Lobbyists Scolding the WaPo for Its Ethical Practices?

“For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to ‘those powerful few’ — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors.”

Newspaper adopts novel approach for bringing in money during financially difficult times.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Lobbyists Scolding the WaPo for Its Ethical Practices?

  1. I used to know some guys that said they would ‘change somebody’s address’ for you.
    Does that count?
    I guess that’s at the other end of the social spectrum.

  2. lilacluvr

    Is this just another sign of our deteriorating sense of journalism and the free press?

    Is this a sign of things to come where whoever has the most dollars gets what he/she wants?

    Oh, my bad, that is already happening today.

    Seriously, isn’t the free press supposed to be a ring of protection from our own government? But in today’s world of technology, sometimes I wonder about the news I do hear coming from our journalists. More than half the show is about entertainment news and the serious topics get a full minute – if they’re lucky – before the news anchor has to go to commercial to sell the public the latest marketing-scam must-have item.

    And what about the phenomenon of rumors getting started on the internet and then picked up by these news outlets as real news? Just how much of what we hear is really the truth?

    But, I know, I can always count on the Fox News for being Fair and Balanced – yeah, right.