I haven’t visited much since the election. Time gets away from me. But I did love it!

    • wicked

      Well, duh, fnord! I missed that they were added.

  7. I try my best to visit every blog on our blogroll at least once a week, and more often if I can. I also try to leave a comment so they know I enjoy their blog. Some days trying to keep this blog interesting doesn’t leave much time for visiting. And other days I don’t get even that much done.

  8. You know I’m new to this and don’t understand either. One of our strengths is our people, our diversity of ideas and opinions.

    I agree completely about NPR, HuffPo… Maybe someone put them on the blogroll so they would be an easy click away? I don’t know. I have them in favorites files because I enjoy readings the news and opinions at both places.

    Maybe we need to have a meeting and toss around some ideas, questions? Or maybe we just roll with it and not only appreciate but enjoy our individual strengths which make us a really good group.

  9. MY .02 on the blogroll thingy….
    IF it’s a commercial enterprise, and they are selling ads, etc. BY ALL MEANS…add them if you want.
    They don’t give a rat’s ass who prariepops is, or who we are for that matter! THEY WANT HITS!
    If you think they deserve the traffic go for it.

    ANYTHING public (NPR, PBS, Moyers journal, etc.) is fair game. Moyers even gives away the transcripts, no copyrights!

    Hugely popular sites are not going to answer.
    If you like it, add it! I don’t spend time at places like KOS because I go un-noticed. Hundreds of comments all the time. I hate crowds.

    We have had other sites add us without permission. An honor, in my thinking.
    Asking places like mudflats to add us is wishfull thinking.
    my .02

  10. mule taker

    Happy 500th etc. there people.I really enjoy the visits here.Diverse,funny,interesting.

  11. PrairiePond

    You guys do a great job with this blog. I’m trying to be here more now that the chicken population is significantly smaller 🙂

    Thanks to all of you for all you do.

  12. Thunderchild


    I hate funerals.

    They are taking her to Topeka for burial. But we said goodbye to great aunt Janie today. They dressed her in her class grandma jacket, which I thought was nice. I hadn’t wanted to see her as I knew it would be difficult. But she looked almost as if she could wake up and get onto me any minute for going on so about her. Which of course just made me all the sadder. It WAS nice to hear some of the stories from the class grandma program people who came. If any of our readers had a child in Wichita’s Stanley elementary from about 1991 to 2008, it’s a good chance your kid got to spend some time with my great aunt. I hope they are the better for knowing her. I know I am.

    Rest in peace great aunt Janie. I’ll never ever forget you.