The GOP Big Tent Is Full

De-friend three moderates before entering.

De-friend three moderates before entering.


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14 responses to “The GOP Big Tent Is Full

  1. tosmarttobegop

    That really is how it feels sometimes.

  2. lilacluvr

    But the new and improved RNC: Rush-Newt-Cheney will have us believe the GOP will be stronger and thrive under their ‘neoconservatives only’ need apply litmus test.

    After all, the only thing they did wrong during the Bush years was to allow George W. Bush to spend all that money.

    But don’t these people remember that Cheney was right there with George when he was spending all that money?

    Republicans – they are interesting bunch to watch. But they can also be a dangerous bunch because the more they become frustrated, the more risks they will be willing to take in their quest for power. I would not put anything past the new and improved R-N-C. They have all proven in the past they are willing to go to the lowest level possible to make political points.

  3. well, we can’t allow the republican party to die.
    we need the party as a place to keep all their kooks corraled where we can find them.

    • Hi, Louis! Welcome to Prairie P&Ps.

      I don’t need worry myself too much about the Republican Party since they’re doing all the work of their destruction themselves. What do you mean “allow the Republican Party to die?” Like someone on the outside has anything to do with their imploding from the inside?

  4. great cartoon, but where’s the codeine?

    • And hello Davis!
      I do believe I’ve been to your blog.
      Hope you have a funny day.

      I hafta got to a funeral shortly.
      Not funny.

      Glad you guys stopped by.
      Extremely chatty bunch here…enjoy.

    • Hi Davis! Glad to know you’re still around. Stop by more often.

      I’ve never thought of Rush as the kind of man willing to share.

  5. Well howdy Louis!
    I agree they serve a purpose…what would Letterman do for monologues?

    There are enough wingnuts there now that they need to borrow a circus tent.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    It is going the way that Louis stated.
    It will take the average Republicans realizing just how far over the edge those in control of the party have gone.

    Part of that is to know who the enemy is. It’s having to see that it is not the Democratic who is causing a downfall.

  7. lilacluvr

    I agree we need the Republican Party because a democracy cannot work with only one functioning political party.

    But if the Republicans cannot get their act together soon, will they fracture into two parties in the near future? And how will that change our political system?

    If the Religious Right wing of the GOP breaks away, how can they possibly think they will win anything – their numbers are just not that high. I think that is why they are still with the Republican Party – they know they cannot win by themselves so that are insistent on controlling the GOP.

    But then we have the Neocons who are willing to let the Religious Right squawk while they quietly go ahead with their plans to reshape and control the world.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I can not make a guess as to how many of the Republicans are left in the party that is more moderate.
    Seldom is their voice heard and only recently have I heard some moderate voices speaking out.
    I still think that there is a majority of the party that is what I would call the “average Republican”.
    Their thought process is more like a single issue and for the most part the simple Republican is good and Democrat is bad but not much more a concern.

    It would take a serious incident committed in their name before they would see what is going on within the party. To make them question what is being done and cause them to either change party’s or fight to get back the GOP. They have never heard of the PNAC or Neo-Conservatives, if they have it is easy enough to pass it off as Political spin from the left and nothing serious or a real threat to the party and /or country.

    The R/R does not have much of a choice as to which party to be a part of so their own real answer would to simply quit being a Political force. Go back to their focus being on their own souls and not that of society’s.
    BTW that is a judgment of Jesus as to how to live in a society.

  9. tstb,

    The term “neocon” is thrown around and you are absolutely right that very few actually understand it. I remember when you steered me to find the truth about those who wanted to dominate the world militarily. I was absolutely shocked! The biggest shock is that they were doing their dastardly deeds in plain sight and being ignored — still happening!

    And even tho the Bible admonishes to take care of your own soul and we all know the wisdom in that, it seems those who wish to rewrite the Constitution to more closely resemble the Bible and those whose only thought is overturning Roe v Wade are narrow minded bigots who think little of their own souls. Either that, or they aren’t smart enough to get themselves out of a wet paper bag.

    And the other “one-issue” faction would be the gun nuts. Those who think Democrat means take away my guns — they also seem incapable of thinking rationally.

    Republicans used to mean something entirely different — it was fiscally conservative, and as little as necessary government involvement. The true Republicans that put the ‘grand’ in The Grand Old Party would (and do) hang their heads in misery at the civil liberties that the Republican Party stepped on under bush the lesser. Beginning with Reagan government became BIG government and BIG business at the expense of the people of The United States of America.

    If you look at the gun restrictions alone, you’d see that more were instituted under Reagan and Bush I than any other modern-era presidents.

    NO Republican president or Congress have even attempted to overturn Roe v Wade — how would they inspire anyone to be Republican if they took that out of the picture? The religious right are used and don’t even know it. There is no political party who represents God (in fact, I’m sure He hangs His head in shame), and neither America nor Christianity are morally superior!

  10. you mean “long time” like back in the 50’s?
    even though people respected eisenhower, they still despised republicans.
    my grandparents warned me about republicans every single day, ’til the day they died.