Cheney spits out some more hate

cheney-dick-evilCheney has decided to go public with his opinion of U.S. forces withdrawing from Iraqi cities.

“There is still a continuing problem. One might speculate that insurgents are waiting as soon as they get an opportunity to launch more attacks. I hope the Iraqis can deal with it,” Mr. Cheney said. “At some point they have to stand on their own, but I would not want to see the U.S. waste all the tremendous sacrifice that has gotten us to this point.”

I wouldn’t mind one more “sacrifice,” if it could be Cheney!



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9 responses to “Cheney spits out some more hate

  1. tosmarttobegop

    Since Iraq was to be the first stepping stone in the conquest of the Middle East of course Cheney is not crazy about the U.S. leaving it to the Iraqis. A failure will not be on the shoulders of the repairman but the one who broke it in the first place. Cheney is free willing with the blood of America’s child unless it would be Lizzy’s.

    If course there will be damage after the U.S. leaves, to a good degree you can not fit stupid.
    Al-Qaeda would certainly want us to stay focused on Iraq instead of where they are.
    I wonder if the recent increase is them trying to forestall a withdraw.

    The Sunnis themselves would not be any real hurry for the U.S. to leave, we stand in between them and the Shiites. But I am not thinking it would be them that is causing the bombings as why would they go out of the way to aggravate those who already have reason to wipe them out?

    Hell it could be Cheney, he does disappear from time to time. He could be planting bombs!

  2. jammer5

    Him and his cohorts got us into this mess with his lies in the first place. That man has got serious blood on his hands. Who cares what he has to spout.

  3. The way I understand it the U.S. involvement with this war is ending and the war between the factions of Iraqi citizens will continue.

    But isn’t this the same time frame bush the lesser agreed to before leaving office? So Cheney is saying the plan of his administration is wasting U.S. sacrifices.

  4. Bad Biker

    How long, Dick. (Read that however you like.)

    Really, Dick, it has been over six years. How long should the US spend lives and treasure on a failed enterprise?

    Ten years?


    Until Iraq is a peaceful democracy?

    When will that be – 100 years? 200?

    How long, Dick?

  5. Louis IX KingofFrawnce

    why does this remind me of the melting scene in wizard of oz.

  6. Hello, Louis and welcome to Prairie P&Ps.

    Could it be because we associate the melting scene with evil, and further that we think of evil when we see Cheney? It actually makes me feel physically ill to think very long about the deeds of Cheney.

  7. lilacluvr

    If you think Dick Cheney is evil – just wait until his little Mini-Me daughter – Liz – gets more cajones to take on those ‘evil’ Democrats.

    I look for the Republicans to try to push Liz Cheney as a possible candidate for some office to get her foot into the door.

    • I agree Lilac! The little bit Liz Cheney has been in the public eye I’ve often thought the fruit didn’t fall too far from the tree. Both her parents seem grumpy, holier-than-thou, arrogant, and she seems to be following their example.

  8. wicked

    Love the photo!! Dick the Prick

    It’s his wife that’s scary. Read Against All Enemies for why I think that. Which means the whole family is just…scary.