Shawn’s Famous Friends — PAUL SIMON

“At one point, a young guy came by saying he needed a place to stay while he was in London, so he moved in too. His name was Paul Simon. He had bad management at the time, so I introduced him to my then manager, a man named Ashley Kozack. Ashley took over his career, and it began to flourish.”  

Shawn Phillips: “There are 3 to 4 thousand extremely wealthy people who run the world. They don’t care about humanity. The last thing they want is peace. I simply try to say that if the individual finds peace, then the world finds peace. That’s the way we neutralize them.”


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4 responses to “Shawn’s Famous Friends — PAUL SIMON

  1. Still unimpressed huh?

  2. I can make comments to all the threads and you’ll never know it unless you go looking. My comments show here, but aren’t indicated on the “Recent Comments” listing on the blog’s front page. Wonder what I did wrong?

  3. wicked

    Amen, Shawn. Amen.

    Gee, if I’d known he had such GREAT FRIENDS, I’d have been his best friend!

    Paul Simon? Eric Clapton?

    Shawn needs to get his butt out there and hustle, hustle, hustle. Think he might need a new promo person? I love doing promo…for other people.

  4. Shawn Phillips is touring again in 2010.
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