Friday, 07/03/09, Public Square

dog_days_0The Old Farmer’s Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days or “the dog days of summer,” as the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the ancient heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. These are the days of the year when rainfall is at its lowest levels.

Wonder if global climate change has changed these dates?



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  1. wicked

    That must be why rain is in the forecast for tonight and most of tomorrow.

    I wonder if a downpour will keep the neighbors inside and away from their firecrackers. They celebrate yearround. Don’t know what they’re celebrating. I thought it was illegal to shoot off fireworks except the days leading up to the 4th and maybe the 5th. Guess I thought wrong.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    The editor of the home town paper published a piece on Al Franken being a senator. This was my response:
    What make a good Politician? Franken is intelligent and observant, those may not be the character traits we want. They are traits we would pay money to watch someone on stage but not to set and have a beer with.
    We want to believe our Politicians are not all that bright and are as clueless as we like to be.

    Who needs fact and details we can always go with our guts!

    It doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is. This guy wrote a book called ‘Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar.’ That brings his ability to rationally debate an issue into question for me.

    PLEASE! Its an oxymoron to use Rush Limbaugh and rationally debate an issue in the same sentence. ‘Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar.’ is a valid observation not a matter of name calling.

    You should not write off Franken so quickly, remember a actor was elected President of the United States and he was the last best GOP president we have had.

    A second banana to Cher was elected to the Senate and Sonny was noted as the farthest right Senator on the floor. How do you get to Sen. Bono office? First you take a right, then a far right then a extreme right!.

    I would rather have someone in office that is intelligent and aware then someone that will slap my back and buy me a beer. With one I will have the money to buy my own beer. With the other I will need him to buy me a beer

  3. I hadda get up at 4am and roll the windows up on my luxurious 1977 Plymouth Volare’.
    I am happy for the local fire depts that we got some rain.
    It was so dry that every sparkler was a potential grass fire.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    LOL I always figured that the people in parsons were so rich they drive.
    “my luxurious 1977 Plymouth Volare’”.
    Us Poor people have to make due with our 83 ford pick-up that has to be jump started every time you want to drive it!

    Yeah I hate the time around the 4TH, it always sounds like a war zone and when I had outside dogs it drove them into the dog house. They would become so frighten that they would not come out except for food or water. I am always concerned about fires, in the good ole days it was common for houses to be set on fire by fireworks. Maybe it is because one night in the sixties we got woke up by a neighbor. A bottle rocket had landed on our roof and was burning and set a small fire.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Oh brother! At least they seemed more invoked in the instuctions then the air crew on any flight I have been on.

  6. David B

    “I’m speechless,” said Derek E.G. Briggs, director of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale. “It’s rather scary.”

    A group of paleontologists visit the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.