Friday, 06/26/09, Public Square

casual fridayBlogging doesn’t require formal attire, not even business attire. In fact, no attire would work. 😉

What will we find interesting to talk about today?



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  1. Went to the pool with the wifie for about an hour yesterday. Used sunscreen on my upper one third. Layed in the sloping shallow end and msut have had my knees sticking up. Burnt the holy bujeezus outta them.

    • jammer5

      Sek, when I was stationed in Guam, some friends and myself went to an awesome little beach on Anderson AFB. I wore levis and a shirt all day. I also wore tennies, with no socks. I burnt my ankles (an area about two inches wide) so bad I could hardly walk. I went to the base dispensary to get something for it. The doctor threatened me with an article 15 (Can’t fuck with government issue, which technically, I was). I asked him what exactly the board would say about a two inch band around each ankle, and the rest of the body fully protected.

      He, reluctantly, gave me some topical ointment to kill the pain. Sheesh . . . talk about anal.

    • thanks, I’m using that!

    • I got 84%, which is very disappointing, however, the nine I missed were an average of 41 miles off. So I knew where they belonged but didn’t get them in the exact space when the map was pretty empty.

      • jammer5

        I missed them all, so I am a typical male who would never ask for directions, and never gets lost. Bet you didn’t know Hollywood is in Kansas!

    • Pedant

      86%, 24 miles, 437 seconds.

      I’m claimin’ a grad school A on that bad boy. 😉

  2. jammer5

    I called citi-card to stop credit protection because I’m cutting back on much as I can due to the layoff. They told me I can start a protection of my card for two years, no interest on the balance, card frozen, and I can miss payments with no penalty and no interest.

    I called them when I moved to give them my new address, and they payed my normal payments for two months. While there are many credit card businesses out there, they have nothing but excellent in my book. Nice to know some businesses give a damn about their customers.

  3. prairiepond

    Good morning all

    Who’s coming to visit tomorrow? Details? I’m trying to get everything mowed before you all get here, but it’s a big job and the heat is a formidable opponent.

    And did I mention I have to get out statements at the office today?

    A farmgirl’s work is never done….

    • Don’t mow! Save it for us, PLEASE!

      Jammer finally went to the doctor and will be on the mend, but will stay home to ensure that! Me and Biker for sure. I haven’t heard word one from Thunderchild for about a week. I’ll try to get him nailed down. 😉

  4. prairiepond

    What happened to Jammer? I hadnt heard? Best wishes Jammer. I hope you are ok.

    No worry about “nailing down” anyone. I’ve got two chickens ready to be cut up and fried. That should feed us no matter who shows up.

    I just need to know if you all want mashed ‘taters and gravy or homemade potato salad?


  5. prairiepond

    Oh, and if you and Biker decide the heat is too much, not to worry. You can make the trip another time. It wont hurt my feelings.

    heheheh. And of course, it leaves more chicken for me! hee hee hee!

  6. prairiepond

    I kind of enjoy the Zen of Mowing. I like the sun and the tan afterward, even though I know it’s not healthly. I like the intimacy it gives me with the farm yard, up close and personal. And I like how it looks, and smells, when I’m done.

    My riding mower is the only machine with which I have a moderately civil relationship. Engines and I are not the best of friends. Most machines hate me and are aggressively mean to me 🙂

    But my mower chugs along. It was used when Dad had it, and he’s been gone 23 years. She’s served me well, with minimal repairs. My buddies do make sure she’s serviced regularly and on time.

    But ya know, I do full contact mowing and it’s hard on both of us old girls. Both the mower and I have the scars to prove it!

  7. wicked

    Don’t ever let me near your mower, PP!! I seem to have contracted some sort of negative power over them and kill them with only a few uses. I’m thinking of paving the entire back yard. Even the dog gets lost in it.

  8. I just finished mowing the back yard — the hardest at my house since it’s larger and mostly in full sun, whereas the smaller front yard is mostly in shade. I mow with the same nearly 10-year old push mower I decided was the mower to buy back then when I was both younger and less experienced at yard mowing. I’m saving for a self-propelled mower!

  9. Gooday ladies.
    I tweeted this to the Loon
    tearjerker, ah tell ya’

  10. Bad Biker

    Grrl Friend – I will be visiting you tomorrow – notify the local authorities – but I’ll be damned if I am going to let you do all the cooking.

    Perhaps there is a meat market near by where we could buy a few steaks, etc.

    I am opting for mashed and gravy with fried chix, ‘tater salad and corn on the cob with steaks.

    If ya’ don’t wanna do steaks, maybe a few pork chops or a tenderloin – probably won’t have time to smoke it.

    Don’t feel like you need to spend any money – I’ll buy the steaks.

    We are just coming to terrorize you, Summer and the rest of Trego County.

    I am bringing a fishing pole.