Supreme Court: Strip-Search of 13 Year-Old Girl, Improper


 The only “non’-‘duh” moment of this opinion came from Supreme Court Justice Thomas Clarence when he departed from the 8-1 majority and indicated:

“. . . the court’s ruling put school officials in an ‘impossible spot’ because it did not make clear what kinds of rule infractions would justify a more intrusive search. ”

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14 responses to “Supreme Court: Strip-Search of 13 Year-Old Girl, Improper

  1. Thomas is one weird guy. I realyy don’t know how else to describe him, maybe CREEPY?

  2. wicked

    This entire incident was disgusting. Strip-searching a 13-year-old girl (or even a boy) because she was suspected of passing on and hiding a Tylenol capsule?

    When I was in HS, many of us kept an economy-size bottle of Exedrin in our locker. I don’t recall anyone ever offing themselves with it, nor did they hallucinate and run nekkid through the hallways.

    They want kids to grow up and be little adults, yet they take those things that prove they have and slap them in the face with it, essentially treating them all like 2-year-olds. Oh, yes, and PLEASE, let’s humiliate them at the worst possible age.

    May the Justices be visited with menstrual cramps for a week, with no relief from Tylenol, Aleve, or Midol.

  3. wicked

    Oops! Okay, I hadn’t read the latest ruling. I’m a couple of weeks behind. Just one Justice then. Clarence, you say? It figures. Brainless and dickless.

  4. Treating a young person of this age with the respect and dignity due all humans will be more successful in assuring a productive, law-abiding adult than telling them they can’t be trusted.

  5. Thomas was also saying that it really wasn’t a “strip search” because they only made her pull out on her panties and bra.

    He has to be the most self-loathing of all black men of all time.

  6. wicked

    Prescription Tylenol could only mean Tylenol 3. Makes me feel like my arms are floating.

    Have you ever stood in a doorway with your arms down and the backs of your hands pressed against the frame? Do it for a long time, then step out of the doorway with your arms relaxed. They’ll float up, all by themselves. That’s me on T-3.

    (get to the point, wicked)

    Fnord and all the other ladies, do you remember 13? 7th-8th grade? Showers after gym class? Hugging the towel and hoping the gym teacher didn’t catch you?

    All our lives we’re taught to be modest, then when our bodies start changing, they want us to reveal all to, well, all. Crappy age. Really crappy. And then I watched my girls go through the same humiliations. It doesn’t change from generation to generation, no matter how much sex is sold in the media. Or maybe it bothers even more because of that.

    Somebody needs to smack some school people, strip them nekkid, and march them in front of the entire school body. Or maybe just let them shower in the locker room, sans towels or anything to hide behind. I’d bet 99% of them would want to die.

    Oh, and Clarence Thomas is a dirty old man, devoid of feeling and without a shred of human compassion. Screw him.

  7. “…devoid of feeling and without a shred of human compassion.”

    I guess you haven’t been reading the objections to Sotomayer’s nomination. She has a few of those shreds, which make her totally unsuited for the job! Please pay attention in class, wicked…

    Just kidding, I hope you know…..

    • wicked

      Yes, I fell asleep once again. 😦

      And I mixed up the Tylenol with the Ibuprofen.

      When will I get it right?!

      So does the paddle come out now, iggy? Or do I have to write “I will not fall asleep in class and mix my drugs” 1000 times?

    • wicked

      Oh, sweetie (women can do it, too), I haven’t read much of anything but my own words for two days. I’d ask who Sotomayer is, but you’d smack me for that. I really do know. Really.