Ed McMahon Seated At Carson’s Side Again


“Most comic teams are not good friends or even friends at all, Laurel and Hardy didn’t hang out together, Abbott and Costello weren’t best of friends. But, Johnny and I were the happy exception. For 40 years Johnny and I were as close as two nonmarried people can be. And if he heard me say that, he might say, ‘Ed, I always felt you were my insignificant other.’ ”  -Ed McMahon

 My favorite Ed McMahon memory is the episode where Richard Pryor had retuned for the first time since his near death free-basing accident. That’s been a number of years ago, and I’m telling this from memory. Richard appears to thunderous applause, gets seated and tells one joke; “Do you know how many niggers can ride in a volkswagon?….SIX! Five in the seats and Richard Pryor in the ash tray.” Ed prompltly FELL OUT of his chair, crawled over to Carson, climbed on his lap and laughed like a crying baby. God rest Ed. All of us boomers could learn a thing or two about being a BEST FRIEND. ~sekanblogger

obituary here http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/24/arts/television/24mcmahon.html?_r=1&scp=5&sq=ed%20mcmahon&st=cse


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7 responses to “Ed McMahon Seated At Carson’s Side Again

  1. watch for the touching editorial cartoons in the papers

  2. wicked

    I sorely miss Johnny and Ed. Nobody has ever done it better or will.

  3. I had to get Doc in the picture.
    As a kid trumpet player I had everything he ever did. I must have been the only 5th grader that knew everything from ‘Begin the Beguine’ to ‘The St. Louis Blues’.
    I saw Doc at the Starlight Theatre in KC, he had Frankie Valley guest starring.
    The Tonight Show started my Big Band interest.

  4. David B

    No, Ed is trying to deliver the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Million Dollar Cash Prize to St. Peter!!!!!

  5. That’s a wonderful Ed McMahon story.

    I think what I love about him and Johnny Carson is the fact that when I came of age enough to watch the Late Show, they were in their heyday. For me that would have been around 1970 or 1972.