Mohammed Jawad: A Huge Injustice

Mohamed Jawad

Mohammed Jawad was taken into U.S. custody during our war in Afghanistan. He confessed to throwing a hand grenade that injured U.S. soldiers. It was later revealed that this confession was obtained with torture. He is from a poor Afghan family where exact dates of birth are not known. It is probable that he was born in 1991 based upon his mother’s recollection of significant events – this in turn means that in 2003 when Jawad was captured that he was 12 years old. The official U.S. documents contend that he was age 18 when he was transferred to the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay – this is unlikely.

The U.S. Army officer assigned to conduct Jawad’s military tribunal removed himself from the case due to his inability to “in good conscience” complete this assignment.

Read the accounts here and here of this shameful case. It is way past time to free Jawad.

The photo above was taken three months before Jawad was captured.


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4 responses to “Mohammed Jawad: A Huge Injustice

  1. This is one thing I don’t understand about torture. You so much as pinch me on my arm and I’ll squeal like pig and tell you anything. I will even lie if it would make you stop. Which therefore makes whatever I say unreliable information. Isn’t that human nature? So why bother? I am sure there are many truth serums or hypnosis techniques which would work just as effectively. So why the torture? And why wont they admit mistakes. All we are doing is breeding more terrorists.

  2. Obama has been trying to retain the extensive powers Bush claimed in fighting terror. Guess who’s stopping Obama from doing that? That’s right, U.S. Justices appointed by Bush.

  3. lilacluvr

    Don’t tell me the Bushie US justices are getting soft on terror now – is that even possible?

    Where is Rush Limbaugh and his rant against these justices who are being activist judges?

    Where is the outrage by GOP leaders against this softening of our war on terror?

    By now you have probably noticed my sarcasm is very heavy in all of this comment – right?