Led Zeppelin Meets Hawaii Five-O

In case you’re wondering about Top Of The Pops, It has been the British equivelent of American Bandstand for many decades, and the magazine is a sister publication.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/  The song above was the theme song.

The song below was the ‘flip-side’ of a long gone curiosity, 45rpm vinyl records. ~sekanblogger  


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  1. wicked

    Damn! That’s some good music!

  2. Excellent. Amazing what’s out there. A lot to be said for youtube.

  3. I still own a bunch of those long-gone curiosities — in both 45 and 33 rpm. Music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, classical, country, big band… I also still have the small turntable in a suitcase along with all the 45’s that are still in the front of the children’s books so the child could read along.

  4. wicked

    I’ve got the vinyl, even a few old 78s that were mine and my mom and dad’s. Tons of 40’s music of theirs, too, plus my collection of 60’s and 70’s.

    Trouble is, I have nothing to play them on. 😦 I need a new needle cartridge for my Technics turntable and know where to order one online, but I’ll have to find something to hook it to. What I really want is one of the Crosley’s that will record straight to CD, but $300+ is beyond my reach at present and is always something I shouldn’t be buying (don’t need) when I do have it. LOL

  5. mule taker

    I grew up with the above mentioned Top Of The Pops but unfortunately it got to the stage where the only good thing about it was the theme song. Still a great bit of music.It was finally dropped as the theme and as far as I know the show no longer airs.

  6. Howdy mule taker. Thanks for the update.
    Isn’t Amercian Bandstand gone too?

    The end of an era, ah tells ya’.

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