Saturday, 06/27/09, Public Square

yes weekendHope you all get to enjoy the weekend! A little cooling off would go a long ways to making everything more bearable!

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  1. Coffee and a coffin nail.

  2. Good morn Ms fnord.
    Hope all is well.

  3. prairiepond

    Morning T. My coffee’s good, but no coffin nail.

    I’d blow a joint but I dont have one, wouldnt even know how to get one.

    I hate gettin’ old.

  4. Good morning, Sekan.

    I canceled the road trip — and, I’m feeling BIG guilt! After a long week the few tried to get details worked out late last night, I went to bed not knowing for sure, woke with a headache and just called it off. Seemed not to be the time for the trip. Now, I need to apologize to PP. Not going had nothing to do with any of us not wanting to see her, and she prepared for company, and I let her down.

  5. prairiepond

    I think Fnord is feeling under the weather. Got an early mornign email that she’s not up to the trip today. Dont know about the others.

    I hope ya feel better fnord, ’cause ya know we love ya and all. You too Jammer. I’m glad you are not sharing the strep love. Heheheh. You feel better soon, too.

    I’m frying chicken today no matter what. Heh. Summer would be sorely disappointed if I didnt.

    And maybe that peach cobbler shouldnt go to waste either…

  6. prairiepond

    OMG, Fnord, you have NO reason to be guilty. And dont imagine I cleaned and cooked and shopped all week because…. I DIDNT!

    I was just going to let you all see my house in all it’s filthy glory, the yard in all it’s unmowed natural state, and the food, well, I wasnt going to start it for a couple of hours anyway.

    Dont worry. Dont worry one single minute. We’ll do this again at a better time. It was so nice of you to try and get this organized and make the effort.

    I, as the Queen of Downer Creek, do proclaim this to be a guilt free zone, and a guilt free day.

    So mote it be!

  7. Bad Biker

    My friends,

    All of you have been very supportive and helpful regarding our friend’s condition after his motorcycle accident, so it is only right that I keep you updated.

    The news is not good, in fact it is quite grim.

    Jason was doing quite well, eating, talking on the phone and even standing up with support. That all changed suddenly on Wednesday afternoon. He collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. It took seven tries with the paddles to bring him back. Since then, he has been unresponsive. They did surgery and removed three quarters of his colon, but he has internal bleeding. Worse, his brain has begun to swell again.

    He is on a DNR order and it does not look good. We don’t know if he was brain activity or not.

    There is a website for him for donations for his family. Jason is just 23, but he has a 9 year old step-daughter and two children of his own, 4 and 1. I’ll post the link later today.

    Sorry to bring such grim news early on a Saturday, but I thought you should know.

    Keep Jason and his family in your thoughts and prayers, please.


    • wicked

      Maybe some prayers to Father Kapaun? I hear he’s worked miracles.

      And that isn’t meant to be snarky.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I am never sure of the trade off, do what you love and suffer or live life in a shelter and not truly live.
    So sorry to hear of the turn for Jason.

  9. prairiepond

    Oh will, I’m so sorry. I know this is hurting you and your granddaughter.

    Here’s a big virtual hug (((((((((((Will)))))))))))))

  10. wicked

    I’m wondering why I’m up and awake. Very late night last night. G-kids were insane and wouldn’t go to bed, especially the little one, not yet 2. The only one who zonked out was the 5-year-old g-son, but he didn’t have a choice. We use drugs. Have to or he’d probably never sleep. And still sometimes he’ll get up in the middle of the night, find a big knife and cut up some kind of food, whether oranges or cheese or whatever. Or catch the house on fire with a lighter.

    About 11:30 last night the oldest granddaughter showed up. Her mom and dad were headed to KC and World’s of Fun. So now all 4 are here until tomorrow afternoon/evening. I can’t believe I’m praying it doesn’t rain. If it doesn’t, they can go swim in daughter’s pool that was finally filled yesterday.

    I’m looking forward to Monday…when we get back to normal-during-the-day-only. ::sigh::

  11. Pedant

    Well, one more cup of coffee and I’m off to the gym. Then I’ll come back and dig around long enough to find the sunscreen goo from last year. (Ugh. I hate that crap, but a long time ago I gave my skin voting rights, and I’ve never won a “do I lube up or not” election since. πŸ˜‰ )

    Then I’ll drive about twenty minutes east and head up Atlantic Ave until I get to public parking at 55th street. Rumor has it that bottlenose dolphins have been frolicking just off the beach all this week. They’re always fun to watch. Riptides are still bad but pfffft. The Wyndham Hotel maintains a wireless connection that extends to this section of the beach, so I’ll take the iPod and watch the Cardinals play the Twins this afternoon. And a book. It’s going to be a beach day today, I think.

    Have fun yall!

    • wicked

      OMG, you make me want to CRY!

      What’s a beach?


    • wicked, take heart, he lives near the cold ocean. Even after a long string of hot days the Atlantic is still cold.

      • Pedant

        Yeah, it’s true that the ocean stays brrrrr cold until well into June. It’s warm enough now, though. It ain’t Cancun warm, true, but it’s warm enough (or so says a coworker who actually lives on the beach).

        There’s a silver lining to that cloud, though. Come October, when the humidity leaves the air and the nights get cool, the water is still warm. I am told that it’s a real treat to build a bonfire on the beach come October evenings. Swim, come back to the fire to warm up, repeat. I’ve never done that, but I’ve heard rumors of people — actual people who actually have a life — who say this is loads of fun.

      • The only times I’ve actually gotten wet in the Atlantic Ocean is during visits to Boston — it is brrr cold until it gets colder up there. πŸ˜‰

      • wicked

        I have this compelling need to live near water. Any water. Even a little pond in my backyard would do. Which reminds me, I really should hook up my tabletop fountain. πŸ™‚ Trees come in second. This is why I would never choose landlocked, treeless (except where sekan is) Kansas. Somebody goofed.

        My dream? To live on the coast of Oregon. Maine is my second choice. Not the “beach” stuff, the rugged rocky shorelines. Crashing waves and lighthouses.

  12. Enjoy your day at the beach, Pedant! It does sound relaxing. You live in a pretty part of the world. Kansas has its own beauty but fewer have grown to appreciate the quiet solitude of the prairie.

    • wicked

      You shame me, fnord. Truly. There’s nothing at all wrong with the beauty of our state. Yes, I’ve seen it, too, sitting out in the middle of a wheat field as evening falls.

      This whole country is magnificent, blessed by Mother Nature in its beauty. I’ve been in 48 states and have seen much of it. My mom stopped at every waterfall within a 200 mile radius on vacations. Mountains, too. Caves. Panoramic views. Prairie dogs. LOL

  13. Bad Biker

    Back in the day. I lived in Western North Carolina. At times in the summer, the temp AND the humidity would be 100, so we’d pack the kids in the car and head up into the mountains about 30 miles away.

    Instant relief. The temp on the Blue Ridge Parkway was about 20 – 30 degrees less than down in the foothills.

    Some times a bunch of us drunken fools would pack up the beer and hike down into Linville Gorge, drive off the cliffs into some darn COLD water.

    I have a picture of myself in mid-drive, going off from about twenty feet. The river cut eddy’s in the stone, the water would be six inches deep and then drop off to whatever depth – none of us could ever get to the bottom. When you dove, you damned better hit the right stop.

  14. tosmarttobegop

    Now many are killing me! I spent part of yesterday trying to find a sand pit that still allowed public access. There really is no water clear enough in Kansas that would make it worth digging out scuba gear. So this Kansas boy loves to Skin dive and last year not once. SO the fruitless search was a no go, other then a maybe kind of sort of from Lake shore on S. Seneca that next year it might be open again.

    Darn you Fnord I had all but gotten Crystal lake out of my head till you brought it up!
    After they closed the place and turned it in to one of the richy rich housing it became a goal to win the lottery and buy some beach front lot. Don’t need a house just a place to get wet!

    Been to the Gulf and the coast of N.C. reminded me of a Kansas lake except for the salt and waves.

    • Laughing with you, tstb! You showed me what a neocon is and I can’t get that out of my head! At least what I stuck in your head is a pleasant memory. πŸ˜‰

  15. Crystal Lake — the place I first felt a nearly nude (swim suits only) male body up next to mine.

    • tosmarttobegop

      And I whole heartedly apologize for that! I generally look at the bottoms… I mean when I came back from the bottom!

  16. wicked

    Whatever happened to Courtney-Davis? My senior skip day was spent there, freezing in the morning and toasting in the humid, hot afternoon. Guys sneaked in a bottle and were upchucking in the bushes as the heat settled in. Brilliant minds and all that.

  17. I think Courtney Davis (where I also spent some wonderful days!) went out of business to the public for the same reasons Crystal Lake did — someone drowned and the cost of liability insurance went higher than the potential profits.

  18. You know that truly famous photo of Farrah Fawcett in the red swimsuit? I read an interesting article that says in the photo her hair spelled out the word “sex.” How many of you had ever heard that?

    • wicked

      I never had the poster to check it out. Farrah Fawcett hanging on my wall?


    • Had never heard that. Went to the article you linked and I can see the “S” and the “x”, but I will be darned if I can see the “e”.

      • You can “click” the picture to make it larger — the “e” is dark and up on her neck. I had never heard about this — some of the comments to the linked article indicate guys knew it all along, but now I can see the whole word.

  19. wicked

    Sandy Beach? I think that’s where I got my first sunburn.

    Anybody swim at Municipal Pool? Most of mine was done at the one on Seneca, across from Allison Jr. High. We walked the few blocks from home. Kids nowdays don’t realize that rubber flipflops were in back then, only we called them thongs. Now thongs are…not hardly there. πŸ™‚ I received a wealth of sex education under the Kellogg overpass on Seneca. The artwork was amazing!

  20. As a real young kid the Municipal pool I went to was the one which was across the street from where the Indian Center is now. It was my first exposure to African Americans.

    I remember when flip flops were called thongs. I did not know about the newer variety when everyone was abuzz about Monica.

    Hey, maybe we should have a reminiscing about Wichita thread? In my word documents I have some neat old Wichita photos. Will have to see if I can find them.

    • wicked

      Yes, you do have some neat old Wichita photos! You sent me some, and I really appreciate it.

      I found my Princess of the Plains book. Or rather my dad’s. I knew Hal Ottoway when I was a kid and one of the other of the three compilers of the postcards. I also now have my dad’s copy of Wichita Century 1870-1970. More pictures! I can scan some pictures. πŸ™‚

      As I mentioned on another thread, my dad and ex’s grandfather used to talk old Wichita. I grew up on the West side, on Dayton, half a block from West High.

    • wicked

      I’m sure that’s the Municipal pool I remember. Went to it once, after we moved from Wichita. It was in Riverside, so yeah.

      I swam more at Joyland, although not all that much. I didn’t like swimming. Always afraid my mom would let me drown. LOL One summer, my mom was doing market research work in South Dakota and took me and our neighbor (6 years older than me) with her. We stopped at a place called Evans Plunge, where a huge building was built in the rockbed river, just for swimming in the clear water. Last I looked online, the place is still there. Anyway, Margaret taught me to float. After that, I took swim lessons at West High pool. Guess I just didn’t trust my mom. πŸ˜‰

      • tosmarttobegop

        I took swim lessons at West High pool

        Oh boy now you reminded me: I went to West high and the days the boy got the pool was Monday and Wednesday with every other Friday. One Friday the grumpy old coach announced anyone wanting in the pool fall out. Well the rush was on! NOW using a logic I never could figure out, we the boys did not have to wear a swim suit and in fact if you did wear one you was considered Gay! Being naked with a bunch of other naked boys was not Gay?

        Anyway, we all ran down stripping out of gym clothes all the way back to the locker room.
        So if you can imagine there was like fifteen naked teenage boys bouncing around at the pool door by the time the grumpy old coach got down there. He fumbled with his keys till he finally got the right key and Tim was the first one in line screaming β€œopen the door coach open the door!”.

        Finally the door was unlocked and coach pulled it open and the push was on to get in. Tim being the first in line was first through the door. I was more toward the back and suddenly heard this God awful scream followed by the shrillest sound I had ever heard. Mixed with outrageous laughter coming from the pool.
        And the door slammed shut and coach ordered us to get dressed and back to the gym floor.
        But before we did one of the other boys told coach, β€œ Ah Tim is still in there!”.

        It seem that coach had confused the days and it was the girls turn to have the pool.
        AND what of Tim you ask? Well, Tim made it to the edge of the pool before he notice the girls.
        It seems the scream and shrillest sound I had heard came out of Tim! I was told by a girl that was in the pool, that Tim stood there grasping his groin then toppled into the deep end.

        The girls coach had to empty the pool of the girls before Tim would come out. And even then he was still reluctant.

      • wicked

        tstb, you took swim lessons at West High pool because you went to school there. I was like 9? πŸ™‚

        I can remember the stories about the boys swimming naked. In fact, rumor had it that the water fountain outside the building where the pool is inside was water from that pool the boys swam naked in! Darned water was always warm if you dared to drink it. πŸ˜‰

        I never attended West. We moved to Clearwater 6 weeks into 7th grade, and I was there through jr. high and high school, all in the same building. I once heard Clearwater’s gym had been designed to have a sliding floor with a pool underneath, like the one in It’s a Wonderful Life. Of course there was no pool.

        The City finally built a swimming pool that opened Memorial Day (Sunday) 1967, the summer following my sophomore year. Only one kid in my family, fnord, but I had a season pass for three years. We didn’t swim so much after everyone was off to college. The only days we didn’t swim for the first two years was when the pool was closed because of weather. I have tons of memories connected to that pool. One of my best friends lifeguarded the second and third year, and we’d wait until Sunday evening when the pool closed earlier and she got off work, then head out to a drive-in movie. We managed to stay out of trouble, although I don’t know how. We were known to stop at a liquor store at 47th & Bdway. They didn’t check ID and one of the girls looked older. My mom would’ve killed me if she’d known what I was up to.

        My mind spins when I think that I can now look out my backyard and see where the Pawnee drive-in was. We saw a lot of movies over two summers and were even sober enough to remember most!

  21. Yes, the pool I went to was by Riverside. We were west siders, too. I grew up on South Clara. We lived close to the big ditch. I used to play there as a kid. I remember bringing home a pet leech from the big ditch one time. Somehow, it mysteriously disappeared after I had gone to bed. Being a little less trusting now as opposed to then, I am betting my parents knew something about that leech’s disappearance.

    When they put in the bypass which was just across the street from us, my dad did not like all the traffic. So he bought some land west of the Airport on Pawnee. He built a house there, an activity that took advantage of my “salve” labor. Our house was real close to the Pawnee Prairie Park and golf course. I went to Goddard starting in the 7th grade. Nathan P. and I are fellow alumni from Goddard – one of those things that makes ya proud. πŸ™‚

    It took my dad, my mom, me, my sister and some of his assorted friends about two years to build our house. When we moved in it was paid for. When I was in the 7th grade my mom started working at Cessna – she sewed airplane seats. Growing up, I thought we were poor, but as it turns out, as soon as my mom started working at Cessna, my dad started investing his entire check into various bond investments. We lived off of my mom’s salary. Financially, my dad is pretty comfortable now and I am grateful for that.

    My photo file got corrupted somehow, but here is a huge collection of early Wichita photos – most are from the WSU special collection, but there are some from the city/county historical society:

  22. wicked

    I had a friend in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade who lived on Bebe near the Big Ditch.

    I can vaguely remember building on Kellogg. The ramps. It was cool though. We had those deadend circle drives where we rode our bikes without a lot of traffic. Dayton still had trolley tracks on it when I was growing up. Trying to turn into my drive when I wasn’t in the right spot in the street was a death defying act. There were still mounds of dirt behind West from the building.

    Iggy, I still have your pics. Want me to send them to you?

  23. I grew up in Park City before it had any nice houses — back in the 50s and 60s all the houses were slab houses, much like the temporary WWII housing in Oaklawn, but a tiny bit bigger houses. We attended K – 8 right there in Park City at Chisholm Trail, went to Valley Center and then Heights after it was built in 1961 for 9 – 12. All the schools were county schools, not yet a part of the Wichita school system (that happened in 1964). We had our own superintendent and school board members who all lived right there in Park City with us. They all knew our parents. Everyone knew everyone’s parents so we were shot outta luck at pulling anything off and it not being found out!

    When spring storms threatened the whole community went to the basement of the Baptist Church. The men all stayed outside watching the skies (and smoking cigarettes) while the women corralled a basement full of children of every age. No storm actually ever hit Park City, but we sure gathered in that church basement often in the spring.

    The swimming pool was built at the park in the late 50s and we spent all day every day there. I am the oldest of seven children and they offered a family pass for $50 a season. Although $50 was less back then our family still made out like bandits on that one!

  24. Before the Big Ditch was built Park City used to flood. I remember two big floods. When the water went down it left mud and worms all over the floors — worms making squiggly lines in the mud.

  25. Bad Biker

    You folks ain’t got nuttin! My first memory of Wichita, USA……………………………

    It was Spring break 1972 – I was on the outs with my girlfriend (interestingly name Dorothy) and I was restless. Fetched my backpack and sleeping bag from my parents house while they weren’t home (knew where they hid the spare key) and headed out to the freeway.

    I left Pontiac, Michigan on a cold and snowy morning – about eighty bucks hidden in my shoe and a well-worked thumb.

    I hitched from MI through AZ to CA, LA and San Fran then up to Portland, OR. After a day or two, I turned around and headed back.

    Got picked up by a zoned out truck driver that talked me into driving his rig, if he would shift gears for me.


    Got picked up by a couple of guys that drove through Vegas and hit the slots.

    Onward, towards home and the Wichita link.

    A dude from SC stopped for me up in New Mexico in a pick up and we headed towards St. Louis. We hooked up with the turnpike and zipped into Kansas. About what is now (I am guessing) Haysville, the clutch went out on the truck and we had to pull over in Wichita. We found a shop (hazy memories) that let us rent a bay and we slapped a new clutch in the truck.

    The guy blamed me for the clutch breakdown, so I suggested a place where he could put the old clutch and headed back to the turnpike.

    That was my first exposure to Wichita, USA.

    Twenty-four hours later, I was back in Pontiac. Dorothy probably hadn’t had any for a day or two, (she was a nympho) so we had a few days of unbridled sex before we called it quits for good.

    Hitchhiking – a lost art in America.

  26. “Iggy, I still have your pics. Want me to send them to you?”

    I would appreciate that, if you don’t mind.

  27. David B

    Bees Without Borders

    A Connecticut beekeeper spreads the secrets of bees’ lives to villages around the world to help fight poverty

  28. Bebe was the street just to the east of us.

    Hitchhiked a few times to Colorado in the late 1960’s, early ’70’s. On one trip on the way home, a disabled Viet Nam Veteran, who happened to be much more intoxicated than I realized, picked me up. He was driving about 100 m.p.h. across western Kansas.

    I spoke to God and said if he’d let me live, I’d never hitchhike again. Kept my word.

  29. tosmarttobegop

    We lived in Plainview when I was five then moved to South Richmond just S. of McCormick then farther south to the 1300 block. Mom use to take a bunch of boys to the municipal pool every other day by Riverside. It was cool and deep enough to be interesting to me.

    LOL I thought we were not bad off, Dad worked at Cessna and never wanted for much. But one night on channel 10 they said the area we lived in was a β€œSocially-economically depressed neighborhood. It is working class if that is socially-economically depressed? Payne Elementary than Allison and than West high. Mom still has the house I spend a good deal of time in after the front house burnt when I was 13.

  30. Yeah, tsmtobg,

    Moving to the east side was hard for me.

    An especially snobby guy I worked with many years ago said that when east-siders’ had an extra $20 they’d buy a book. When west siders’ had the same amount they buy as many C & W albums as they could get.

    I buy many books and I cannot recall ever buying a C&W album. I have purchased folk and bluegrass albums, but that is different…