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Fastest Soap In the West

Mark Sanford

But her ASS is this small....

  I must say that of all the soap operas I’ve ever seen, whether or not it’s a real life politcal scandal like Gov. Mark Sanford or any daytime soap, they usually all move painfully slow. Slow for the constituents, families, viewers, pundits and anybody else that is entertained/employed by these all too human events.

Think about it. How long did Bill Clinton’s witch hunt carry on? What about your favorite soap? I mean really, on the daytime soaps you can quit watching while someone is in bed dying, you pick the story up six months later and the poor soul is still dying! Not so for this efficient former 2012 hopefull. He’s moving faster than Obama did from Freshman Senator to the Presidency! ~sekanblogger

AP- South Carolina GOP Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday to an affair, and resigned his position as chair of the Republican Governor’s Association following a strange week in which the governor dropped off the grid and could not be located.

Later in the day, Sanford’s wife Jenny released a statement saying the couple had begun a trial separation two weeks ago. continued….FAST FORWARD, just a few hours.   Statement from First Lady Jenny Sanford; Continue reading


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Shawn’s Famous Friends — ERIC CLAPTON

eric-clapton“Eric Clapton played on the Contribution album (“Man Hole Covered Wagon”), and he and I used to talk together.”  -Shawn Phillips






                                                                                        “Edgar Winter once walked up to me at a festival in Toronto and he said, ‘Man you come from Texas, how come you got so far away from your roots?’ And I told Edgar that there’s a whole tree above the ground.” -Shawn Phillips 

Eric plays “After Midnight” with some old ‘Okie’ fart named J.J. Cale.  Of course we could do a whole series just on Cale. ~sekanblogger

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My grandparents married during the Great Depression and began raising their young family during World War II. 

My grandmother would tell me stories about those times with pride. She couldn’t buy a car or nylon stockings. But she did save every bit of aluminum for the war effort, mended socks, and planted a victory garden. Though they had very little, when they could save ten cents, she would get another stamp for her war bond book.  

As tough as those times were, my grandmother felt that what she did every day mattered for the country and her children’s future. Families across the nation took these same actions, and, together, they did indeed make all the difference. The victory gardens, the recycling, the $185 billion in war bonds raised by 85 million cash-strapped Americans (nearly $2 trillion in today’s dollars), and the retooling of Detroit for tanks and planes provided our country with the resources and capacity for the war effort. 

Taken together, these actions gave the economy a whole new set of  priorities—moving from a failing consumer-based economy to an economy focused on providing for the country’s future.  

As a nation, we are again at this kind of pivotal time. We can choose to reprioritize the economy. And we know how to do it — we did it during World War II.  

The steps this time around will look familiar to those who experienced these days. We need to embrace thrift as a fundamental value, and collectively shift our economy from one depending on consumerism, debt, and speculation, to one that spends its precious resources on what sustains health and well-being for people and the planet. 

Like the economy my grandmother experienced during World War II, the consumer sector can no longer be the economy’s driver. But instead of a war effort, the priority now needs be to on economic activity and jobs that bring about a sustainable future—from energy efficiency, mass transit, and sustainable agriculture to education, health, and building resilient communities, that make sure no one is left behind.  Continue reading


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Wednesday, 06/24/09, Public Square

hot-weatherYep, it’s Kansas, and it’s summer. 😉

What cooling thoughts do you have today?



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