I probably listen to this at least five times a week. Just one of the best ‘feel good’ songs of all time, and the best version ever. jammer5


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  1. Wow, that would have been a great show to see.

    I have friends who just caught the Clapton/Winwood tour and can’t stop talking about it. The CD is great as well.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    You remember the sixties? Doesn’t that mean you were not there?

  3. klaus

    Now you get my cantankerous side.

    Never cared much for this song, or Dire Straits.


    I’m of an age with sekanblogger. Saw Clapton well after the fact in 1977. Muddy Waters was the opening act. Best. Show. Ever.

  4. Bad Biker

    Sorry, boyz and girlz, but JIMI is the best of all flippin’ time.

    Let me say it again – Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist that ever lived.

    Jimi Hendrix – okay – James Marshall Hendrix is the best guitarist to have ever lived.

    Jimmy Page is the SECOND best.

  5. Bad Biker

    Sorry, folks, but I love Eric Clapton / Mark Knoffler / Jonny Lang / BB / KWS / Page / and many more – but JIMI is the ONE and ONLY.

    All the rest can only hope to be as good.

  6. Sorry Yanks and Ausies, but Mississippi John puts all of your heros to shame! I recall first hearing a MJH album and being convinced that two guitars were playing – they were not.

    Here is John Fahey playing Mississippi John Hurt’s Candy Man. One of Hurt’s best songs…

  7. Candy Man is blues in the key of A.

    Pretty much all of John’s work is first postion chords – picking with the right hand. I love his style…

  8. jammer5

    Ya know, I love em all, and I consider Jimi to be the greatest, Buddy Guy second, Stevie Ray third.

    There are songs, though, that transcend these legends. Richie Blackmore’s lead in Highway Star is one of those. Mark Knopfler’s lead on the above piece is also one. Understand these are my opinions, and others may have different ones, but I’d never put down someone else’s opinion, unless they said they thought Yanni was the greatest. Then I would have to hunt them down and plug their ears with cement 🙂

    BTW, klaus, Buddy Guy used to play for Muddy Waters. Buddy’s just not as well known as some others, like Clapton, but he can outplay most of them on any given day. If you want to hear real blues, done to perfection, get this movie called Lightening in a bottle:

    In my humble opinion, the best blues movie ever done.

  9. Good enough but I could probably do better. Just not on youtube!

    Maybe I should kick up my interest in it a bit more.

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  11. mule taker

    Love them all but don’t forget Rory Gallagher.
    Like the site.

  12. Hi, mule taker! I’ll welcome you to Prairie P&Ps and let our musicians argue the virtue of your recommendation. Pull up a chair and stay awhile. 😉

  13. I think we’d better narrow the musical genres we argue before we split into tribes!

    I guess whoever posts the topic ‘has the conch’ huh?

  14. g-stir

    I like the above listed artists, and don’t disagree. But when I listen to the Cream reunion in London’s Albert Hall in 2005 ( I think), I walk away thinking Clapton is a notch above any guitarist I have every heard.

    Now I’m going to duck!

  15. mule taker

    Thanks fnord.Got here through my old buddy Unstranger’s post.

  16. jammer5

    Guitarists: Whose the best. There are so many great ones out there, both dead and alive, that one really has to pick a genre. Even then, it’s tight. For instance, where does one place Carlos Santana, Vernon Reed, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, John McLaughlin, Gary Moore, Scott Henderson and a whole list of other great guitarists? How about some of the studio greats? There’s a bunch of great country guitar artists you never hear of.

    I remember Randy California of Spirit. Awesome guitarist, but couldn’t write worth a damn. Listen to Missing Persons old stuff and their guitar player on Words and Nobody Walks in LA. Saying ones the best ever, when put in perspective, means little. Well, Hendrix did break every rule ever written for electric guitars, and the worlds never been the same since.

  17. Bad Biker

    Hey boyz and girlz – I will be out of action in the blog-o-shere sometime soon. My kids gave me the extended version of WOOD-FUCKIN’-STOCK for my b’day.

    Four discs.

    Who the Hell knows how many hours. Unreleased shit.

    Anybody got a fattie to spare?

    Rock guitarists – Trower, Beck, Springsteen, Prince, Guy – all underrated.

    Having seen all of the above and Hendrix, Clapton (with and without Cream) Winwood, Charlie Sexton (w. B. Dylan, another underrated) KWS, Jonny Lang, Peter Green, Rory Gallager, Randy Rhoades, etc, I gotta go with Jimi.

    The most overrated guitarist of all time – easy – Robbie Robertson of the Band – chalk on a blackboard.

  18. g-stir

    Slightly off subject: I heard that Bob Bogle from the Ventures died. I grew up listening to their LPs, and learned to play a guitar via that route. They put out an incredible number of albums , with their unique style and sound.

    • Bad Biker

      That’s too bad, G. I loved the Ventures and especially “Walk, Don’t Run.” They were unique. It is sad that in our, excuse me your, old age that so many of our idols from back in the day are dying off.

      I learned to play the guitar, sorry, the radio, listening to that old stuff.

  19. Bad Biker

    So, we are discussing the best guitarist of all time, but what about the best guitar SOLO of all time?


    Clapton on “Spoonful” or “Crossroads?”

    Hendrix on “All Along the Watchtower?”

    Trower on “Repent Walpurgis?”

    Springteen on “Badlands?”

    Green on “Oh, Well, Part II?”

    King on “Trill Is Gone?”

    The Edge on “One?”

    Taylor on “Wild Horses?”

    Allman on “Whipping Post?”

    So, what is it? More nominations?

    • What about Jeff Beck?
      Ronnie Montrose?

      And other genres?
      Like I said b4 we break it down let’s narrow it down.

      Shawn Phillips.
      Rock guitar solo on ‘American Child (on a nuclear pile)’!

  20. g-stir

    “It is sad that in our, excuse me your, old age ”

    You get within bed pan range and your’re a goner!

    • And damnit, I keep getting older every day.
      I am however taking action to end that situation.
      Just had another Pall Mall.
      Oh death, where is thy sting?

  21. And we can’t talk guitar without mentioning Zappa!

  22. Bad Biker

    “And we can’t talk guitar without mentioning Zappa!”

    Yep. Saw Zappa and the Mothers in 1971 – served as a “roadie” with a couple of friends. Had a blast – didn’t do any work.

    But!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since we’re talkin’ ’bout it – who’s better Carlos or Pete?

    How ’bout David Gilmore or Paul Kanter?

    Stanley Jordan (jazz) or Jerry Garcia (whatever?)

    Dick Dale (what a name) or Duane Eddy?

    Bo Diddley?


    Who was better Brian Jones, Mich Taylor or Ronnie Wood?

  23. Bad Biker

    Hey! Wadda ’bout Les Paul?


  24. jammer5

    The names come out and all great.

    Ya, sad about Bob Bogle. I remember buying their first album and promptly wearing it out. Makes one wonder when one’s going to join that six stringer in the sky. Gibson fan here.

  25. Bad Biker

    I forgot to mention that I have seen Santana several times and it was a moving and inspiring experience.

    Carlos – one of the best.

    (I guess the smoke in the air made me forget.)

  26. Bad Biker

    What I love about this kind of discussion – it brings back SOOO many memories of great concerts and albums from days of yore.

    I don’t care who get’s the title – it is all fun and so rewarding to relive those days and the great guitarists that played for us.


    (Anybody got a fattie to spare?)

  27. jammer5

    Head over to for some freaky good guitarists. From flamenco to fusion to psyco to blues. Pretty good mp3 teasers on all guitar cds. I’ve picked up a few from there. Class outfit.

  28. jammer5

    At the site go to MP3 listening room. All artists in alphabetical order. Click show more (or click on album) and the MP3s drop down.