Settle Credit Debt Now! ~sekanblogger

The credit industry is scared and willing to settle debts on the cheap right now. If you have credit card debt and they are hounding you, offer them 50% of what you owe IF they will settle the debt and close the account.card

I’m not kidding. Be firm. Don’t let them dick you around. Offer them half and tell them if they don’t take it you are moving to the next person on the list.
I payed off my debt just like that. By the way that’s me digging in the garbage there. I payed off debt and got some used furniture free this week.
Do it now before congresscritters SELL OUT to the banking industry’s lobbyists. The fight on The Hill is starting already. I have a feeling the K street boys have plenty of money. If you can settle before they’re sure thay have Obama on their payroll, do it. NOW.


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3 responses to “Settle Credit Debt Now! ~sekanblogger

  1. Okay, I’ll comment on my own stuff. Why not?
    sekanblogger, you are a complete idiot. You loser.
    No job, no prospects. Blogging when you should be painting the living room and putting floor tile in the kitchen.
    I can’t believe you were dumb enough to have several credit cards with running balances, sheesh.
    friggin idiot.

  2. ninjanurse

    work is the curse of the blogging class. too bad the people who get all biblical about homosexuality don’t read the parts about usury.