The BIG difference in Democrats and Republicans

OK, ONE of the big differences — there are many!

Democrats are human and accept that every other person is human also. This means we know we say and do things that are wrong and we regret them, we pay the price, however high. But we don’t act like we’re above other people, we aren’t hypocritical because we know humans fail and make poor choices, act downright stupid and get caught.

Ensign AffairHere’s Senator John Ensign (R-NV) admitting his adultery. Oh, he was sad and he was sorry. Probably really sorry that his lover’s husband was going to go public unless Ensign paid him not to. But here’s the deal — Ensign has been very outspoken and his actions and his words make him not just human, not just stupid, but a hypocrite!

He called for President Bill Clinton to resign because of his affair, saying, “He has no credibility left.”

“Marriage is the cornerstone on which our society was founded,” Ensign proclaimed from the Senate floor. “For those who say that the Constitution is so sacred that we cannot or should not adopt the Federal Marriage Amendment, I would simply point out that marriage, and the sanctity of that institution, predates the American Constitution and the founding of our nation. It predates the founding of our nation and even the landing at Plymouth Rock. Marriage, as a social institution, predates every other institution on which ordered society in America and the world as a whole, has relied, including even the church itself.”

Ensign concluded, “It is not right to mold marriage to fit the desires of a few, against the wishes of so many, and to ignore the important role of marriage.”

I could find many other examples of this human being who thought he was so special and so above other human beings. I could nudge our memory of Gingrich who was conducting his own liaison while blurting out stupidities. In fact, we could list examples of Republican hypocrisy all day long.

The big question in my mind is — Will they ever learn? Will they ever even recognize that they are humans, less than perfect, and karma really will bite them in the butt!?



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15 responses to “The BIG difference in Democrats and Republicans

  1. lilacluvr

    In one word – NO.

    Republicans have to appear to be pristine and pure due to their Religious Right wing of their party. But the dirty little secret has been slowly leaking ever since 1994 when the RR took power – their morals are no better than the rest of America’s.

    What really makes people mad is their hypocrisy. Maybe this behavior is also a factor as to why there are only 22% people even claiming to be Republicans anymore?

  2. jammer5

    We’re so easily led when the little head does the thinking. Ain’t no politics involved in that. But it sure as hell ain’t no excuse either.

  3. You are so right, jammer! No politics should be involved because all adults of every ideology are equally guilty, and although men are accused often while women get a pass too often, it’s not only men who think with their gonads!

    It’s the hypocrisy that adds to the original stupidity and makes it even worse, in my opinion.

    This particular Republican hypocrite was one of their stars, a hope for their future, one of the Conservatives who they could count on and who might be able to lead them out of the wilderness. He was critical of others who did exactly what he himself is guilty of, he tries to make himself superior to other humans.

    An, you know what? His Party will be praising him in not too long if it suits their agenda. They’ll find that since he confessed (or whatever excuses they choose to use) he is pure as the driven snow. Will they forgive a Democrat? No, never!

    That’s why I say this is ONE of the bigger differences in the people who identify Democrat vs. Republican.

  4. A politician of integrity?

    Is that what America is hoping for?

    Original oxymoron me thinks.

    • Hello unstranger, good to read you!

      I’ll settle for a politician that is human, like me. I would prefer one who isn’t selling themselves to the highest bidder, but I understand that’s a rarity. And if s/he has a good brain, I’ll count that as a plus!

  5. lilacluvr

    Republicans did not blink twice about Sen. David Vitter and his sex escapades, so praising John Ensign will not be a problem.

    I remember the run-up to Clinton’s impeachment – how many Republicans took their turn at getting caught with their particular mistresses while they were all pointing the finger at Clinton? Even their leader, Newt, was shown going into a hotel down the street from the White House with his mistress at that time.

    I believe in forgiving people for their stupid mistakes, but the Republicans have a problem when they portray themselves as the Party of God and morals and their leaders all seem to look like Who’s Who in the Cheating Club.

  6. Social Conservatism is a disease.
    Let’s stay healthy.

  7. ninjanurse

    The NYT says that John Ensign was involved with the Promise Keepers.
    But remember that Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.
    Unlike we hell fodder who will be roasted for every parking ticket and word out of context we are guilty of.
    Christians get to sin, get forgiven, and sit in
    judgement on the rest of us.

    • lilacluvr

      Seems these people like to use that ‘sinned, but forgiven’ clause alot, don’t they?

      But I always thought that in order to be forgiven, sinners have to confess what they did was wrong and to strive to do better.

      Where does that leave all these Republican men who get caught having affairs but yet continue that pattern – can we say Newt?

  8. lilacluvr

    It must be very frustrating to Republicans to have President Obama as their sworn enemy.

    Obama is an intelligent and smart politician; and his personal life must have no skeletons – because wouldn’t we have heard of anything by now?

    Ironic, isn’t it, the person Republicans call godless and a socialist is the one with the happy marriage, a great wife and two happy, well-adjusted kids.

  9. PrairiePond

    Wake me up when obama stops defending DOMA in briefs that compare gay marriage with incest.

    Change indeed.

  10. PrairiePond

    Looks like I’m not the only queer who called it early about obama’s homophobia.

    Chickens, meet roost.

    I wonder how all those vichy queers feel about their vote now?×457132

  11. “Ronnie Polaneczky: Need marital help, Sen. Ensign? Ask a gay couple

    Ensign did the resignation-of-shame thing yesterday, quitting his post as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. He needed to, given how he’d once demanded that restroom crawler Larry Craig and intern trawler Bill Clinton quit their gigs in the wake of sexual stupidities.

    At least Ensign’s marriage has perked up. During his public mea culpa, he took pains to note that he and his wife have repaired their union, which is now “stronger than ever.”

    Almost sounds like a ringing endorsement of infidelity, doesn’t it? Except that, according to an anonymous source referred to in a story by the Associated Press, Ensign needed time off back in 2002 to deal with the fall-out of an earlier affair.

    So, infidelity hasn’t been the most reliable of marriage-strengtheners for the Ensigns when it comes to the long term.

    That’s why I thought it would be helpful to solicit marital advice for Ensign from some local couples whose sturdy unions make them experts on how to keep marriage healthy.

    Unlike Ensign, these people are gay. But they seem to have a better handle on the sanctity of the institution than he does.

    Let it rip, Kate Williamson.”

    continue reading at —

  12. g-stir

    PPOND- How’s your newspaper gig going these days?