Secretary Clinton asks for advice

hillary-clinton2North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan…the list goes on. So, how does Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cope? By requesting the advice of her predecessors, apparently. On Tuesday all but one of the living secretary’s of state convened at Madeline Albright’s home in Washington, D.C. to talk diplomacy. The list of those seated at the dinner table was full of political all-stars, including Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and James Baker. The only one missing was Alexander Haig.

And after she asks all those who have experience and knowledge she will be well prepared to make decisions for America. I’m proud of her.

What do you think of the job Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing?



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21 responses to “Secretary Clinton asks for advice

  1. I have not payed attention to Hillary.
    I can say that I did not always admire her as much as I do now.
    She was one helluva tough cookie campaigning.
    You don’t see her participating in buffoonery like Gov. Palin.
    Not only did she survive Bill’s presidency, she has propelled both to a more revered place in history.

  2. Getting a quiet, efficient vibe here. I think shes been proving herself the right choice for the job.

  3. lilacluvr

    While Sarah Palin is trying to pageant-walk her way into the White House, Hillary Clinton has doen the hard work. I think she is getting very good reviews as Secretary of State.

    Perhaps one day she might be the country’s first woman president? She is still young enough to think about that possibility or is it too late?

  4. If President Obama serves two terms she would be 70, maybe 71 by the time the next president was sworn in.

    Probably too old. But I do hope if she desires to continue working she has an opportunity for great challenges, because I think she’s capable of meeting the greatest of challenge.

    Her life experiences have certainly been enlightening, don’t you think? She is well educated, well spoken, thoughtful, courageous and dignified.

    Maybe Supreme Court Justice?

  5. I supported Hillary over Obama. Now, I think Obama was the president we needed for this time. Although I don’t doubt that Hillary Clinton could have done an excellent job, she would have addressed the job with the difficulties of her baggage. Congress isn’t made of people who would have allowed her to succeed.

  6. lilacluvr

    I thought about Supreme Court Justice also but Hillary just looks younger than her age. But no matter what happens, she has contributed so much to our country and I think her career and accomplishments will be the subject of many classroom discussions in the future.

  7. I like Hillary and all that, but notice the diamond she has on her left hand. Was that a “‘Hillary, forgive me’ gift”?

  8. frigginloon

    The one thing I noticed about Hillary during the Presidential election campaign, she was the only one who ever looked people straight in the eye. When she spoke to anyone, be it just someone in a crowd or a large gathering, she gave her full attention to that person for that moment. One thing that annoyed me about Obama he would shake someone’s hand but be looking for the next person’s to shake. Obama is now a lot more polished in that area but I did admire her for that trait. Our urgh Prime Minister doesn’t look people in the eye….I think that is so disrespectful. But then again look at the trouble it got Bill into đŸ™‚ .

  9. PrairiePond

    I think she’s doing a great job, and proving every day that the democrats nominated the wrong person.

    Does anyone with half a brain think civil rights and gay marriage would have fared WORSE under Hillary?

    Obama’s administration defends warrantless wiretapping, EXPANDS the office of faith based initiatives, refuses to release white house visitor records, defends bushco on not releasing white house records, keeps gitmo open, stays in iraq, bails out bush’s banking buddies, defends DOMA, is lukewarm at best about DADT, is as wishy washy as possible about health care reform, and is making another quagmire out of Afghanistan.

    I mean seriously, could Hillary have been MORE of a disappointment to the progressive movement than obama has been?

  10. PrairiePond


    To quote the Loon “Ahahahahahahah”

  11. g-stir

    Being Secretary of State may well be the most difficult and demanding job in our government. She impresses me with her hard work , pragmatism and intellect. In this difficult world , I hope that is enough to get things done.

  12. Secretary Clinton broke her elbow and will require surgery next week. That’s sad news! But on the good news side she has government sponsored health care so it shouldn’t be a financial problem.

  13. g-stir

    When I first herd about her elbow, I couldn’t help wondering if she sustained the injury ” tuning up” Bill??

  14. g-stir

    herd ?? heard.

    Everyone know you can hurt your elbow using it to herd!