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Boy run over, killed by forklift

By Eagle staff

A 4-year-old Colby boy was killed just west of Colby Friday when he fell off a forklift he was riding and was run over, the Kansas Highway Patrol said.

Troopers reported that Justin Schroeder was riding the forklift with his father, Daniel Schroeder, 46, shortly after noon when the boy fell off and was run over by a back wheel.

This is I guess I will call a sore subject, this reminded me of another incident several years ago.

I would not take my own children on a ride on my motor cycle until they were in the younger teens.

The following is a story I wrote shortly after the accident that happened in the next town over.


As Chris can attest to, writers often write to work things out. This is no different, the following story is inspired by a real event. Though I take some license with it, mainly it explores the effect of an event.

This story is graphic in some places, it is dark subject. I have noticed that for the most part, what are posted here are light heart subjects. For this I apology in advance , if you would rather not be touched by the subject of a child’s death. Which to me is a sin against nature, a parent should never out live a child. This story touches on that death, on a tragic event that goes beyond losing a child to a car crash or illness. Which would be a loss beyond measure.

Please, if you choose not to read the following story. I will not be offended. But I need to work this out.

Part of what makes me a good writer, is I seem to have the power of Empathy. Everyone has sympathy, the feeling of be sorry for another. I have been bless and as in this case, cursed with the ability to place myself in another’s circumstance.

All it takes is thinking how some one must feel and I am there. In this case I made that mistake. I only did it for a second, I stopped as the pain is so intense. Sounds crazy I know, but it does make me an understanding storyteller. So please find the story as follows.


He had finally gotten away, oh they meant well and perhaps if things were different he would be glad they were there. But things were not different, nor could they ever be, she is gone. And he could never live with that fact. He would willingly bare the flames of hell if it would mean she would come back. All he could think of is the smile on her face just before it happen. Her giggle still rang in his ears, she was having fun with daddy.

But now the only image of Amanda he had in his mind was of the last time he held her. The moment he lost her and realization as he picked her up. Every time he closed his eyes the image is there, he wished he could burn his eyes out, but the image was not in the eyes but in the soul. No there is only one thing to do and now he has the chance.

At first he thought of a tree, so he drives the back road in search of a suitable stand for the deed.

It was on this drive that he came across the bridge, it’s span was thirty feet above the riverbed.

The railing would provide a place to attach the rope, its height a distance drop to insure a strong jerk.

Soon the pain would stop, the image would be gone. And if God was truly merciful they would be together again. Continue reading


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Sunday, 07/05/09, Public Square

toes-in-the-grass-sxcDid everyone have a great 4th? Enough food, family and friends to share the day with, fireworks?

I feel like a restful day of nothing much is on tap around here. How about you?



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