Sunday, 07/05/09, Public Square

toes-in-the-grass-sxcDid everyone have a great 4th? Enough food, family and friends to share the day with, fireworks?

I feel like a restful day of nothing much is on tap around here. How about you?



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5 responses to “Sunday, 07/05/09, Public Square

  1. tosmarttobegop

    It is a beautiful morning and last night was a wonder as after dark the sky was full of color.
    I took a lawn chair and set it in front of my truck in the street, watching the show and enjoying the night.
    There was the oddest thing, ever so often the fireworks show at the lake caused a ball of red fire to drift toward the South at a high level. It continued to burn out of sight. almost like a UFO flying across the sky.

    As a child I hated fireworks show as they frightened me, one time at Joyland part of the show actually shot off into the crowd. That was the last time I agree to go and for years I never went to another. The 4TH does bother me as it sounds like a battle field.

    • wicked

      It’s supposed to sound like a battlefield. and the rocket’s red glare of bombs bursting in air

      We do love our wars.

      I hear the neighbors are still setting off firecrackers. I finally had to turn on some music yesterday to drown out the noise so I could get something done. I could still hear the loud stuff, but it was better. The AAHABICIH down the street had a bonfire going in his backyard. He lucked out. I didn’t tell the police officer I saw in QuikTrip. I guess I haven’t quite become my mother…yet.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I just left the blog that shall not be named, watch out kittens I am feeling the need to kick you!
    Seriously it does amaze me the differences between the person I have met and the person who shows up on that blog. Unreasoning, illogical, ignorant, mindless there are not enough words to describe how it goes there!

    I loved the meet-ups they were the only “soul mates” I ever find in all this Political and world events.
    But now I am truly thinking there should never be another meet-up of the bloggers there and think I would not go if there ever was another. It has gotten where I could not look some in the face and not see the person on that blog. How can people be so enjoyable in real life and yet be the scum of the earth on that blog? I know its the mask of anonymity, somehow thinking with it I do not have to be a good person and can live out the vilest deep feelings.

    • They do the greatest harm to themselves and those who tout their faith are representing it poorly. It is very sad. How do they manage to look in the eye of the person in their mirror?

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Its because they do not see themselves as that person. They look in the mirror and see themselves as simply its meaningless what they said. It is as an actor playing a role. John Wayne was not a Cowboy he just played one.

    And again it was not them that started it or so they say. When I came to that blog the old timers were already at each other. Not this bad that I had noticed.