“I want to go skinny dipping!“, his wife was shocked as her husband stood and stripped off his boxer styled swim trunks. He look down at her seeming to be waiting for her in turn, his middle aged body naked in the sun on the white sand beach. Finally he conceded she was not so willing and turn to run into the crystal clear waters. It was cool and comfortable as the waters wrapped around his body, he dove into the bright waters. The beach was secluded not much chance of others to stumbling upon them. So why not? He had always wondered what the attraction was in swimming in the nude and now he would know!

It felt wonderful, he was a part of nature and seemed one with the universe. Odd how that piece of cloth had seem to represent all there was in life that held him back from being apart of the world. He had never thought of a swim suit as being a shield from being all there was but now he truly felt free of the restrains of a work-a-day world.
He stood looking down into the clear water and he could make out fishes were swimming around him and there were colorful coral about. He now wish he had a scuba mask but failing that he chose to duck down and open his eyes in the salty water to get a better look.

Ed awoke to the sweltering heat, the couch he was laying on for a mid-day nap was wet.

His eyes were stinging from the salty liquids that leaked in as it flowed from his forehead.

It had been such a beautiful dream to be intruded into by the realities of life.

He sat up and cursed the fan that set on the coffee table at the end of the couch for its failure to drive the heat away. No air conditioning as that was a luxury he could ill afford no matter how hot it was.

The outside temperature had reach one hundred and three degrees and he did not care to know just how hot it was in the house. It was Saturday and one of two days off from his job on the loading dock of Mitchell Oil. His only want at this point was to escape the heat he had to work in five days a week. But that too was not to be.

It than occurred to Ed there was one escape to the heat, the pool his wife had gotten at the department store.

For twenty dollars it was just big enough for the two of them yet seldom did they both get in it.

He worked one shift and she another, life did not often give them a common time frame to share.

He tee shirt and blue jean cut-offs were so soaked with sweat that they clung to him like a baby Opossum in fear for its life clings to its mother. The wet material seemed more a part of his own skin then clothing.

It made him even more irritable and wanting relief so he knew what must happen the pool was calling.


The back screen door was sticking once again, he had not figured out whether the house was settling or the door was just warped? At this point it did not matter to him just the need to get out, caused him to lay a foot to the wood frame. The door flight open and damn near came back on him but he caught it with a hand.

The back yard was turning brown as the grass was not being watered. Ed looked to the fence, it had upset him the day he came home from work to notice the weather worn privacy fence that enclosed the back yard!

“How could that woman have brought a damn fence?” he had thought to himself. Money was so tight and this was a luxury to him.

He confronted her as soon as he walked in the door, she explained that the drunk neighbor had noticed her in the pool. He mocked and ridiculed her in her dress like swim suit with the little skirt that hid her bulging thighs. And butt that had changed shape from the High school days when she was proud of how she looked in her tight fitting Jeans. In a fit of embarrassment and anger she called a local fencing company to see how much a Privacy fence would cost? The cheapest one was a fence they had intended to haul to the dump as it was an old fence they had just replaced. Set up and material had emptied out the little saving but she felt it was worth it. He was feeling like hitting something and the thought was the drunken neighbor.

But this was one of those neighborhoods that the toss of a coin would tell if the guy walking down the street might be armed. She seemed to read his mind and told him to let it go and set down.

But now he stood in the back yard looking to see if anyone was around the fence. Though old and worn the fence did give a good level of privacy. He was assured he was alone and the thought of the water feeling good took over.

The tee shirt damn near ripped at his attempt to strip it off, if someone was watching they would have sworn that he was in a wrestling match with a Mexican wrestler. Twisting and turning in convulsions as the material slipped here and clung there. Finally all gave and it slipped over his head and he threw it at the back steps. Next was his cut-offs they gave with little effort and they too took a flight toward the steps.

He stepped into the pool and sat down, the water only came to his belly button. But was cooler then the air around him. He laid back and let the water flow over his body only his face and round belly was exposed.

He closed his eyes after resting his head on the edge of the pool.

Soon he was back in the clear water off the white sandy beach, where the beach was did not matter.

Any beach would do, he was free of the work-a-day world again in this little pool in a browning back yard of a neighborhood that had lost its luster from its once was.



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