Book Club for Progressives

HLP of the BTSNBN has always wanted to start a book club for guys.  My dear spouse belongs to a book club that keeps growing every month.  They meet once a month in a different members’ house.  They talk, drink wine, laugh, drink more wine, laugh some more, and seem to have a good time.

I seriously considered taking the Hank up on his scheme, but I doubt that I could stomach most of his guests.

Are there male bloggers here, who live close enough to ICT, who’d like to start a book club?

Let me know.  I will see what I can do about this good idea that was accidentally conceived by a con (sorta like his son; except that good idea was a serious error).


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39 responses to “Book Club for Progressives

  1. Should this only be for males? What do you women think?

  2. Only political books? Other stuff?

  3. I’m a little too far way from ICT.
    Also I read so slowly the club would always be 2 books ahead of me.

  4. jammer5

    Living on the elite east side of town makes ICT a bit of a hassle, especially with the permanent improvements being made to Kellogg. However, being the avid reader I am, I could wonder over there once and awhile.

  5. Bad Biker

    “Should this only be for males?”

    Hell no! Do ya’ really think I would want to sit around with a bunch of ugly old progressive type guys, discussing “Atlas Shrugged?”

    Shoot, I NEVER leave the house unless I am assured of seeing at least a few women – even if they are my granddaughters.

    Would you rather look at a 1969 Plymouth Duster or a 1969 Corvette?

  6. I live on the “near east side” The closest major intersection for me is 2nd and Oliver.

    I kind of liked Plymouth Dusters.

  7. I’ll take the Duster.
    I always did go against the grain, and I guess I have disgust for people who are vain.

  8. IDEA,……
    Have a book exchange!

    Whadya’ think huh Spike, huh huh?
    Whadya’ think?

  9. You guys are ALL missing the big point here. (why am I surprised that the guys are missing the point? (eyeroll)

    Iggy’s wife goes out with the girls to talk, drink wine, laugh, drink more wine, laugh some more, and have a good time.

    Iggy wants that kind of excuse for a night out with the guys!

    Men. Are you always gonna be clueless?

    • fnord, YES. We are clueless.
      Even when men do the things you mention, we exist in different worlds.
      IMHO, along with the beers, men are all about information. If tools and Harleys are not what you discuss then it’s some other common need or hobby.
      Now that’s some pathetic redneck bar room psychology there, ah tell ya’.

      • Do men ever discuss what they feel?

      • NO.
        If they do it’s very generalized. Caveman stuff.
        I just speak for me, but I’m not one to talk about feelings.
        If I’m angry, I’ll vocalize that.
        Most other emotions not so much.

      • Of male Liberation:
        Drinking With an Old Buddy

        So how long’s it been? A year?
        Whatta you been up to?
        (Did you see the lungs on that one?)
        You had a breakdown?
        Just couldn’t put it all together? I feel for you.
        (God! Look at the ass on the one in red!)
        Out of work for six months? Unbelievable pressure!
        No one to talk to?
        (Oh man, I’m in love! Get a load of that body!)
        Why didn’t you let me know?
        What’s a buddy for?
        (Christ, I’d kill for a night with the brunette)
        I still don’t understand why you didn’t call me?
        What’s a buddy for?
        — James Kavanaugh

      • Of Liberation

        Women gather
        Free to chat of impotent husbands
        and not quite forgotten lovers,
        Sharing dreams with old or new friends
        and confiding desperation,
        Baring souls and unburdening hearts,
        Then leave relaxed and laughing,
        Promising to lunch again soon,
        Freed from the pain of no one knowing.

        Men gather
        Free to boast of the money they’ve made
        or will make soon — or the women,
        Displaying how strong and controlled they are
        and unafraid of competition,
        Sharing triumphs and hiding themselves,
        Then leave with a handshake and “See you around,”
        Bleeding silently within themselves
        Bearing the pain of no one knowing.

        — James Kavanaugh

  10. I have enjoyed a couple of older Malcom Gladwell books here recently – _Blink_ and _The Tipping Point_. Gladwell cites many studies we consider in General Psychology, but he’s quite the story teller – recounting various narratives which really make his stuff outstanding.

    I think it was in _Blink_ where he talked about the Fundamental Attribution Error: Attributing your faults to the situation, but other peoples’ shortcomings are due to character flaws.

  11. The Gladwell books were what got me to thinking about the book club idea again.

    Could we get a vote count on definitely, maybe interested?

  12. I’d be interested in at least listing any books here that I’ve finished and am willing to pass on to like minded readers.
    I have donated several very nice used books to the local library intending to see them on the shelf, only to find that they’ve been put out for sale.
    I guess it’s still a benifit to them and somebody reads it, but damn.

  13. “Iggy wants that kind of excuse for a night out with the guys!”

    Being a little judgmental there, aren’t we, fnord?

    I would like to read good books, discuss them with men or women who can appreciate them, and those were my main motives.

    The men group was what Hank wanted to do. He had real serious rules about the discussion, I am not sure why those would be necessary.

    Fnord, I think my motives are more pure than you assume. See Fundamental Attribution Error comment above.

  14. Gladwell’s book helps with the question of mistakes. Another reason I’d suggest it…

  15. Well, another count please: Men and Women, who’d like to participate in a book club? Thank you.

  16. As a notification: I can’t have tobacco smoking in my house. I’d like to, but the wife would complain…

  17. wicked

    What does “read a book” mean?

    I can give you the answer to the question of mistakes. We all make them. Some of us learn from them…sort of. 😉

    Hey, I have a box of 48 books that came via UPS yesterday. Anybody want one? All one title, a little sex, a little fun, and a hunky cowboy in chaps…from behind…on the cover. If you really want something to talk about, that is…

    I’m currently reading Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson. Heroine has just realized that she’s not dead after begin creamed by a car. She’s a vampire. I heard it was hilarious, but it took me 20 pages of reading before I found anything funny, and then it was so funny that I laughed out loud at the laundromat (my dryer’s busted) and embarrassed my youngest daughter. I’m still chuckling, hours later and wish I could stay up to read more. But grandkids arriving at 7:30 a.m. kinda spoils that dream.

    Have a wonderful Friday, my friends!! TGIF fer sher.

  18. Ain’t bartering cool?

  19. PrairiePond

    I’d love to come down to ICT for this. I probably couldnt make it every month, especially in winter, but I’d sure try to make it at least some times. In any event, I could read the same books and feel like I was a part of sane civilization.

    I love book clubs. Too bad I’m the only one out here whose knuckles dont drag on the ground and who can also read without moving their lips….

  20. PrairiePond

    Here on Downer Creek, we serve free fried chicken along with the laundry facilities….

    How many will be in your party? 🙂

  21. I will read most anything, if it means I can visit with intelligent folk (women, men, or those unsure), about the book.

    I am serious, let me know. We could visit in some place that would be in-between…

  22. jammer5

    I like the idea. I read both fiction and non-fiction. My fiction reads tend to be on the adventure side: Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Boston Teran . . . that genre.

  23. wicked

    Y’all are making me feel as dumb as a rock. I’ve never heard these names you’re throwing out. Huh. Maybe I AM as dumb as a rock and too dumb to know it. ::sigh::

    • jammer5

      Nah, there just manly dude names. Women probably don’t read them. Too many car chases 🙂