Why oh why are liberals concerned about a battle of wits with the conservatives?

I have often pointed out now the one sided battle of wits that the Conservatives and the Liberals have going on. The Conservatives have to twist and distort what the Liberals say to degrade them. While all the Liberals have to do is either quote the Conservatives word for word or simply give them enough of their own rope to be hung by.


In case you did not watch countdown tonight its the number one.


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4 responses to “Why oh why are liberals concerned about a battle of wits with the conservatives?

  1. tosmarttobegop

    As if anyone would wonder why my nic is: too smart to be gop?

  2. I don’t think it is so much a matter of being as smart, or smarter, but rather a predilection towards using all of your brain (right and left sides – as in hemispheres) vs. just one side. The left hemisphere is concerned with facts, the right side with empathy, etc. As the foregoing would suggest Cons fail, miserably with using either hemisphere. Expect a thread elaborating on this subject, soon.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I really gets me sometimes how openly stupid they seem and it has to be planned as if it was natural they would have died off as too stupid to live! I just left the open thread at that other blog, what is being said it take real intelligence to be that Fooking dumb. They would have to spend hours thinking about it as I said no one that stupid would be able to stay out of traffic! They could not refrain from head butting a tree in a attempt to win an argument with the tree.

    What is amazing is that they think they are being cleaver in what they say. That they are winning by being morons. Totally the scum of society and that is a shining example of a Conservative! I guess I just take the whole partisan fight too serious. In the battle of wits Liberals bring shotguns and high powered rifles and the Cons bring mud balls and throw their own crap like a monkey in the zoo.

    Be warned though, I see to much fixation on what the Conservatives are doing and not being mindful of what the Liberals are doing. The greatest threat to any of Obama’s plans is not the morons of the GOP.
    Its the Democrats, as of now the Democrats have all the powder and balls in the battle and the Republicans like I said are throwing their own crap. If the Democratic lose it will be because of their own actions and nothing the Republicans will do.

  4. wicked

    tstb, as I see it, the Dems need to start taking those actions. Too many are afraid to do so. We’re at the do-it-or-get-off-the-pot point. No more time to waste. So you don’t like throwing money into auto companies? Come up with something better!

    I feel some of the Dems are inching slowly to the right, hoping somehow to cover their assets, in case this doesn’t all work out. And it may not. I can only imagine the surprise on Obama’s face when he learned the real situation in this country from Dubya. Must of been a bit of a shock to discover just how bad it is.

    But inaction won’t work, only doing something will. What that something is, I don’t have a clue. I’m not an economist. I can barely balance my checkbook, and sometimes even that goes awry. But there are wise people out there, and I know our Prez listens and considers. We just have to remember that if something doesn’t work, we back off, think it through again, and get busy on a new plan. That’s how it works in life for me. Don’t know why it can’t for the country. Let’s give ’em a chance. There’s really no alternative…unless one wants to be a l-o-s-e-r like the GOPitiful.