Hie Away

“I like to write songs that make you feel different from the way you felt before you started listening,”- Shawn Phillips

  I have actually heard of critic’s reviews about Shawn where they complained that he used “The entire English language.” WHAT? How shallow have we become as consumers? The remarks about using the entire language reminded me of the scene in ‘Amadeus’ where some aristocrat is complaining that Mozart’s new composition was awful because “there were just too many notes!” Boy would he ever hate this cut, Hie Away. I was at one of his shows (in Tulsa I think?), where Shawn said something like: “Show me an artist who plays for the art of it, he’ll be the next guy without a major label.”

 For those of us who lose at scrabble; Hie -Pronunciation:\ˈhī\ -Function: verb -Inflected Form(s):hied; hy·ing or hie·ing -Etymology:Middle English, from Old English hīgian to strive, hasten. Date:12th century -intransitive verb: to go quickly : hasten -transitive verb: to cause (oneself) to go quickly.

Hie Away

 Tongues are rattling and multiprattling, the thanatoid elite
That call the noisome, remorseless horsemen, we pray they into sleep
For when they’re riding there is no hiding your face

Instant ambrose for distant decades, the same must speed relief
For tolls too briefly the sounds of mercy
I shall not hie to grief
In fear we ponder the use of thunder for peace

Moving rages divide the phases converging toward belief
That’s being proven in all its union, there is no more retreat
And blind delusions maintain illusions too deep

Now flows the hour of cringe and cower, the strong become the weak
Negate your power and all to flower,
In pain we all are meek
In light beholden the ages golden we seek


Just one reason I like Shawn is exactly that attitude of doing his own thing. Rebel hippie musicians just have a soft spot in my heart. I could carry on for a while with rebelious quotes from Shawn, but I risk the chance of carrying on so long you lose interst. So instead of quelling your interest, let me try to spike it by presenting something completely different than PrariePops is used to me posting by SP. 


  I’ve always shared Shawn’s more mellow/acoustic numbers in the past, if you enjoyed those, check out this short clip of him at home practicing acoustic guitar.



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4 responses to “Hie Away

  1. By the way, apparently ‘Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve’ was never re-released. There is already a movement among his loyal fans to put up the money and have this done.
    Amazing bunch of fans he has.

  2. July 17th gig in Dallas Tx, another one in Austin.
    I think I’m going to Dallas come hell or high water.
    Only an 8 hour drive from here.

  3. These posts never get comments.
    Don’t know why, but that’s okay.
    I guess I post this stuff for me!