Tiahrt Introduces Plan to Stimulate Next Great Depression


Any Todd Fans out there? I can’t hear you! ~sekanblogger

The $787 billion stimulus is not nearly enough – Paul Krugman, professor of economics at Princeton University and Nobel Prize winner.


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13 responses to “Tiahrt Introduces Plan to Stimulate Next Great Depression

  1. Bad Biker

    Well, I am a bit of a fiscal conservative. I don’t believe the Bush tax cuts were warranted, I strongly disagreed with the deficit spending of Reagan, Bush the Smarter and Bush the Dumber.

    But I also realize that when it comes to economics, I am an expert on rock music trivia.

    I do understand that in a severe recession/depression, the government has to borrow and spend to ignite the economy – that is about the extent of my economic expertise.

    I defer to the real expert on economics, as I defer to real scientists regarding global climate change.

    Now, if Barack Obama wants to know who wrote “My Girl” I can tell him.

    (Smokey Robinson.)

    • I did not know that, knew he performed it.

      • Bad Biker

        Boy, I am gonna have to work on your Motown trivia, Sekan.

        Smokey wrote the song, but it was originally performed by the Temptations and has been covered many, many times, by many folks including the Rolling Stones.

        (It was a bad cover – it ain’t a white boy song.)

  2. Imagine where we might be if bush the lesser along with Tiahrt and his cohorts had begun working on the recession before it started, or even when it started in DECEMBER OF 2007?? We may not have seen this deep an economic mess if they’d given it any attention back then!

  3. PCL

    Hi Sekanblogger–nice blog.

    I too did not think the Bush tax cuts were warranted, especially during a war (never been done before, now we know why).

    My jury is still out on the success or failure of Obama–I do like his calm and non-knee-jerk reaction to things–but I am no fan of Pelosi. That being said, it will take more than a Representative from Kansas to stop Pelosi. I wish anyone luck on that–let’s not forget that it’s her constituents in San Francisco who have the power to oust her.

    And Sekanblogger, our (Splash and mine) blog is now up and running–hope you drop by. It will still be a work in progress for a few weeks, any helpful hints will be appreciated. Tell your friends.


  4. Splash

    Well, Bebe, when you are not the president, it is easy to give the appearance of ‘calm and non-knee-jerk reaction’. The real president sits in the speakers chair. Domestically, Queen Pelosi calls all the shots and she doesn’t give a crap about foreign affairs. Her preference would be that The Big O stay abroad indefinitely and only return when she needs him to rubber stamp the next socialist piece of legislation (Time for another Parisian shopping spree!)

    As Madam President said, “The days of a rubber stamp congress are over” – but the days of her rubber stamp president have only just begun.

    • I haven’t read that much about Nancy.
      I do remember her in the funny pages.

    • Bad Biker

      I would have to disagree with you regarding the Pelosi/Obama relationship, Splash. Barack maybe be many things, but a pushover he is not. I can’t imagine anyone giving him marching orders with the exception of Michelle, Sasha or Malia.

      Further, I believe that Madam Speaker is somewhat damaged goods these days, after the torture briefings dust up.

      President Obama is firmly charge, and no one is telling him what to do.

      Well, maybe Bo Obama gives a few orders, but when the dog has to go, he has to go.

  5. Richard Don Foster

    Who’s writing their checks?

  6. lilacluvr

    So far, I think Obama has marched to his own drummer and politics be damned.

    I remember Obama talking to a group of people before the stimulus plan was passed and he told them up straight – if you don’t think I did a good job in 4 years – then fire me.

    When was the last time we heard anything like that coming from a politician’s mouth?

    Now, I realize he has to play the dirty politics game- but I think his critics underestimate the man. He may be skinny but he is no pushover.

    As for playing politics – I think Obama is playing chess while his Republican counterparts are all playing checkers.

  7. lilacluvr

    BTW – Who the hell does Todd Tiarht think he is? It’s not like this man ever voted against any spending bill Bush and the other Republicans wanted since 1994.

    Toddy just doesn’t like how the stimulus money is beign spent right now – on Americans.

    He would prefer the money kept going to those ‘real Americans’ who soak the poor to make a profit off outsourced foreign-made crap and then they stash their dirty money in some foreign tax havens.