Okay this pisses me OFF! crazy 069
May 16 at 1:30 a.m. a drunk hit my daughter’s car parked in front of my house. Not just a fender bender, it shoved her car into and UNDER my car. The wife and the neighbor both went out and saw a car leaving. We called police who took a report. We heard nothing from them. Last Friday, reading the paper we find in the police notes that they found the car, owned by Wendy L. Long (driver unknown). So since Friday I’ve been trying to get the police report. Seems the filing clerk was on vacation and nobody else knew anything. Sheesh.

So I read over the report, which basically describes my damages and then restates some apparent lies. Wendy L. Long tells the cops that she sold the Car to a Suzanne Diaconeslu. Now the report states that Diaconeslu says the car was stolen by person unknown. Google up the name Diaconeslu. ZERO HITS. WTF?

 Wouldn’t there be a record somewhere on the net with that name? Sounds pretty phony to me. So I talk to one of the officers. He basically tells me that it’s up to me to go after Wendy L. Long. WHAT? I was provided NO information other than the address for Ms Long, which I got from the newspaper. crazy 076

Should the cops have been in touch with me when they found the car?

Shouldn’t Ms Diaconeslu have filed a stolen vehicle report?

Shouldn’t the police be doing an investigation and trying to arrest somebody?

Wouldn’t your average Joe go confront Ms Wendy and risk being assaulted?

Is it really up to me to find these people and politely beg for their insurance information? What if anything is to be done here?

HELP! ~sekanblogger


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  1. Is there a sales transaction record showing Ms. Long sold the car? The title would have had to be transferred if Ms. Long is telling the truth.

    Police. They aren’t what they used to be. Paid with our tax dollars and supposed to be the people who enforce laws and keep us safe. Yeah.

  2. The wonderful nonhelpful cop told me that the insurance company would have to get the proof of sale from her.
    Good thing I’m not an angry nutball gun owner huh?

  3. Are title transfer records open to the public?

    Did you call your insurance agent and ask him what is the next step?

    I’m feeling your hurt here and I’m equally frustrated by how often law-abiding citizens are stymied in their efforts by those who are supposed to be enforcing the laws.

  4. It’s pretty obvious to me — one person hits and runs (whoever that was broke a law!), and another person is an innocent victim and trying to get help solving a problem that involves a crime. Too bad the police can’t see this — cause I thought crime was their game?

  5. lilacluvr

    Unfortunately, the police probably would not consider this very high on their priority list. I’ve been involved in such a case before and when the police told me they would make a report if I insisted – I did insist. The police basically told me to just let my insurance company deal with it.

    And then we wonder why our insurance premiums keep going up?

  6. lilacluvr

    But it still makes you want to go out and punch something, doesn’t it?

    I wonder, if it was their car that was damaged – would that priority list get alot shorter?

  7. Okay, here’s the update with the bottom line.
    The police were nice enough. Just did not want to take the time to explain our limited options here.
    The wife will NOT take NO for an answer. She talked to the police chief. He did some checking. The car is still registered to registered to Wendy Long. No record of ever having insurance. Our only hope is small claims court.
    The police chief must know of this person. His remark was “You can’t get blood from a turnip.”

    So basically, I can be angry.
    Or I can sue with my fingers crossed.
    Or BOTH.

    Bottom line: I’m probably S.O.C.
    shit, outta car.

  8. Oh yeah, I don’t feel bad about naming and shaming. Wendy and Suzanne are in the public record. Anybody can get the reports.
    For what it’s worth….

  9. jammer5

    Sue: Then you can garnish any wages she might make working. Or the insurance company can go after her any do the same.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    You are dealing with a crime of little if any real witnesses you might have the license plate number.
    I take it you did otherwise it would not have been likely that the car would be found. But as to who was the driver is the question and there is the hang up. All you have is who the car is register to but there is no proof she was the one driving it.

    Now was the car found at Wendy’s house or was she driving it at the time is was found?
    There would go her defense that she had sold the car if it was still at her house or she was driving it.
    All the Police seem to have is your car and a car that is thought to have been the one that hit it.
    The Police are limited in what they can do if it is not something they have witnessed.

    Civil does not have the same burden of proof a criminal charge would have. You sound to have the civil case but not enough for the criminal charge. Chances are though her not having a record of insurance is a clue she is not really up on the financial side of things. LOL get a knife and flatten all four tires!
    No don’t your luck channel 10 would be filming a story and the act would be captured on the 10 O’clock news.

    • The police found the car 13 hours later, and then only when someone 8 blocks away reported that someone had ran over their mailbox.
      The car was parked on block further away, abandonded. Some real detective work huh?

      liscense plate o64-BAX
      You know they had to have insurance to get a plate.

  11. That’s what ticked me off to start with.
    I had to read in the friggin newspaper that they found the car, three weeks after it was found.
    I drove all around looking for it. In fact I drove the next street over from where it was left.

  12. David B

    Sounds to me like she lied to the police, saying the car was sold when it was not.. that is some leverage, but as they say… turnips..

    This is why we buy insurance…
    It does suck…

    I had a drunk ram my car… sadly he blew his brains out rather than go back to jail … not a nice episode.

  13. If I was a conservative, I’d be asking you, SEKan, this is the government you want running your healthcare?

    “The patient needs an MRI.

    “Sorry that person is off today. Try again next week.”

    I don’t really believe any of that, but small government resources sure fail a lot more than they used to.

    • I have a feeling the cops know I’m shit outta luck. That’s why they won’t invest much time.

      On healthcare, I’m on the don’t get sick plan.
      Even shitty govt service is better than what I get now.