The Woman Who Almost Became Our “Winker in Chief”

Sarah Palin winking

Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain

This Vanity Fair article has ALL of the dirt on ole Sarah.


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9 responses to “The Woman Who Almost Became Our “Winker in Chief”

  1. The Republican Party will continue in the wilderness if they choose her as a national candidate. I’ve got my fingers crossed they really are that stupid.

  2. According to the article, in Alaska anyone who carries a .357 or smaller bore, is a liberal. A real knee slapper, huh?

  3. You know, with the Republican’s numbers so low, they really could nominate Palin! Wouldn’t that be something? 😉

    But, honestly, no one currently on the radar of their possible nominees could win so they may as well look to the one who is pleasing to the eyes.

    Top – I’ve got a moose-fly in my eye.
    Bottom – EEEWW…the blond just farted!

  5. Let’s step back in time a few months ago and look at what happened the last time Palin was on a national ticket. ‘Cause I really like to look at these figures. 😉

    Electoral votes:
    Obama/Biden 365
    McCain/Palin 173

    Obama/Biden got 192 more electoral votes than McCain/Palin! 😉

    Dem pickups (vs. 2004): CO FL IN IA NV NM NC OH VA

    GOP pickups (vs. 2004): (None)

  6. The Vanity Fair article is very long, but man the writer is out and out brutal to Palin. He’s the guy who’s married to Dee Dee Myers of the Clinton administration.

    On second thought, he is not brutal per se, and instead is merely stating the facts about Palin. Facts can be brutal and stubborn.

    The blond in the bottom photo is Cindy McCain. She and Sarah were not real chummy.

    Another one of my favorite stories from the article is when Sarah is saying that she thought about getting an abortion when she found out her youngest was going to have Down’s Syndrome. So, Sarah was considering a choice that she is wanting to deny every other woman in this country even in the cases of rape and incest. Real nice.

  7. jammer5

    She really does need to go through that witch casting out thing again.

  8. lilacluvr

    You do realize the Republicans are going to denounce the entire article because Vanity Fair is just a liberal magazine that is out to get Palin because the Liberals are so scared of the Moose Dresser.

    Yeah right. And only Palin and her little Palinettes are the ‘real’ Americans.

    BTW – I don’t of any Liberals who are scared of Palin. The only thing that scared me was the fact she would have been one heartbeat away from the nuclear button that she was all too willing to push.