Tuesday, 06/23/09, Public Square

picture-perfect-sunday-rockiesDo you suppose it’s cool up in those mountains? Sure is pretty!

I’ll be catching up with everyone this evening when I get home. Make a bunch of posts for me to read — I’ll be ready to relax.

What topic will you choose to talk about today?



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  1. Nice photo, fnord.

    I will be in Colorado from Thursday thru Sunday – a short vacation. The rainbow trout in the Centennial state are put on notice: I am after you, and you have no viable recourse. I have nice flies, and if necessary, some very appealing salmon eggs; to resist is futile, you will be assimilated…

    I know I sound like some of the gun nuts on the BTSNBN, but fishing is different. My vegetarian 14 year-old daughter and I disagree on this, but well, such things happen.

    • You have FUN! Make some memories with that child, my baby is a senior this year.
      When did that happen….
      Since we’re financially challenged, guess I will consider our weekend in Dallas our family vacation.
      Also plan on taking in the Oklahoma City Zoo, and several attractions that are right there also.
      OKC zoo has a really nice aquarium and water show!

    • wicked

      Have I got a website for you! Something to dream about maybe?

      I’ve been working on this for a few months, on and off, and it hasn’t yet gone live, still residing as the sample for the client on my hosting. It’s a fly fishing lodge in Montana, owned by the brother of a friend of mine. Let me know what you think. 😉


      If nothing else, you’ll love the photos from their clients of the fish they’ve caught!

  2. jammer5

    For your viewing pleasure. A Friggin Loon moment if I ever saw one:

  3. Bad Biker

    Well, Iggy, I am officially pissed off at you. It is my greatest hope that when you so mercilessly capture one of those little trout fishies, one of them jumps up and bites your finger.

    I’m so mad, I prolly won’t talk to you until Monday (when you gives us a trip report.)

    Besides, while you are basking in the Colorado sun, I’ll be hanging with Prairie Pond at the farm, fishin’, drinkin’ beer and partaking of her cooking.

    So there!

    • Thanks, Biker. I will be in the wilderness where there are mountains in between me and my cell antenna. So, no one from work will bother me. It will be tough, but I will endure, the best I can.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Good morning all.

  5. wicked

    I’m going to make this a good day, no matter what.

    Grandkids have already been outside and dumped water all over themselves. ::sigh:: Looks like another “inside day” for them, which doesn’t bode well for me. Long tortuous murder is too good for them. I think I’ll put them to work instead. At this point, there’s nowhere for them to sleep, and since tonight is the night we start that until Sunday, we’d better make it a busy day!

    (I’d rather make a trip to the used bookstore, but when was the last time I got to do what I wanted to do? Hmmm? When? Last known report…I think I was 24. Got married. And look how that turned out. Okay, never mind. LOL)

    • wicked

      Amazing. Simply amazing. Less than 15 minutes after posting and during a stop at QT for a drink on the way to taking my daughter to work, my agent called. Seems my senior editor (the one with the clout to say “buy”) offered me a tw0-book contract, which of course I grabbed. Hey, I’m not stoopid. I’ve only been waiting 6 months and a round of revisions to hear. I was in a panic.

      Deadlines aren’t too tight, so I’ll still have time to play a little. Reading, writing, and comenting on blogs, FB, and other stuff will be done in the a.m., saving sanity with g-kids in the afternoon, and writing at night or whenever else it might be quiet will become the norm.

      How do you spell relief? I don’t know, but it sounds like this: Ahhhhhhhhhh…… Looks like living under that bridge has been delayed again for a while. 😉

      • Good news! I’m downright tickled with you!

      • Pedant

        Congratulations Rox!

        May the steam be with you!

      • Pedant

        By the way, has anybody else seen the June 22 edition of The New Yorker magazine?

        wicked, if you haven’t seen it yet check it out: “Real Romance: The Nora Roberts Phenomenon,” by Lauren Collins and beginning on p. 60.

        A great and very fun read (bottom line: Ms Collins pretty much likes Ms Roberts, in the ever even-handed way the editors let slip to print).

        Best backhanded compliment: “Roberts would have made a keen satirist, were she not without condescension or cruelty.” p. 64.


      • wicked

        Thanks, Pendant! I’ll take a look at it.

        I “know” Nora. Gee, most romance writers do and have met her. I spent a little time in Dallas 3 years ago, smoking outside the hotel with Nora and a small group. She’s a nice lady. Shameful, but I’ve never read any of her books. She goes to conference (5 day long), works in her room most of the day, often travels to the bar where her fans find her to talk in the late afternoon, always in shades. LOL I’d say she’s a private person, but being the current queen of romance hasn’t gone to her head.

      • Bad Biker

        Rox, I know that I am WWWAAYYYY out of line for asking, but do you think that your agent might be interested in pitching my book?

        I had an agent a few years ago, signed a contract, then she wanted several thousand dollars for “editing.”

        That was the end of that. She had even promised me a “publishing date.”

        Anyway, I lost my confidence in my writing and gave up. Now, I want to try one more time.

        If you can help, great. If not, I’ll still want you for my weekend girlfriend during road trips!

        Drop me an e-mail – you know the addy.



      • wicked

        Not out of line, Biker. Asking questions is how to get answers and learn.

        My agent handles mostly women’s genre romance novels, so I doubt she’d be any help. But then unless you’re looking to publish with the big boys, you don’t necessarily need an agent. Actually, I didn’t need one, but I’m such a wuss, I knew I’d need someone to go to bat for me, otherwise I’d be bowing and scraping my way OUT the door.

        Try some of the smaller publishing houses. I’ll send you a list of a few I know of. It all depends on the genre your book fits into. The crazy thing is trying to fit with the current trends, which change constantly.

        One of my best writing friends has a “Women’s Fiction” novel being shopped around by her agent. It’s a beautiful story and has been well received by editors. Most have loved it. Now comes the BUT…so far, it doesn’t fit with their current lists. One editor told her it was too close to Nicholas Sparks…who they publish…for them to do anything with it.

        It’s not a business for the faint-hearted. So what am I doing in it? I’m nuts. 🙂

      • wicked

        Thank you, all. I needed to share the news with friends. And I wasn’t kidding that much about the bridge. It’s scary out there in the big old bad world of publishing. I’m very lucky…I think? LOL

        Fnord, this is the third and fourth book of the series that begins in August, then second book in January.

        Thank goodness they’re short books! I’d never make it if they were longer.

      • I am so impressed by someone (anyone) who can live by using their “wits”. The marketplace for these trials have to be tough.

        Big hat tip to Wicked!

      • wicked

        Why, thank you, iggy. I consider that high praise. If we’re lucky, we get to do what we enjoy. I consider myself very lucky.

  6. Bad Biker

    Well, the Kansas heat finally got to me. Ya’ll know I love to grill and be outdoors. It finally got to be too much for me today, so I headed down to the local salon, slapped down a twenty and a five and……..

    …………….. I cut my hair.

    Yep, my shoulder length locks are gone. I didn’t do the John Lennon buzz routine, but there was a ton of salt ‘n’ pepper laying on the floor around the chair after Tammy was done.

    …………….. I am so embarrassed.

    I almost, maybe, could be, kinda look like a normal 57 year old man now.

    Well, except for the seven earrings, multiple tattoos, funky clothes and the smart-assed grin, but ya’ get the picture.

    • I don’t have shoulder-length hair but the few inches that are ON MY NECK are driving me crazy, and I’m thinking shaving my head might be cool (in all ways). 😉

      • wicked

        Which is why I wear my hair long enough to pin up. It stays off my neck. Short hair doesn’t. It may not look all that pretty, but the guys at QT don’t seem to care. LOL And since I’m a little pinhead with elephant ears… well, longer works better. Shaved would put me in the sideshow, for sure.

        Lessons learned. Kinda like the one that says if you don’t have a waist, for cripe’s sake don’t accentuate it.

  7. David B

    Close cropped beautiful woman singing a beautiful …

    • I don’t have those eyes! Not to mention anything else…

      • wicked

        No kidding, fnord. Normal women (is that you and me?) can’t afford a look like that. They’d round us up and ship us to the nearest concentration camp, thinking we were escapees.

        Stuff to do to get ready for the kiddies tonight, so I’m off. (Okay, I’ve always been “off”, but you get the message.) Send prayers. I’ll need ’em.

  8. Bad Biker

    “thinking shaving my head”

    I tried that a few times – most recently about three years ago.

    My scalp has more divots than a municipal golf course and more ridges and bumps than Colorado.

    Not to mention that I look as ugly as the south end of a north bound pig when my head is shaven.

    I am now prohibited by law in Kansas from shaving my head.

  9. Bad Biker

    When my hair was really long – waist length – I still had little fuzzies that stuck up – even when my hair was tied back, which was most often. I went about four or five years without cutting my hair – it was a mess. I got my hair cut on a whim and the barber butchered it. After a few weeks, I just buzzed it all off.

    I went from waist length hair to a buzzed head in two weeks.

    Still looked as ugly as the south end of a north bound pig, anyway.

    Don’t get me started talkin’ ’bout my beard….. at one time, my goatee was about six inches long.

    Still looked as ugly as the south end of a north bound pig.