The American Theocracy Residence

ReligionPolitics-764320Is your head still in the sand about those in high elected office who want to remake America into a theocracy? They are no better than the Taliban, the name of the religious practice is different, and they’re able to sell it to unthinking Americans because Christianity sounds superior, godly, and is acceptable to those who have been brainwashed into believing that legislating morals is somehow their right.

“No sign explains the prim and proper red brick house on C Street SE. Nothing hints at its secrets. It blends into the streetscape, tucked behind the Library of Congress, a few steps from the Cannon House Office Building, a few more steps to the Capitol. This is just the way its residents want it to be. Almost invisible.

On any given day, the rowhouse at 133 C St. SE — well appointed, with American flag flying, white-and-green-trimmed windows and a pleasant garden — fills with talk of power and the Lord. At least five congressmen live there, quietly renting upstairs rooms from an organization affiliated with “the Fellowship,” the obsessively secretive Arlington spiritual group that organizes the National Day of Prayer breakfast, an event routinely attended by legions of top government officials. Other politicians come to the house for group spirituality sessions, prayer meetings or to simply share their troubles.”

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10 responses to “The American Theocracy Residence

  1. wicked

    Major barf. Nothing quite so turns the stomach and one OFF religion than a bunch of zealots.

  2. wicked

    Sorry, guys, but prayer does no good when you can’t even remember to keep your zipper zipped.

    “Godly” seems to bring out the weaknesses of the weak and the perversions of those who seek a higher perch, reigning down sanctimonious warnings to others, while they’re out doing the most dastrardly things themselves.

    Makes me wonder what the 12 disciples might have been up to while Jesus was in the desert.

  3. These nut cases who are far from Christ like, yet feel so superior must be guarded against! Matters of church and state cannot be commingled.

  4. When these nut cases get together to pray over their legislative decisions are there ‘open meeting’ concerns or questions?

  5. Here’s a lesson for the American theocracy wannabees:

    A hardline Iranian cleric called on Friday for the execution of leading “rioters” to teach a lesson to the tens of thousands who have protested against the result of the presidential election two weeks ago.

    “I want the judiciary to … punish leading rioters firmly and without showing any mercy to teach everyone a lesson,” Ahmad Khatami told worshippers at Tehran University.

  6. This secret house on C Street SE is where both Ensign and Sanford learned to say, “”Vote for me because I am more moral than the other guy.”

  7. wicked

    ‘open meeting’ concerns or questions?

    And if questions, do they get answers? Because the way I hear it, voices in your head are NOT good. Sign of insantiy and delusions.

    Just ask me.