Palin resigning at end of month.

palin_rifle_bikini1Sarah Palin is resigning as Governor of Alaska at the end of the month. Speculation is she will be spending all her time prepping for a run at the White House in 2012. Good luck with that.

My take on it is there is something not right here: it’s like she’s quitting in the middle of her term. I smell something rotten in Alaska.



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  1. David B

    One guess of mine is that Palin has has found some powerful and wealthy sponsors who are going to groom her to become the carnival barker for their right-wing agenda.

  2. David B

    Huffington post reports: “Rumors of an “iceberg scandal” have been circulating.”

  3. I’d also guess an offer she just couldn’t refuse came along. It can’t be just money tho because this woman wants power in the worst way, and in the worst way is how she would use that power!

  4. Of the several ethics investigations that are ongoing one might be so damaging she is playing offense so she won’t be forced to play defense.

  5. I saw her resignation speech. She seems to blame this decision on the meanness of the Liberal media. She is unable to deal with criticism or any variety of negative feedback.

    I also think the surprise aspect of the announcement was geared toward getting attention that seriously craves. If she gets elected to do anything in the future, the voters will doubtless get what they deserve.

  6. This is an interesting read, and the comments by readers are even more interesting! One is by a psychiatrist who says absolutely, unequivocally she is a narcissist!

    Is She a Narcissist?

  7. tosmarttobegop

    LUCY I’M HOME! Lucy what did you do today? Ahh YOU RESIGNED AS GOVERNOR OF ALASKA! Oh Lucy!

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh ( look around to see if we are alone) I think what it was when Joe the Plumber’s assistant asked God if he should run for public office. God told him no and added a P.S. Tell that Palin goof to resign from politics too!

  9. There is some reason she thinks (to the extent she is capable!) is good for her behind this. She thrives on controversy, doesn’t give a hoot whether it involves her innocent children so it has to be something that looks to be a path to wealth, power and notoriety.

  10. David B

    Watch the speech and then, PLEASE, tell me what the fuck she said…

  11. Wouldn’t you know — HuffPo does it best.

  12. David B

    And she says we need more kids with Downe’s Syndrome…

  13. Pedant

    Americans look increasingly to the north for leadership?!?


  14. Pedant

    ‘On Fox News, Bill Kristol said that “the more he thought about it,” Palin’s decision looked like a “shrewd gamble.” ‘


    That seals it. If Bill Kristol says it’s shrewd, you can bet your house it ain’t.

  15. prairiepond




    OMG, you just cant make this stuff up!

    Consensus over at DU is “housegate”

    • wicked

      Hey, I was going to say




  16. prairiepond


    I wonder if the rest of the repuke pretenders to the throne will be as easy to knock off as palin and sanford?

    Next up? Who’s in the circle, who’s in the batter’s box, and who’s on deck?

    Further consensus in the blogosphere?

    FBI and IRS have been investigating housegate since last August.

    I hear the sound of another shoe on it’s way to the floor….

  17. David B

    I take back my original comment. If she was being handled, they would have written her speech, not Trig.

  18. jammer5

    Okay, I’ve now been able to get independent information from multiple sources that all of this precedes what are said to be possible federal indictments against Palin, concerning an embezzlement scandal related to the building of Palin’s house and the Wasilla Sports Complex built during her tenure. Both structures, it is said, feature the “same windows, same wood, same products.” Federal investigators have been looking into this for some time, and indictments could be imminent, according to the Alaska sources. From

  19. wicked

    I just saw her statement on Fox News. LOL and a LOLOLOL

    Seriously, she was nervous. Her face was strained. My first thought, and I’ll stick by it, was the she’s in some hot water and is ready to run. She can’t stand the heat. I mean, hey, a beauty queen who appeared to have left gracious behind? Oh, okay. She was Miss Congeniality, wasn’t she? All the more…

    As Arte Johnson used to say, “Veeelllllly interrresting.”

    jammer, thanks for the update.

    I take one stinkin day off from blogging and the BIG STORY rolls in.

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing too much of her, way to soon.

  21. The latest from mudflats. They are difficult to get into – their servers are overwhelmed.

    “Meanwhile what we do know is that Palin has littered her bizarre resignation speech with references to ethics complaints, Photoshopping bloggers, the military, Alaska history, a recap of the administration and a hodge podge of other topics. She delivered the speech with the same adrenaline-filled jaw clenching intensity that she had when she returned from the campaign trail and settled back in to the governor’s office.”

    More info coming, no doubt.

  22. Palin misquotes McCarthur in her resignation speech. Big surprise, or no?

  23. wicked

    So what are they saying on TBTSNBN? Never mind, I’ll check it out.

  24. tosmarttobegop

    I think she is on Meth! Seriously she is jabbering a mile a minute and not saying anything even close to being a luscious thought.

  25. tosmarttobegop

    Palin is sounding like that mother on the PSA talking to her daughter about drug use!

  26. I betcha she got knocked up by her daughters ex! Or maybe David Letterman was right! Dear god, she will do anything to take attention away from the Jacksons! I tell you who’s not celebrating…every friggin moose in Alaska!

  27. jammer5

    . . .and her daughter. Can you imagine how she must browbeat her every day for getting preggers by some chump, and not some famous moose hunter?

    And wouldn’t it be sumpin if this time next year, both her and her husband are behind bars and the state’s taking care of her kids? I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but checking out her ethics record at Mudflats sure seems to make it a distinct possibility.

  28. lilacluvr

    When I first heard the story of Palin resigning, my first thought was there must be some scandal about to break and she wants the hell out of Dodge.

    My second thought was perhaps Rupert Murdoch is trying to vamp (how appropriate) her up to national standing by giving her a national soap box show where all critics are silenced by not even being allowed to ask questions?

    Then this thought hit me – what if Sarah Palin is resigning because she, and her supporters, are just arrogant enough to think they can form their own political party?

    I wonder, we now have the Democrats and the GOP. In 2012, will we have Democrats, GOP and GOD?

  29. lilacluvr

    I forgot one thing – I also wondered what, if any, role Mitt Romney had in this surprise resignation?

    It was rumored that Romney was the one that spilled the beans about Sanford’s affair.

    Could it be Romney is picking the other GOP contenders off one by one and then the GOP will have to nominate him due to no one else in the race?

    • I’ve heard that same question from many. Does where there’s smoke there’s fire apply?

      I think we’ll hear much more from Palin, and none of it will make any better sense than what we’ve heard already.

      We do need to keep in mind that bush the lesser, an equally silly person, got into office (even if the SCOTUS was needed to accomplish it)!

  30. wicked

    I don’t think the GOP was enamored with Sarah. She obviously can’t be manipulated, and a maverick doesn’t fit in their scheme. There’s no way they could control her. She’d probably sell the country to the Russians if the price was right.

    I think even McCain was horrified by his choice by the end. She might be popular with the uber-Godly group, and a few women who think she’s…I don’t know what. A firebrand? Independent? I don’t think so. They can’t be too bright. I’d bet a dollar to donuts Todd rules. That’s their religious beliefs and she did copy him via email on everything.

    I know, I’ve ranted on this before, over ‘there’, but any woman who would get on an airplane for a twelve hour flight when her water has broken and is in early labor, after 4 kids already, can’t have a lick of sense. I don’t think she cared. And all so the baby could be born in Alaska? Uh, I think not. Just downright stupidity and egotistism.

  31. Seems they’re willing to ignore or overlook anything as long as a Christian theology is possible. Throw in overturning Roe v Wade and guns out the wazoo and you’ve pretty much got the Republican Party.

    Well, and of course, cut taxes (but don’t you even think of cutting essential benefits, just cut welfare for the poor and we’ll all be fine and dandy!). You say prices for everything have increased? Well, cut taxes and that’ll fix those increasing prices! Somehow. Don’t bother me with details just cut the damn taxes!

  32. I got a good laugh out of this comment:

    Sarah’s Straight Talk

    Truly, Sarah Palin has come a long way. When she ran for vice president, she frequently became disjointed and garbled when she departed from her prepared remarks. Now the prepared remarks are incoherent, too.

  33. What gets me is that Gen OP Smith USMC, said, Retreat, Hell, We are attacking in another direction. Palin used the quote and attributed it to Mc Arthur. (OP Smith had no love for Mc Arthur by the way) You would think that you would check before you used a quote who it was that said it. Especially one as famous as this one. Palin is a moron X 1000.

  34. PrairiePond


    Someone sent me this joke today.

    *Seconds after her resignation*

    Palin steps away from the microphone, and walks up to one of her handlers, whose forehead is bruised from being slapped over and over.

    PALIN: What? You told me to make a speech like Nixon.
    HANDLER: Reagan! Make a speech like REAGAN!!!

  35. So many beautiful people in one place…lol…I am part of a social network as well…who all think along the same lines as all of you.

    Mind if I add your site to my list of friends?

    and by the way, Palin will get rich now…she can accept fees for appearances once she gives up the governor job…prepare yourself for the Palin Family reality show.

    Those that thought she had a shot at President Obama’s job…I am sorry for your loss…lmao